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How to Generate More Leads Using a Sales Automation Application? 6 Easy Tips

How to Generate More Leads Using a Sales Automation Application? 6 Easy Tips

Lead generation is an end goal for every sales team. To generate high-quality leads, sales reps juggle between various client meetings, calls, emails, and whatnot.

In short, sales teams are always on their toes and diving into the deep data pool to drive information on leads and reach out to sales qualified leads (SQLs) in real-time. 

Thanks to sales tracking apps like TrackOlap, it has now become easy to manage extensive lead databases and find the hot lead's information to convert them faster. 

However, having the best sales automation app is no guarantee that leads will start to pour into your sales funnel. You have to use the sales tracking app in a smarter manner to stimulate high-quality leads. 

But what's the right method to generate more leads using a powerful sales tracking solution? 

Well, no need to worry about it. This guide will walk you through some easy tips to automate your lead generation and nurturing process. So, let's start the ride. 

Tip #1. Find an Easy yet Robust Sales Automation Application

First of all, you have to find the best sales automation platform to discover and nurture your needs. Today, there are several different types of sales tracking platforms available online. Every tool has different tracking and analyzing features to support sales teams.

However, you should always select the portal which is easy to understand and has dynamic features to manage your sales pipeline. That’s because sales representatives are non-technical users. They don’t have the advanced technical knowledge to run codes or customize the software. 

Therefore, you should select the software that offers a graphical user interface with zero codes. This way, your entire sales team can use the sales tracking solution without any technical issues.

Besides this, you should take a free trial before getting the software to ensure that your team can benefit from it. 

Tip #2. Set Realistic Goals

Automation is not a magic wand. With the automated sales platform, your team will not get a magic spell to generate high-quality leads faster. 

They still have to use dynamic strategies to walk potential customers to your sales funnel and then work on nurturing them. However, automatic solutions can reduce the sales cycle and empower sales representatives to leverage real-time data to convert leaves faster.

But, you cannot expect your team to generate leads just after getting an automatic sales tracking solution. No, they have to first pollute the software with the right data and use their technical skills to access the information at the right time to connect with customers.

So, always set realistic and achievable goals for your sales teams. And don’t expect them to generate instantly more leads after automating your lead generation process.

Tip #3. Target Small Touchpoints

The best thing about sales tracking software is that they allow you to view your individual leads information chronologically. This will help you to understand every small touchpoint between your lead and the company.

For example, you can know when a potential customer made a call and for how they interacted with your sales agent. You can also record sales calls to understand your customers' requirements and problems better.

Using the software, you should monitor these small touchpoints and create marketing campaigns based on your individual customer's requirements.

Tip #4. Streamline Your Sales Database

Today, it has become important for companies to provide multiple contact points to their customers like phone calls, emails, chatbots and social media messages. 

But unfortunately, with the omnichannel contact base, companies' sales data is scattered all across different platforms. Some customers' data is present in phone call recordings and some on social media inboxes. Therefore, it has become difficult for sales representatives to access data from different channels and analyse it all together.

In this case, you need to streamline all your sales databases in a centralized sales CRM solution. This way, sales representatives can access adequate data with a click. 

Tip #5. Segment Your Leads

Just having an extensive customer database is not sufficient anymore. You need a clean and well-segmented database to approach your potential leads at the right time.

Therefore, you should set some lead scoring criteria based on their different touchpoints with your company. 

For example, if any lead has called your sales team to know more information about your solution, this shows that a person is interested in purchasing your product. But he or she is not yet ready to purchase. They require more nurturing and information to become paying customers. So, you can segment this read into a sales qualified group. 

On the contrary, if a lead has just filled a contact form on your website but they haven’t taken any further action. In that case, this shows that the lead is aware of your products, but they are not yet sales qualified leads. So, you can segment this lead into a marketing qualified group.

Similarly, you can create different lead groups based on age, income, location, and other factors. This way, you can easily find the right database according to your requirement. It will prevent your team from accessing the entire database to find a small segment of information.

Tip #6. Keep Your Data Update

There is no purpose in storing 10 years or 15 years old lead data. It is simply data pollution that will prevent you from accessing important data. In fact, you should not keep data older than 90 days in your CRM tool.

That’s because a person‘s preference changes every month. With new trends, a customer‘s preference toward products changes very fast. Therefore, you should always keep up-to-date data in your sales automation solution. Mostly, CRM software will automatically remove old data and update it with the new one. 

Parting Thoughts

Automating the lead generation process is extremely important in today’s competitive world. With the sales automation app, companies can better understand their leads and create personalized marketing strategies for them.

However, it is essential to get the right sales tracking software and maintain your database correctly.

That’s it for now! If you want to know more about sales tracking software and how to better automate your lead generation process, you can check out the TrackOlap website and blog section. You can also Book a quick demo with our team to better understand the automatic sales process.


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