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How Can Broadband Companies Improve Their Productivity & Efficiency Instantly?

How Can Broadband Companies Improve Their Productivity & Efficiency Instantly?

To run a successful business organization in today's digital ecosystem, you need three things - a highly efficient team, strong leadership, and high-speed broadband internet connection.

These three elements are core components of a twenty-first century's business organization. Whereas the first two elements can be easily altered by the business organizations as per their requirements, but the last and the most crucial element broadband internet connection that gives the digital wings to businesses - is not in their hands.

Yep, the responsibility of providing the high-speed bandwidth internet connection to commence daily operations of an organization is in the hands of broadband companies. Broadband companies are telecommunication industries that part which handle the bandwidth data transmission to transport multiple signals and traffic types. They use a different medium to offer the fast bandwidth to their users like coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair.

Lead Automation Software To Manage Your Leads & Close Deals Faster

Today, a business organization can't survive a day without the p roper internet connection because all the business operations from generating leads to providing the after-sale services to customers, everything is evoked by the internet nowadays. Business organizations can't afford one second of delay or low internet services in today's work culture. Today, if amazon faces one minute of low-quality internet connection, then it can lose around 1.6 million dollars of business.

This not the case of eCommerce companies, but presently every company needs a strong and high-quality broadband connection to run their business operations smoothly. And, all this ultimately adds pressure on the shoulder of broadband companies to provide the high speed and interrupted services to every user. This additional service pressure along with the edge of a competitive environment makes it highly essential for broadband companies to find different solutions to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Work Cycle of Broadband Companies

If we closely observe the work cycle of broadband companies, then we can distribute their entire system into four parts -

1. Lead Generation - Foremost, the work cycle of broadband companies or any other company is to acquire new clients. For this, broadband companies have to approach potential clients and set up meetings with them to explain their services and show their features.

2. Sales - Once the company follows up all the potential leads, then out of so many leads the only a handful of them converts into the sale. When a lead converts into a sale, then it is the responsibility of the sales team to offer the perfect deal to the customer which will be beneficial for the customer and the company both.

3. Installation - Broadband internet service is provided through different medium such as coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair. To install the broadband connection, the company has to send their technicians on the sight and make sure that the installation process has been accomplished properly.

4. After-Sale Services - Services after the sale are a very important aspect of a broadband company. They need to address their customer's problem and provide them with the instant solution and if on sight Repair is required, then they need to immediately send their employee to address that.

Now, if we analyze all the operations of broadband companies, then we can easily say that employees of broadband companies play a vital role in managing and making the company efficient. That's why to make the company highly efficient and productive, broadband companies need to make their employees efficient.

One Solution for Broadband Companies to Increase Their Employee Efficiency

One solution for broadband companies to make their team efficient would be using the customized employee efficiency software designed by tech-oriented professionals like TrackOlap . Why?

Well, simply because it is clear from the work cycle of broadband companies that most of their work is based on the field. Like, from finding new leads, offering lucrative sales deals, installation of broadband set up and providing prompt after-sales services. Everything is based on the potential and credibility of the employees, but it can’t be directly managed by broadband company's managers because they can't monitor every move of their every employee.

But, the employee efficiency platform can do that for you along with so much more. Employee efficiency software can strike the iron of efficiency and fuel the productivity of your employees as -

1. Keep a tab on all the Potential Leads

Following up every potential lead and converting them into the sales – is the main agenda of the broadband companies. But, suppose if the manager has to intimate about the details of every single employee and similarly if employees have to personally share information about every lead with managers, then how slow and time-consuming will process gets.

But, through the employee efficiency portal, managers can upload the list of potential leads on the software as Lead Management Software and it will be automatically broadcasted to all the sales employees. This way employees can easily view the leads from the software downloaded on their mobile and can target more and more leads.

Similarly, employees can upload the status of leads followed by them on the software which makes it easy for managers to check the status of the leads.

Employees can share the important points or take pictures of their leads which will be uploaded to the software along with geotagging.

Managers can also create a planner for their employees where they can set the schedule and timeline to follow leads. And, the performance report based on employee’s lead generation rate will be automatically created by software in Excel format.

2. Easy creation of Custom Sales Forms

Once employees have conducted a successful meeting with their lead, then they have to proceed further to make it a sale. For these employees, need some important information like what type of broadband connection the client wants, how much the client is willing to spend and much more. This process will take a lot of time manually and can even create a chaotic environment and delays in the installation process. But, if managers create custom forms using different creative like bars codes, filters, etc., and upload them into the software, then all the trouble of sales employees can be reduced.

* They can take the notes from their clients and upload them into the software using the customized forms created by managers with the help of different creatives.
* All the forms submitted by the employees are geotagged which makes it is easy for a manager to check the authentication of the form.
* Employees can also take the picture of the location where broadband connection needs to be set up for the reference of the installation team and upload on the portal.

3. Super speedy Installation

It’s a crime for broadband companies to make their clients wait. Once the sales team has sealed the deal, then it is the responsibility of the installation team to immediately overtake the job and start the installation process. Again, doing this the old way can slow down the process, but with the help of employee efficiency software installation process can be completed instantly.

* Sales employees can immediately forward the details related to the installation using the software and share all the extra notes with geotags.
* Managers can then immediately check the real-time location of their installation experts and allot work to the employee who is working near the client’s location so that service can reach a faster rate to the clients.
* If while installing the broadband connection, the employee needs additional support or some extra raw material like optical fibers, then they can also upload this on the software and they will instantly get the help.
* Once the installation setup is finished, then the employee can take it a picture and upload it on the app along with the digital signature of a client in real-time.

4. Addressing the Issues of Clients

After-sale services for broadband companies are very important because their customer's loyalty depends upon the level of customer support they offer. The customer is paying for the services and they won’t appreciate an ounce of delay in them. So, broadband companies need to be fast like thirty minutes pizza delivery companies in providing the after-sales services to their clients. And, that is only possible if they use the well-defined piece of technology for that. With the software, broadband companies will be able to offer more efficient after-sale services to their customers.

* Companies can quickly assign the repair task to their nearest field employees once they receive a complaint from the customer. A fast repair is always appreciated by the customers.
* On the completion of the services, employees can take the digital signature of their customers on their mobile phones and send them to the back office to intimate them about the successful completion of the job.
* However, a portal will allow broadband companies to raise a complaint ticket to their employees on the basis of the negative feedback drawn from the clients.

Broadband companies are today the backbone of the other business organizations. If broadband companies fail to deliver desired results, then other businesses won’t be able to flourish. That’s why broadband companies need to use employee efficiency software to ensure that they have the full force to offer high-end services to their clients. For this, broadband business organizations can contact TrackOlap and get design their customized employee efficiency portal and grow.


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