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How Can TrackOlap Boost your Employer's Brand with Efficient Time Tracking?

How Can TrackOlap Boost your Employer's Brand with Efficient Time Tracking?

Mostly, SaaS companies are so busy boosting their customers' experience that they won't even think about their employee experience. And this is the main reason behind a poor employer's brand in most companies. 

But what's the employer's brand?

Well, an employer's brand means your company's reputation among your employees and potential employees. Today, if you want highly talented people to work for your organization, you have to build a strong employer's brand. 

For example, do you know why people today are eager to work for companies like Microsoft, Apple, or IBM? That's because these companies have built a powerful employer's brand. You can check out Microsoft's Instagram page to see how they promote workplace diversity, harmony, and positive company culture through their posts.

Now, these companies are big with large budgets to market their employer's brand strategies, which not every company can afford. And for these small companies, TrackOlap has developed a robust time tracking software that helps them to create an engaging environment for their employees. Here when you offer the best experience to your employees, you don't need to spend lacs on marketing your employer's brand because word of mouth will automatically build your brand. 

Interesting, right? So, let's dig deeper into how to boost your employer's brand with an efficient time tracking topic.

Benefits of Building Employer's Brand Today

Before dwelling into how to build your employer's brand using an Employee Time Tracking Software let's have a look at all the benefits of employer's brand:
Attract top talent

As per Glassdoor, 86% of employees search the company's online database before applying for the job. So, here if you have poor reviews from your ex-employees on your company's social media accounts, it will reduce your chances of hiring highly skilled and qualified employees. Therefore, never give your past or current employees a chance to leave bad reviews about your company online. And, for that, you simply have to provide a great experience to your employees. 

Reduce on boarding time

If you have a strong employer's brand, your one job ad is sufficient to attract the right applicants. In fact, you won't have to post job ads to invite potential candidates via employee referrals or your talent bank; you can easily hire new employees. This way, you can save your managers and HR team lots of time, which they can utilize on other important things to grow your organization. 

Improve Employees Productivity

When your employees are happy and satisfied working in your organization, this will automatically boost their productivity and morale. When your employees know they can easily communicate with seniors and their ideas matter to the organization, they will work more relentlessly. 

Retain your employees

LinkedIn research shows, companies that fail to invest in their reputation lose an average of $5,000 per employee. So, here if you don't focus on your employee's needs and preferences, they won't work with you for very long. And, you have to constantly look for new employees, which will exhaust your company's resources. Thus, work on building an employer's brand that nobody ever wants to leave your company. 

Reputation among customers

If your customers have to deal with a new person every time in your organization, this will annoy them. That's because your employees are your company's face, and when a customer is dealing with one of your employees, he or she is the organization for them. Thus, constant change in the staff sends the wrong message to your customers and even impacts your business reputation.

How to Boost your Employer's Brand with TrackOlap Time Tracking

As you now know all the benefits of employer branding, let's move on to the main topic: how can TrackOlap help you build a dynamic employer's brand. So, here are a few ways to use time tracking software to nurture your employees' experience:

Smooth on boarding experience

Your employer's branding strategy should begin with your employees on boarding process. The moment you have hired a person, you need to start working on providing them a smooth experience. That's because one-third of newly hired employees quit within a year. 

On top of it, in a new remote environment, it is even more important to offer a seamless on boarding experience to your new recruits as you don't have physical interaction privilege anymore. And for this, the time tracking and Employee Efficiency Software work very well.  

For instance, managers can provide assistance to new employees in real-time. They can use a screenshot feature to view employees' desktop screens and help them out when they are stuck somewhere remotely. 

Managers can also share automated performance reports based on weekly or monthly schedules with employees so they can self-evaluate their performance. Using these reports, new recruits can understand what their managers exactly expect from them. 

Importantly, you can create a transparent work environment, which helps your employees to better understand your company culture. All in all, a Employee Live Tracking Software can help you to impress your new recruits with a dynamic first impression. 

Boost your team's morale

Nowadays, mental health is a very prominent issue, especially among remote workers. The pandemic spreading fear, sudden lockdown uncertainties, and poor economic conditions have been stressing many employees today. Plus, the solitude of work from home environment is also a great problem these days. 

In this, it's very important for managers to offer moral support to their team. Here using a time tracker, managers can analyze the performance of individual team members in real-time. Thus, when managers observe a decline in a certain employee's productivity, they can consult them and ask the reason behind their deflating performance. 

Similarly, when employees feel distracted or unmotivated, they often take more leaves and come late to work. So, here you can check the leave and attendance data of individual employees to make sure that they are always in the right mental state. 

This way, you can help your employees to cope up with this new remote work environment and other mental challenges without any hassle. 

Promote a positive work environment

A positive work environment is very important to foster a productive work culture. If your employees feel that you prefer certain employees more or you harbour partiality while allocating assignments, this will create a toxic work environment, which will eventually impact your team's performance. 

In this situation, Time Tracking Software can help managers in building a transparent and positive work environment. Through the one dashboard, managers can assign duties to each team member along with a timeline to complete it. This way, employees can see how you allocate equal work and set reasonable timelines. 

Since all the communication is flowing through a centralized dashboard; thus, managers can easily solve any work-related conflicts. For example, if an accountability issue arises between two employees, you can easily check the work allotment sheet to know which employee is more accountable for the situation. 

Plus, all the performance reports are generated automatically by the software. This way, your employees can't blame you, saying that you are partial towards certain employees or you have intentionally reduced their performance statistics.

For instance, if your employees are spending their working hours playing online games or shopping, the application usage tracker will share this information in minute detail. Plus, your employees can't deny the data presented by an unbiased machine. 

Once you develop a positive work environment in your organization, this will automatically boost your employer's brand to a great extent. 

Reduce managers workload and improve satisfaction 

Companies, managers are also your employees, and their good experience matters the most in the progress of your organization. Today, if your managers aren't satisfied with your company policies or culture, they can't effectively manage your business operations. 

Thus, you need to also make sure that your managers aren't overworked or working under high pressure. With a time tracker, you can analyze your manager's performance and schedule in real-time. So, if you find that your managers are working overtime and have more work on their plate, you can make some efforts to reduce their workload. 

However, time tracker can reduce manager’s workload in many other ways also, such as:

• An automatic attendance system reduces manual attendance recording hassle 

• Self-analytical reports safe managers from discussing performance metrics with individual employees 

• Through the centralized dashboard, managers can quickly communicate with the entire team

• Managers can check each employee work status while sitting in their cubicle 

• They send instant notifications to employees with one click if an employee has missed a deadline and so on. 

Bottom Line

Having a solid employer's brand is the most for your organization's growth today. It helps you hire qualified employees, retain them and ensure they always stay satisfied and productive. In short, to become a global brand, you have to first become a powerful employer's brand. 

Now, it's not that hard to build an employer's brand today when you have TrackOlap like brand support. Using our time tracking system, you can effortlessly build a good experience for your team and nurture your employer's brand. Just give us a call today, and we will help you strengthen your employer's brand.

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