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Payroll Management Software: Skyrocket Your Small Business Towards Success

Payroll Management Software: Skyrocket Your Small Business Towards Success

Running a business from scratch is hard. When you run a business, you are accountable for everything - from managing the productivity of the team to increasing sales. But, with the technological revolution, you don’t need to perform every task manually. Managing payroll is a complex & daunting task. We understand the pain point. 

What if I couldn’t pay my employees on time? What if they resign due to inconsistency in payment? - these questions keep hunting leaders. 

That’s why Trackolap & its skilful team is serving businesses an innovative payroll management software to automate the whole process efficiently. 

This software enables you in estimating the amount of salary that will be awarded to employees for the period they have worked, including any overtime or bonuses. Using online payroll management, you can finally transfer salaries to employees' accounts and calculate taxes with the least amount of error.

  • “The biggest thrill wasn’t in winning on Sunday but in meeting the payroll on Monday.- Art Rooney”

This makes manually monitoring payroll a nuisance that you don't want to put your employees through, especially at a time when employees are scattered in various locations. The most effective approach is to implement an online payroll system, knowing that miscalculated paychecks and erratic pay schedules may even cause employees to leave your company.

In this blog, we have mentioned the top nine advantages of using an online payroll system in case you are wondering whether the expense is worthwhile.

What Benefits Do An Payroll Management Software Bring On The Table?

Trackolap and its blessing team for the past couple of years are working relentlessly to customise a dynamic tool to automate all of your company's and your employees' financial processes in one go. Important payroll processes, such as salaries, EMIs, and other deductions, net pay, bonuses, and create salary slips, now have been streamlined and automated.

In a nutshell, human resource software helps businesses manage payroll efficiently and effectively. Here are some reasons why using payroll management software is beneficial for small business owners.

Easy To Use

Payroll management software is designed to make managing payroll easier than ever before. Most of this software has user-friendly interfaces that allow users to easily navigate through the program without having to spend hours learning how to use them. You don’t have to worry about entering data manually anymore; instead, you can simply use the software to do everything for you. There are no complicated steps involved in using the software either. All you need to do is enter basic information and then let the software take care of the rest.

Save Time And Money

Using payroll management software means that you won’t have to spend time and money on manual labour. Instead, you can concentrate on important facts for running your business. When you use the software, you can save a lot of time and money since you won’t need to hire additional employees to handle payroll. Plus, employees do not have to manually enter data either. You can pay the salaries, create salary slips or generate instant payroll reports to ensure the efficiency of your payroll management workflow in one click. Alongside, employers do not have to wait until the last minute to receive their paycheck. Furthermore, since 


The best way to ensure accuracy is to automate the process. The best thing about using payroll management software is that it provides precise results. Since the software automatically calculates the correct amount of taxes, deductions, and payments, you get accurate results without having to worry about any errors. If you're not sure how much you should pay someone, you can easily check the amount they've been paid before.

Data Security

Payroll involves a significant amount of private information that needs to be handled with extreme caution. Payroll data is subject to theft and even destroyed when it is managed manually. You can expect the highest level of data protection through payroll management software solutions. For instance, not every employee in your firm will have access to every piece of data contained in these platforms. Depending on the position an employee holds, access might be defined. To prevent illegal access, two-factor authentication can also be implemented before accessing any sensitive employee data.


If you want to prioritize compliance with federal and state regulations, you need to keep accurate records. A good payroll system will allow you to generate reports that show you exactly what's happening with each paycheck. These reports can help you comply with tax laws, and payroll regulations to avoid fines.

Reduce Errors

Employees often make mistakes when entering information manually. However, using an online payroll management system eliminates the possibility of making errors. Since the program automatically calculates employees’ or freelancers’ wages, tax rates, deductions, and EMIs you won’t run the risk of making mistakes. As long as you input the right information, the software will always give you accurate results.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Many companies struggle to keep track of their employees’ time. When employees work overtime, they often forget to record the extra hours. This makes it difficult for employers to accurately calculate their employees’ salaries. By having access to employee hours worked and paying them properly, employers can ensure that their employees are getting what they deserve. Employers who use payroll management software can rest assured knowing that they are getting accurate records of their employees’ hours worked. This also improves employees’ trust, and satisfaction followed by higher retention. 

Improve Communication

When employees handwrite their timesheets, communication between employees and employers becomes difficult. Handwritten time sheets cannot be shared among employees and supervisors. This makes it hard for employers to monitor and control their employees’ schedules. On the other hand, payroll management software provides a secure way to share time sheets and communicate with employees.

Improve Business Operation

A robust online payroll management software streamlines reporting. Once you set up your payroll program, you can generate reports at any time. These reports help you keep track of employee performance and identify trends. You can even create custom reports based on specific criteria. This gives you insights into the productivity of your employees and helps create better strategies to improve the business operations.

9 Tips to Make Effective Payroll Management System 

How to Find The Best Payroll Management Software?

To choose the best hr software, we need to ask a few questions to ourselves. 

What Do You Need?

There are many different types of payroll management software out there, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Before choosing any particular product, it’s important to understand what you want to accomplish with your payroll system. Do you just need basic accounting functionality, or do you require robust reporting tools? Do you have a small business with only a handful of employees, or do you manage hundreds of workers? These questions should help you narrow down your search and determine which solution best fits your specific needs.

How Secure System Must Be

 Security is always a concern, especially when it comes to managing sensitive financial information. Fortunately, modern payroll systems are designed to protect user accounts from unauthorized access. In addition, some systems offer two-factor authentication, which requires users to verify their identity before accessing their accounts. Finally, you should consider the level of encryption offered by your chosen program. Most payroll systems encrypt data stored on servers, but some don’t. If you plan to transfer data between computers, you’ll want to ensure that your chosen system offers end-to-end encryption.

How Customizable Your System Should Be?

Payroll systems are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. As a result, most products offer a variety of pre-built templates that you can customize to suit your company’s needs. While these templates are great for getting started, they won’t necessarily fit your organization perfectly. Instead, you’ll need to build your custom template based on your unique requirements. Before getting started, decide what kind of layout you want. Then, you’ll have to figure out what kinds of fields you’ll need. Once you know what you need, you can start building your template.

Trackolap’s online payroll management software, help you file tax returns or make new investments with a 360-degree dashboard to track all your investments in real-time.

Which Features Matter Most to You?

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you still need to evaluate which features are most important to you. There are three primary categories of features: accounting, reporting, and security. Accounting features include things like tracking employee salaries, calculating taxes, and generating invoices. Reporting features include things like exporting data to Excel or PDF files, importing data from spreadsheets, and creating graphs and charts. Security features include things like password protection, two-factor authentication, and encryption.

Managing payroll on your own can be intimidating, although it's crucial in operating the business. To enhance the working environment for your employees without incurring any difficulties, you must make sure that the proper tools are being used. To reduce the operational load associated with payroll management, Trackolap & its HR solution are innovative & technologically advanced. The whole payroll process, including payroll calculation and record keeping, is automated to facilitate the processes effortlessly.


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