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Complete Guide to Effective Project Management Automation in 2023

Complete Guide to Effective Project Management Automation in 2023

Project management is always challenging, especially when your team is scattered worldwide. It is challenging to assign tasks, set deadlines, and ensure all tasks are completed on time.

Project managers must be discreet and smart to complete things on time with the best quality. But, a human can do only so much on its own. 

Thus, businesses need to invest in the best project management software to assign, track and ensure the project runs effectively. 

This guide is specially drafted to show project management system can help small and large businesses manage multiple projects on time. So, let’s get started. 


What is Project Management Software?

Project management software for the planning, organizing, and allocating of project resources. It facilitates team collaboration and project tracking while clearly defining tasks and responsibilities. It allows project managers to control costs and time while facilitating smooth collaboration among stakeholders. 

To complete projects on time, teams must keep everything organized, especially when multiple projects are in progress. Cloud project management software keeps everyone on the same page by providing an overview of all projects, assisting in task prioritization, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Why Do Businesses Need a Project Tracker?

As a manager, you know what work needs to be completed and when and which team members are working on what. Therefore, project planning is critical to the success of your team. However, manually doing it, or using spreadsheets and emails, is inefficient and presents challenges.

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Project management systems include all the features you need to plan your projects efficiently, manage resources, resolve problems, and keep all project stakeholders involved. Regardless of the services your company provides, having the best project management tool can help you a lot, such as:

Better project planning and scheduling

Project planning and scheduling are critical aspects of project management regardless of the methodology used. In addition, the team's previous record relevant to the current project can be easily accessed with these project management solutions. 

Additionally, project managers can easily create a consistent management plan and prioritize tasks to ensure the project's success. Tasks such as allocating resources, identifying dependencies, setting deadlines, and other project operations can be done quickly and easily with project management software. 

Because a good start is a foundation for a successful project, all effective project scheduling tools include features that aid in project planning and scheduling.

Improve team collaboration

Project teams are sometimes made up of people from various departments. They are also expected to handle their day-to-day responsibilities, making it difficult for all other stakeholders to attend meetings and stay informed. This communication gap can cause unnecessary project delays and problems, wasting valuable resources. 

The project management system has the advantage of making effective project team collaboration extremely simple. It keeps all communication in one location. Insights such as project timelines and status updates are easily accessible with a single click, and essential alerts are automatically sent to the appropriate parties.

Smooth remote workflow

Modern projects are independent of their physical location or department. Workforces are now dispersed, making management difficult. Remote team management software makes it simple to manage remote projects by assisting managers in effectively leading their teams. 

Easy task delegation

Managers frequently need help to fairly assign tasks to team members, which can impact overall team efficiency. However, managers can easily delegate project tasks to members and determine who is currently available using a project management program. 

It is also a simpler option for team members because, in task management, all they need to do is check the software and begin working on their tasks based on their priorities.

Easy share and access information

It is critical to have secure access to and share important documents. Professionals have traditionally used shared drives, but project management software is a more practical option. Project management software provides storage where users can easily make changes, leave feedback, and annotate. These programs also maintain a change log to ensure project transparency among team members. 

Easy onboard new employees

Projects are dynamic, and bringing new members to the project team is sometimes necessary. Project integration, on the other hand, is challenging to get new members up to speed quickly. This problem is easily solved by using effective project management software. They can automatically keep a project log and straightforwardly visualize the entire project.

How to Use Project Management Software to Manage Multiple Projects?

Using the project management system, you can manage multiple projects and employees simultaneously. Here are how you can use project management software for Workflow Automation Software in your organization:

Define project management documents

The act of keeping track of important project information and the paperwork needed to implement projects successfully is known as project documentation. Making documentation clear and understandable for everyone is crucial if you bring different teams together according to a particular project methodology. 

You can create, share, and work together on documents using a PM system directly from your workflow or larger workspace. Team members can explore and comprehend in real-time the flow of a project.

Create a project roadmap

A project roadmap is a graphic, high-level overview of the objectives and products that make up the project, arranged on a timeline. It is a very helpful tool for communicating plans, allocating resources with other teams, and managing stakeholder expectations. You can easily create a living, dynamic document that anyone can access using project management software.

Workflow automation

It's time to refine your workflows once you have a roadmap or other high-level project plan. It is essential because it makes it simple and natural for your team members to carry out their tasks and for project managers to keep an eye on and manage the project's development.

Make data-driven decision

Achieve tremendous success with your projects by using practical insights. The following TrackOlap features can assist you in making the most of your data: 

● Teams can see how long tasks take thanks to time tracking. 

● Customizable statuses allow stakeholders to see where your projects are most frequently delayed. 

● Setting deadlines makes each team member responsible for the project's success. 

● Use the various workflows you've created as a resource to create reports and dashboards quickly. Compare project success to KPIs; use the data to inform decisions or new projects.

Features to Look at in Your Project Management Tool

Depending on your needs, project management tools can range from Ultra-lite to Structured. First, however, you should consider a few fundamental features when selecting project management software. 

Task management

Users can keep track of tasks and subtasks using task management. For instance, the "write a blog" task can be broken down into copywriting, editing, and SEO optimization subtasks. These smaller tasks are all carried out by various team members. Task prioritization, deadline set, and improved teamwork are all possible.


Because projects are temporary, scheduling is one of the software's most important features. The ability to customize deadlines, dependable tasks, buffers, and so on is critical to maintaining strong coordination over your projects. 


If you need to communicate with your team regularly, a collaboration feature will help to keep information flowing and everyone up to date. Additionally, look for software that includes a chat platform, task management for the project team, and a version-tracking system. You must be notified when a deadline approaches, a task is completed, or something requires your attention. Smartphone notifications allow you to stay connected no matter where you are.


Projects have a lot of moving parts. When something changes, you must understand the impact of one variable on the others. In other words, look for features that help you analyze trade-offs and how resource allocation affects your project's overall schedule. Your system should allow you to keep your files in a centralized database for easy sharing and access. It is beneficial when working in distributed teams or with clients who can provide immediate feedback.

Dashboard and Reporting 

Dashboards and reports provide the best strategic overview of project status. You should know how everything goes by the end of each week or month. In a structured document, look for project management software that compiles all schedule, cost, team performance, and resource usability information. The project overview's graphs and visual metrics provide a high-level picture of the various projects. 

You can instantly see the status of each project, how many projects have been completed, and how much time and money has been spent on multiple projects. Reports assist you in identifying where your team falls short and where it can improve. You can also make more informed decisions based on data.

Why Use TrackOlap Project Management Software?

TrackOlap goes beyond project management software by allowing teams to manage all projects and tasks in a single location. 

Because of our solution, teams can: 

● View the status of your project at a glance (visually) 

● Keep track of deadlines and schedules. 

● Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your collaboration. 

● Create their ideal workflows

Try out our platform right away. Book a free demo with our team today. 


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