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How Different Departmental Employees in a Business Entity can Perform Better

How Different Departmental Employees in a Business Entity can Perform Better

In a business organisation, various departments are present to regulate the smooth flow of the work. The strength and size of departments varies from company to company, but commonly in a regular size business organisation following departments are always present –

Human Resource Department – This is one of the most important department of an organisation which deals with the human support of a company. From recruiting right candidates to formulating the job description and policies, everything is handled by the Human Resource department.

Sales Department – It is a core department of a company that ensures that goods and services offered by a company should reach to the customers. This department has to promote goods and services offered by company in their true sense so that customers can connect with them. The responsibility of this department is to generate sales lead, creating efficient marketing strategies, and other functions related to sales.

Finance Department – Finance department is a lifeblood of a business organisation as it take cares of all the money matters. A company can’t survive a day without proper supply of cash. So, it is duty of this department to find the balance between outgoing and incoming money and formulate financial policies of the company accordingly.

Operational Department – This department functions same like the manger of an organisation that ensure all the day to day operations along with the long term goals of the organisation has been running on the track.

Customer Service Department – It is department that has to directly deal with the customers and address their inquiries. The fundamental functions of customer service department include answering inquiries, processing of orders, and addressing customer concerns and complaints. Customer Service Representatives are the first line of contact with the public for many businesses.

IT Department - With the digitalisation of the business operations, every business organisation today has to setup a IT department to handle the architecture of hardware, software and networking of the computers. Moreover, due to presence of numerous cyber threats need of this department has been increasing nowadays.

Miscellaneous Departments – Apart from these basic operational departments, nowadays multiple other kinds of departments are also setup according to the size and nature of the business organisation like legal department, production department, security department and much more.

Relationship Between Different Departments

When in a business organisation numerous different departments are working individually, then it becomes very difficult for a business owners to establish a relationship between them and ensure that they are working in a sync. That’s because in the end primary goal of every department is to make business a success. And, it is not possible unless all the departments aren’t working in a coordination.

Running a business organisation is similar to running a car. Yep, if all the parts of your car like engine, fuel tank, brakes, gears and other parts need to work in sync. However, if one of the part isn’t working, then you won’t able to run your car. So, similarly if one of the departments in your organisation won’t work as per their responsibility and won’t coordinate with one another, then you won’t be able to achieve your business goals.

Easy Way To Coordinate Different Departments

All the business departments are interlinked with one another and can’t work effectively if they don’t work in sync. Like, to create the profit and loss statement for the year, finance department need to get correct information from all other departments. If none of the department share correct data with accounts department, then they won’t be able to create correct financial reports. So, in an organisation role of different departments might be different but their functions are integrated with one another.

But, it is a very hard task to sync all the departments when they are working on different locations. Well, today business owners have a single digital platform in the form of TrackOlap employee efficiency software with which they can establish a cordial relationship between different departments in spite of their geographical location and function variations.

But, how?

Well, let’s see the role of one portal on different departments and their business operations –

1. Improved Efficiency of Human Resource Department

Okay, so Human Resource department is a backbone of business organisation. With the employee efficiency platform, Human Resource department’ s efficiency and productivity can be improved as –

* They can check the in time, out time, work hours and other work history of the employees of different departments as every employee has to login through mobile app once they start their work.
* HR department can maintain leave record of the employees on one platform which can be easily viewed by employees and HR managers.
* All the reports are geo tagged so HR people always know the exact location of their employees.
* They can easily make the important decisions related to promotion, dismissing, etc., of an employee as they are getting the real time performance report of their every employee.

2. Management of Sales Department

Mostly work of the sales employees is on the field where they have to follow different leads, meet with clients, design effective marketing solutions and much more. For sales employees, this software is like a boon to coordinate with the rest of the office –

* Live tracking of employees enable sales departments to follow up the leads quickly as they can send their nearly located employee instantly to follow it.
* Sales managers can allocate daily or weekly task to their employees and can monitor the progress of employees as they can update photos and documents which are geo tagged.
* If managers have to communicate with their employees working on field, then they have option of one to one chat or broadcast groups or vice versa.
* Sales managers will get the performance report of individual employee in the Excel format which they can easily share with other departments like HR or finance.

3. Correctness of Finance Department

All the monetary responsibilities of an organisation are in the hands of the finance and accounting department so it is very important for them to have correct expense and revenue figures to create the monetary policies of a company. This employee efficiency software can be very useful for finance department in receiving the correct figures.

* When employees are working on the field, then it is responsibility of company to reimburse all the expenses incurred like fuel, refreshments, etc., So, using this app, employees can directly upload all the expenses and send request to finance department to approve all claims.
* Finance department can evaluate all the claims made by employees and check their geotag accuracy and approve or reject expense claims from app.
* Leave report or overtime record will be automatically created by app so this makes the role of payroll accountant easy when they have to create monthly salary of the employees.

4. Increase Productivity of Operational Department

The operation department can increase their efficiency with the ability of multiple reports generated by employee error software on the regular basis. Such as –

* Operational manager can hire part time staff by evaluating the leave report of different departmental employees.
* They can check the status of work allotted to the employees from task reports.
* Managers can schedule meeting for their employees and check the status of their employees schedule from the schedule report.
* They can evaluate the regularity of different employees by going through auto generated attendance reports.

5. Enhanced Customer Services

It is highly important for every business organisation today to have a well structured customer support team so that they offer effective and efficient after sale services to their clients. In this, employee efficiency software can be very helping –

* Customer service department can instantly forward the queries of customer to the particular department and they can further allot the services to the concerned employees working near the location of a customer.
* Employees can take the digital signature or picture, once the problem has been addressed by them and then they can forward it to concern departments.
* If customers are not satisfied with the performance of certain employees, then customer service department can issue tickets against that employee.
* Customer department can create the various styles of custom forms using different creatives like bar codes , filters, etc., so that employees can take the quick feedback from the customers.

One App for All Departments

With just one app, all the departments and employees of a company can easily coordinate with one another and share important information and reports without any delay. It is one platform where information of every single worker of an organisation can be stored and management effectively. So, if you are struggling to establish a cordial relationship with various departments and employees, then you just need to install a single platform in your organisation and relax.

To create a perfect custom employee efficiency platform for your business organisation, then you need to contact TrackOlap team and get your customised employee efficiency app today.


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