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Leading Industries that can benefit from using Employee Efficiency Tools

Leading Industries that can benefit from using Employee Efficiency Tools

Employees are the biggest asset to any industry. The success of business organizations 90% depends upon the competence, skills, and attitude of their employees. From labor-based industry to technology-oriented industry, every business industry revolves around the efficiency of their man force.

Today, there is Employee Monitoring Software available in the market tha t are making the task of managing employees highly smooth and efficient. The employee efficiency technologies like tracking apps, mobile apps, communication programs and much more are introduced by leading employee efficiency program providers like – TrackOlap. Business organizations belonging from any industry can get benefit from using these programs and make their employees highly efficient.

Industries Powered by Employee Efficiency Tools

Every business industry has different requirements, however, the constant requirement of good employees is something which every industry requires always. It requires lots of skill work to hire good employees and manage them in the right manner to utilize their maximum potential to increase the efficiency of your business. So, if you are part of any of the following business industries, then you can benefit your business organization dramatically by using employee efficiency services.

#1. Digital Industry – Ecommerce

Today, we live in the digital period where most of the business models revolve around the technology. Ecommerce is one of the leading digital business industry where sale and purchase of goods and services are accomplished online without any direct contact between the vendor and buyer. This business industry might be powered by the technology, but it is operated by the employees such as from delivering goods to dispatching products, everything is done by the employees of e-commerce stores.

It is very beneficial for e-commerce business organizations to use technology based tools to manage their employee's progress and efficiency. With the help of employee efficiency tools, e-commerce businesses can benefit their business in multiple ways such as –

Effective Communication can be established between the back office and employees who are working on the field to dispatch goods and services with the efficiency tools. With the tools, employees can quickly inform the manager when they have delivered services to the customers with one click. They can even easily communicate with managers if they have any doubts or questions. Additionally, if a manager wants to give special instructions to their employees, then with the help of the two-way communication system they can easily do that.

Customer Satisfaction is very important for the e-commerce industry and with mobile apps, they can quickly get feedback from their customers regarding the performance of their employees. Employees can even send the geotagged delivery report to their managers once they have delivered the product to their customers. This way manager can make sure that customers are getting timely delivery of goods and services or not.

With Real-Time Tracking, managers can easily examine the performance of their employees and guide them to improve their performance as well. When a manager has accurate statistics, then they can make a good decision to improve the productivity of their manpower.

Managers can easily schedule the product delivery calendar to their employees and set reminders in case employees forget to deliver services or goods on given date.

#2. Sales Industry – Field Work

The sales industry is a part of every business organization. This sector has a responsibility to improve the sale of the business by offering timely and efficient services to the customers. To deliver swift services, the sales department has numerous employees working on the field who have multiple duties to perform like meeting with prospective clients, addressing queries of existing clients and much more. For the sales industry, employee efficiency tools can be a real boon to manage their field workers. For instance –

  • Sales industry can Improve the Productivity Level of their employees by monitoring their every move in real-time. The sales manager can make sure that employees are taking the faster route to reach customers, they have fast response times, they are delivering better customer services, etc.,
  • Accessing the performance and efficiency of field employees is a major problem for managers as they both aren’t physically present at the same location. However, with efficiency tools, they will get Control over their field employees and make sure that none of their employees is wasting money and time of the organization.
  • If a manager wants to share any document with the field employees, then they can easily share it by taking pictures of it with the mobile phone. Similarly, an employee can click the picture of the cheque or any other documents and Share with managers and that with geotagging.
  • Task Management can become very easy with this solution. Employees can receive their weekly or monthly task via a mobile app. They can even set reminder so that they won’t forget to complete their task on time.

#3. Agriculture Industry – Production

The agriculture industry is an economic backbone of nations like India where 70% of income is generated by producing goods. This ancient industry can get a huge benefit from the advancement of employee efficiency tools as farming involves lots of support from humans. The broad benefits that can agriculture industry receive are –

  • The Operational Cost can be reduced with the help employee tracking system as the main agriculturist can monitor the activity of their different works on the vast field.
  • The Efficiency Level of the agriculture industry can improve dramatically when real-time field analysis is present to eliminate unwanted problems.

#4. Public Industry – Government

The public sector is changing very rapidly and the needs of public offices are also changing. Today, the work of government officers isn’t limited to their desk only, they have to work among the people to deliver their services. With this, the need to manage field officers also emerges in the government sector. The employee efficiency programs are very beneficial for the government sector where the money of people is at stake. Like –

  • Government offices are distributed into several regional teams because one team can't connect with the people of an entire nation. The efficiency tools can here help different teams in Communication with one another quickly and produce better outcomes.
  • Setting up Work Accountability has been a great problem in the government sector as every employee tries to delegate its responsibility to another employee. But, with the proper mechanisms, a particular duty to an employee can be delegated and he or she will be accountable for the accomplishment of that service. This way seniors can make sure that every employee is delivering the correct services.
  • In government-operated offices, employee efficiency apps can be used to record the Attendance of employees in real-time. Employees can log in to their apps using their smartphones to mark their attendance which will be immediately registered with the main office with the present geographical location of the employee.

#5. Transportation Industry

The work of transportation services involves most of the employees working in the field and dispatching the right goods at the right place on time. So, this industry can use the power of technology to track and make their employees efficient in the following manner –

  • Transportation businesses can completely go Paperless with the employee efficiency tools as they assign work to their employee through mobile apps after receiving from the customers. And, employees can forward the work completion status to back-office through the app as well so there’s no need to maintain any record on the paper.
  • The main expenditure for transportation companies is fuel. So, by monitoring the activities of their employees in real-time, transportation business owners can make sure that their employees use the shortest route to deliver their load so that money on Fuel can be saved.

#6. Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry or life-saving industry is ya yet another powerful business sector that can ripe the benefits of employee efficiency programs. This industry deals with medical science so they can use efficiency tools in a diverse manner such as –

  • The features like Geofencing allows companies to track the storage of sensitive medicines and ensure that they stay within in controlled zones of your warehouse to maintain their security, safety, and temperature.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is very competitive. By regularly having real-time feedback on the location of field sales employees, you can ensure that none of your employees is sharing the secrets of your medicines with your competitors.
  • Various times pharmaceutical companies send their representatives to conduct meeting with potential clients. In this situation, a dual communication channel will make it easier for employees to minutes details of meeting to their seniors.

Employee efficiency is something which is a huge concern for every business industry. The study of the top six business industries has clearly stated that maintaining the high-efficiency level of employees is a major goal of businesses. That’s why undoubtedly, having a customized system to monitor, control, analysis and regulate employees is a great asset for the business industries.

The business organizations who are looking forward to increasing the efficiency of their employees using the advanced tools gifted by the technology should consult the team of TrackOlap. It is a team of people who understand the value of employee efficiency systems and offers dynamic technology influenced the solution to various industries to attain the optimum level of employee efficiency. So, whether you are from the hospitality industry or infrastructure management industry, you can call us to make your employees efficient anytime.


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