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5 Ways to Close More Deals With Insightful Data Using Field Sales Management Software

5 Ways to Close More Deals With Insightful Data Using Field Sales Management Software

As the changing demands of customers and market trends, field employees are always on their toes to seamlessly close deals and meet customers' expectations. However, tracking each field employee away from the workplace may feel like a difficult task. You can fix this issue with one simple solution - by optimizing your sales strategy along with tracking employees’ activities and progress through field sales management software.

Let’s assume, you have sales automation software that is catered to optimize your sales reps and track your field employees to gain insights on the progress of sales activities, find gaps in your strategy, and identify potential opportunities to improve sales performance. Sounds too good to be true right? TrackOlap offers innovative software to eliminate the hassles of field managers and employees and aids in optimizing workflow catered to meet business and marketing goals. 

Do you want to learn more about how field sales management software can help in optimizing your sales reps? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will discuss optimizing the sales process hassle-free and navigate you through top strategies to help you close more deals effectively. 

How can Sales Automation Software help businesses to manage sales operations?

Are you looking to improve your sales reps? But aren’t sure how? Don’t worry, we have got your answers. TrackOlap’s field force management software can help you keep track of your team and identify various factors through insightful data. For your better understanding, we have listed below a few factors that you should include in your sales roadmap. 

Evaluate sales performance seamlessly

With access to previous data on the field employees performance and completed sales reps through field force management tool , managers can evaluate sales reps at their fingertips. By utilizing this data-driven report, you can analyze the effectiveness of your previous strategies and identify the gap between missed deals and the target. 

Optimize your sales reps

Managing sales operations and meeting target audiences is one of the major challenges that most field managers face today. Guess what, you can easily fix this issue with field sales management software

Through features like Geofencing, managers can bifurcate allocating resources majorly to the frequently utilized routes. And, on the other hand, assign targets to the most skilled employees with potential sales reps routes to balance sales operations with standard strategy and meanwhile target more opportunities. 

This strategy can help you close more deals with high-potential routes, and satisfy the expectations of current customers especially if your business deals with cab services. But how can you adopt this approach? By utilizing reports of the Geofencing feature and identifying potential routes to obtain better outcomes. 

Ideal planning for the sales operation

To make your sales operation successful, managers need to have hands-on information on varied factors like identifying potential opportunities, finding out the reason behind missed deals, conducting market research, data of average fuel usage, strengths and weaknesses of every employee, customer demands, and lastly to align sales operation with marketing campaigns you need to evaluate sales performance regularly. 

To make sure you lead to the path of ideal planning you must have access to insights on sales reps. TrackOlap’s sales automation software offers varied features like live tracking that helps managers track the activities of field employees in real-time, an easy attendance process to maintain a record of the team’s availability and compensation, and Geofencing to optimize ideal routes beforehand to simplify workflow. 

And, other features like stoppage details and total distance traveled help managers understand the work efficiency delivered by each employee and identify any challenges that they might face at any given time. Lastly, managers can plan sales operations seamlessly with customized data-driven reports by utilizing lead management solutions. 

Top 5 strategies to close more deals using field sales management software

Get rid of constantly following up the updates from your employees, and juggling through the sales activities, and boost your sales reps, close more deals effectively. Align your sales operation strategies with field sales management software. Refer to the strategies listed below to maximize your bottom line seamlessly. 

1. Optimize overall sales performance

By monitoring and evaluating the previous sales performance data, as a manager, you can rely on this data to prepare a roadmap for strategizing sales reps in the coming months. How? By identifying performance gaps, prioritizing to set realistic and achievable goals for your team through field force management, furthermore rewarding high performers, and motivating the team to achieve targets seamlessly. 

Additionally, by integrating data from CRM with sales performance reports through lead management solutions , you can identify the average time spent on each sales rep and the particular activity or strategy that impacted the increase in total revenue and closing deals. 

2. Optimize routes to close more deals

Yes, you heard it right! By tracking sales activities in real-time you can identify potential sales routes with more opportunities and meanwhile, look after field employees' safety through a field force management tool. 

As we mentioned above, Trackolap offers robust features like Geofencing, catered to help managers track the allocated territory for the employees, and check the effectiveness of the sales reps. But what if we told you that you can utilize this feature to find potential sales opportunities and seek to close more deals? 

To begin with, managers can track the daily record of sales reps and align sales performance data with the customer visits or services delivered regularly, and time spent for each sales rep. You can utilize the data to identify the effectiveness of a sales strategy, employee performance, or even the quality of products or services by counting repetitive sales. 

In addition, utilize all these factors to plan your next sales and marketing goals and target frequently used and new routes to attract more deals and satisfy potential customers’ expectations through lead management solutions.

3. Segment data to achieve better outcomes

Imagine putting all your sales efforts and resources just to realize you were targeting the wrong audience. We are sure, you wouldn’t want to face a scenario like this. So what is the solution? 

Use the customer behavior or customer visitor data to understand their feedback on your brand’s offerings by analyzing the total time spent by your employees on a per-visit basis or by breaking down the demographics of your profitable customers through sales reps' data. 

By using this data from field sales management software, you can save money, time and effort on targeting sales reps around customers that aren't a great fit for your offerings and business goals. Define your correct target audience, and re-align your sales and marketing goals to convert potential customers to profitable loyal customers. 

4. Prioritize the correct sales pipeline

Utilize your customer interaction or customer visit data through sales automation software to optimize the sales pipeline, and strategize sales reps around the leads that are profitable or more likely to interact with your offerings. 

This approach will help you identify bottlenecks, and weak points in your sales reps that made your leads turn away amid the sales process towards competitor’s offerings. In addition, you can prioritize your leads by preparing an ideal customer profile, to ensure closing more deals. You can consider combining marketing campaigns, and CRM data with your sales operation strategy to boost revenue. 

5. Adopt new methods to grab customer’s attention

If you are a product-based company, then your field employees' major challenges might include grabbing potential customer’s attention with traditional methods. Don’t worry, you can fix it with a one robust solution.

Firstly, as a sales manager, your focus must be on investing your time and efforts towards market research and identifying the right method for marketing that meets with your business needs.For instance, demos, sales representation, and collateral can be effective for field employees to convert prospects to customers or at least generate curiosity for your product. 

Based on the data of sales performance, conducting customer behavior analysis, and by accessing the average time spent through sales automation software you will realize customers from different demographics and behaviors have varied preferences and interests. 

For instance, a few prospects prefer short, to-the-point product demonstrations, whereas others prefer in-depth product representations. Use this data, and motivate your field employees to target customers with customized methods and close more deals effectively. 

Final Thoughts

With correct planning, and strategy at the right time, you can seamlessly convert potential leads into profitable and loyal customers. Utilize the right tools like field sales management software and align your field employees with sales and business goals to ensure your team is on the right path. 

To know more about automating sales operations to close more quality deals, check out TrackOlap’s Live Tracking Tool or get in touch with us today!


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