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How to Foster Employee Recognition in a Hybrid Workplace?

How to Foster Employee Recognition in a Hybrid Workplace?

The workforce has today dramatically shifted from remote to hybrid. Employees prefer to now manage their own work schedule and partially work offline and online.

According to a recent survey, 83% of employees prefer to work with employers who let them work in a hybrid environment. However, with this rising demand for the hybrid work model, many challenges have surfaced ahead of companies.

They have to find a way to streamline their offsite and onsite workers to ensure they receive equal recognition in the organization. 

Employee recognition is the most important aspect of engaging, retaining and motivating employees to achieve better productivity. In addition, recognition helps remote workers in the hybrid workflow to stay connected with your entire workforce.

And it is not at all easy to foster transparent and equal employee recognition programs in a hybrid ecosystem. To create a hybrid employee recognition program, you have to deal with communication, coordination, and loneliness like other factors. 

But why worry when TrackOlap is here. We have a powerful employee efficiency software that lets hybrid team manag ers measure performance and recognize every employee equally. 

Don’t believe it?

Just scroll through this post to know how we can help you recognize your hybrid workers. 

4 Ways to Recognize Your Hybrid Employees

Employee recognition is a challenging process. You have to set the same rules and provide the same reward for all your employees. But unfortunately, in a hybrid culture, where employees' work conditions and challenges frequently change, it is not easy to measure individual employees' performance and achievements using the same parameters. 

It is a hard task but not impossible. Using the TrackOlap productivity management software, you can easily set up a recognition program for both onsite and offsite employees. 

Let's see how you can do it. 

1. Transparent Recognition Policy

Transparency is the backbone of every business operation. Especially in a hybrid work model, establishing proper transparency in your operations is extremely important.

Therefore, you should first create a transparent recognition policy. This will help your employees know your expectations from them and what they have to do to achieve recognition from the company?

When you have a well-structured recognition policy in order, your remote and in-office employees can stay on the same page. Your remote employee will not feel that they are missing out on opportunities because of working offsite. 

While creating your recognition policy, you should note down all the important terms and conditions to avoid any further confusion. For example, you should mention rewards that employees will get after achieving certain goals. You should also mention the requirements and performance measurement parameters that you will follow to acknowledge your top performers.

How We Can Help?

Strengthening communication 

Leveraging employee efficiency software, you can strengthen the communication structure in your hybrid organization. This way, you can communicate with your remote and in-office workers in real-time. In fact, you can stimulate casual yet monitored conversations between your employees to create a transparent reward system.

Policy Centre 

We have an inbuilt policy management Centre in our Employee Time Tracking Software . This feature allows you to design your employee recognition policy while consulting your other team members. You can create a rough policy draft on the software and share it with your team members to gather their input. Based on your team's suggestion, you can make real-time edits to your policy and get signatures from all the participants to deploy it. 

Transparent task assigning

You can use our transparent task management dashboard to harness transparency in your hybrid workflow. This feature lets you assign tasks to your individual team members and provide them with realistic guidelines to complete them. This way, your employees can make sure that they are getting an equal amount of work despite their workplace choices.

2. Train Managers and Leaders

A hybrid work model is new for everyone. It is new for employees and managers. Therefore, you should first start training your managers and leadership to run employee recognition programs in a hybrid environment.

Launching a hybrid recognition program is different from a traditional recognition structure. Managers don’t have a physical connection with their employees, making it harder for them to monitor individual workers' performance in real-time. Therefore, companies should conduct training programs for their managers so they can learn how to acknowledge their employees' achievements in the hybrid workforce.

How We Can Help?  

Identify top communicators

Our Live Tracking System For Employees can help you here. You can identify top communicators in your organization using the realistic and real-time reporting system. When you know all the good communicating managers in your organization, you can put them in charge of the employee recognition system.

Monitor training program 

Just providing training to your leaders and managers is not sufficient. You have to constantly monitor their progress to ensure that they are capable of handling employee recognition systems in your hybrid workplace. You can use employee tracking software to provide you with minute details of your individual manager's training progress with insightful reports.

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3. Reward Worth Hybrid Workflow

In a hybrid work environment, your workers are already deprived of physical connection and strong communication. In fact, some employees feel that their existence doesn't matter in the organization. 

That’s why you have to choose rewards very carefully for your hybrid workers. The reward has to be something that can provide recognition, satisfaction, and belongingness in the organization.

How We Can Help?  

Consult your team

Using our dual communication dashboard, you can interact with your individual team members and ask their opinion on rewards. Interestingly, every person will have a different opinion about rewards. For example, someone might be looking for more holidays; others might want more healthcare facilities or something else. So, you can hear use input from individual employees to create a reward system that can motivate your hybrid staff to participate in an employee recognition program.

Monitor satisfaction level 

After providing rewards to your top-performing employees, you can use employee time tracking software to monitor your employees' performance improvement. The end goal of the employee recognition program is to make your workers more competent and productive. Therefore, you should closely monitor the satisfaction level of employees after providing them rewards. This will help you understand whether your reward was received with open arms or not.

4. Set Up a Dedicated Recognition Committee

Establishing transparency in the employee recognition system is a bit of a challenge for hybrid workers. It is not easy to convince your offsite and onsite workers that you have used a 100% unbiased and equal approach to measure their performance. 

Your remote employees will say that you are being more favorable towards the onsite workers. And your office team will find a way to say that you are being more lenient towards remote employees. In any way, your hybrid team will find a way to call your recognition program partial. 

So, it is your responsibility as a team leader to assure your staff that you use unbiased and standard protocols to reward your employees despite their physical location.

To do so, you can create a proper employee recognition committee by taking members from both remote and onsite task forces. Besides this, you can ask employees to elect committee members they fully trust to pass an unbiased judgment. 

How We Can Help?  

Automatic performance reports

Your employees can question the judgment of humans, but they cannot deny a performance report generated by a machine. Our employee efficiency software works in the background and constantly collects your individual employee's performance metrics like time spent on completing a task, attendance status, leaves taken, etc. This way, when you show real-time automated reports as proof to your employees, they will not question your employee recognition system. 

Committee’s performance review 

The employee efficiency software can review the performance of your employee recognition committee. This will help you ensure that your committee follows the right protocols and makes the judgment based on real facts. When you have a reputable committee to host a recognition program, employees will trust it more. 

Parting Thoughts

There you go, people! You are now all set to organize a hybrid employee recognition program in your organization. Using our toolkit, you can host a transparent, clear, and well-organized employee recognition program.

TrackOlap productivity solutions can keep your hybrid team on the right track. We can help you manage, monitor and analyze your remote worker for better performance.  

So, if you plan to build a robust hybrid organization, you can connect with our team today. 


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