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Top Proven Ways To Monitor Employees Remotely Without Hurting Their Morale

Top Proven Ways To Monitor Employees Remotely Without Hurting Their Morale

Technology is evolving and the business workforce is no exception. With more and more people preferring remote working, tracking a large pool of virtual employees is becoming a daunting task. However, a business can't ignore this remote work trend to stay competitive in the market. In our previous blog, we have mentioned how businesses can extensively get benefits from the remote workforce model.

When 77% of remote employees say they’re more productive when working from home, businesses must deploy intelligent tools and techniques to monitor their remote workers to stay competitive. To make the remote business successful, managers need to keep a bird's eye over the projects and teams. As monitoring remote employees becomes a crucial practice, businesses need to add special tools to their employees' system. But, how can you monitor them without damaging their morale? Sometimes monitoring employees can be seen as managerial distrust.

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To avoid this misunderstanding, you should clear out these things with your employees first.

 In this blog we have mentioned how you should build a transparent relationship with your remote employee first before monitoring them. 

Trust is one of the most vital things that create myriad misunderstandings between remote employees and employers which leads to loss of business reputation or resignations of employees. 

With a supported note - Trackolap has successfully developed a dynamic field employee monitoring software and helped hundreds of businesses to monitor their remote workforce and its signs of progress seamlessly with automation.  

Let's dive into the blog!

Advantages And Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Employers monitor everything starting from productivity to the location of their employees. But why? Most employees think- they do this to catch if the employees are misusing the working hours or not. But this is not the sole reason. Employers do this to improve & understand certain things such as, 

1) Improve the productivity of the employees.

2) Discover employee bandwidth.

3) Prevent insider threats.

4) To prevent workplace harassment.

5) Improve time management of the employees.

If you plan to monitor your employees make sure you inform your employees otherwise it may lead to negative impacts. After all, 63.3% of companies agree that retaining employees is harder than hiring one. If we talk about the cons of employee monitoring if not done rightfully can lead to,

  • Employees may feel distrusted. 
  • Increase employee turnover.
  • Invading employees' privacy.
  • Technical glitches.
  • Additional cost for software & tools. 

Transparency — The Must-Have Priority

When remote working becomes a common practice, businesses have started using workplace monitoring tools extensively. According to an Accenture strategy report in 2019, 62 % of companies started using new tools to collect data about their employees. 

However, the question is — how can they monitor the employees that will not sound intrusive? 

One of the imperative things to keep a tab on your employees without crossing the line is Transparency. 

If you are deploying any field employee monitoring app make sure you stay 100% transparent with your employees. There shouldn't be any excuse to ignore it or the worst scenario lies about it. As soon as your employees discover it, it will shatter their morale. Stay clear with your employees and your expectations. Inform them about the tool, how it works and how to use it. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Doesn't matter if it is between loyal employees and trustful employers. 

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Ways To Monitor The Employees Remotely 

As the remote workforce is becoming a buzzword, employee monitoring setup is here to stay. Thankfully, Trackolap has a wide range of remote employee monitoring solutions . For the past couple of years, due to the rising demand for remote work, we have helped hundreds of businesses roll out the remote workforce set up with our innovative remote employee monitoring software. 

Let's dive into the topic of how to monitor your remote employees effectively. 

1) Email Monitoring

According to a survey, on average modern employees spend 28-50% of their working hours in their email inbox. Being a manager you might be thinking they are doing mammoth work and do you know the original stats? How many emails are they receiving or responding to or sending? Do you know the idle time? You can't know exactly what your remote employees' productivity is unless to dive deep.

 If you want to visualize their email activities you need to install tools that analyze the total time spent on email exchanging, number of emails sent or received, total time taken to respond to a lead or customer and many more. The good news is that these tools do not hinder their activities at all. They work in the background and silently as a spy and deliver you the total end-to-end analysis of the emails. 

2) Time Tracking — A New Norm

Your next move should be implementing time tracking software to keep eye on time management and look out for how your employees are spending their time. By tracking the time that your employees take to complete certain tasks, you can devise strategies to increase their productivity or reduce the workload.

After serving thousands of clients, we have discovered that this tool also encourages employees to check their efficiency whenever they complete a task. With this tool, you can evaluate which employees are busy with work and who has time to fill. Thus, you distribute the tasks among your workforce equally without sounding partial. 

With Trackolap’s field employee attendance software, you can even track attendances from anywhere anytime with a click. You can track all the applications and websites that your employees have used and the time spent to identify slackers. Also to make the process automatic, you will receive an email alert whenever an employee logs off for the day or completes a task. 

3) Implementation of Productivity Tracking

While managing a remote workforce one of the daunting and complex tasks is managing the productivity of your virtual employees. As remote employees work at different locations with different time zones, keeping taps on their productivity is not easy at all.

We understand that! Trackolap has been helping enterprises to monitor, analyze and amplify the productivities of the employees with its innovative automatic field staff management software

for the past couple of years. 

You will get a customized analytical dashboard where you will get all the details of your employees – which application they are using, how long they have used that, and what they achieved in one place. You can manage your remote teams without micromanaging them.

4) Taking Help of A Task Management Software

Managing tasks of each remote employee can lead to a mess if you don't have a dedicated system. There is much software in the market that helps managers manage the tasks of employees however the purpose of these tools is the same. But the question arises, are they efficient enough to manage your large workforce? Or do the features sync with the price? As per a report, most companies ended up choosing the wrong tool for their workforce and eventually wasting their resources.

Thankfully, Trackolap has all the features that can run a remote workforce efficiently. You can assign tasks, remove tasks, track and give feedback to an employee with one click. 

What - if you can view all of the analysis in graphics to enrich your visual experience. 

The graphic optimized analytical reports will allow you to explore the reasons behind low productivity after assigning tasks and create new strategies to improve your employee's performance.

5) Embracing Location Tracking Technology

When you have a large team of remote employees, tracking an individual's location seems impossible. But how do you know if they are not working from the road? Or working while traveling? These questions remain unanswered until Trackolap has developed this employee location tracker

Using GPS technology you can track your employees in real-time. This feature is part of employee monitoring software that is built to boost the overall performance of the employees. If you can track the location of the employees to see how they are utilizing their working hours. This will assure you that your work is getting done and you are not paying for what they are not doing. 

Wrapping Up

Whether it is remote working or hybrid working, being the business leader it is your responsibility to pipeline the productivity, time management, efficiency and attendance of your employees. According to PwC's recent survey, 83% of employers admitted that the shift to a remote workforce has been beneficial for their growth and ROI. And to manage your total workforce under one umbrella you need smart sophisticated tools.

 As we have already discussed above there are multiple benefits of investing in a field staff tracking app. Additionally monitoring your employee's productivity and other things you can use the software to evaluate the work ethics and practices. You can also ensure security in the organization by tracking the websites or applications that your employees are using and the downloaded files as well. 

We Trackolap , helping businesses irrespective of their size to thrive in the new era of technology where remote working is becoming a new normal. Our intelligent software works on automation to reduce your precious time on tracking your employees which you can use to meet other business goals. 


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