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How Artificial Intelligence in Smart Offices can be Implemented to Draw Stellar Benefits?

How Artificial Intelligence in Smart Offices can be Implemented to Draw Stellar Benefits?

For business organizations, it is essential to adopt smart office technology in 2020 to sustain their business operations and allocate all the available resources in a profitable way. In short, today, you can't be satisfied with the basic infrastructure of your office - now to grow and match steps with the rapidly developing business technologies - you have to set up a smart office using automated technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Okay, so this statement might have raised multiple questions in your mind like - what is artificial intelligence? How will it help in developing a smart office? And, what the heck smart office means. Well, we are going to address all these bubbling questions one by one and introduce our readers with the ebonic stories of the TrackOlap automated web portal and app dashboard.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or also referred to as machine intelligence is the simple stimulation of human intelligence, but it is processed by machines specifically computer systems. The AI applications are a combination of expert systems, natural language processing, voice recognition, and machine vision. A syntax of AI can be distributed into three phases -

Learning phase where the AI program focuses on acquiring data and defining rules to process the available data.
Reasoning phase handles the part of selecting the right algorithm to reach the desired outcome.
Self-performing phase is the aspect that deals with the continuity of algorithms and ensures the correctness of the result generated by AI.

What is a Smart Office?

Smart Office is a technology gifted workplace where technology is the supreme. In smart offices, all the business operations are handled with one or multiple streams of technologies like sensors, mobile apps, software, computers, etc. Technology enables employees to work faster and better with quick assistance and correct data. By employee efficiency mobile apps or desktop programs, employees will perform the menial task better and faster as compared to the manual system.

Abbreviation of Smart Office Technology - AI

Okay, see if we filter the smart office through the glasses of business perceptive, then a technology that creates an automated business environment and reduces repetitive tasks burden is called as smart office technologies. And, artificial intelligence in offices can exactly do the same because this technology first collects data from users and then process it to produce an automated process using various algorithms.

Now, if you are not convinced that the artificial intelligence in smart offices – is the need of the future, then let's see how artificial intelligence will be beneficial in the automation of your office.

1. Artificial Intelligence Scheduling

In modern workplaces, business organizations hire multitask performers who can handle various operations in the business organization. Like, companies hire employees who can be easily allocated various business operations on the basis of their availability like if a sales representative is working on the field, then he can be allotted task to meet with the customers to get their feedback.

So, to know when your employees have free time or to provide them with weekly or monthly schedules, an artificial intelligence scheduling feature will be very helpful. The artificial intelligence operated employee efficiency software provides a shared window to managers where they can check the schedule of their all employees and can even make changes in the schedule as per the prevailing situations demand. Moreover, an AI-generated schedule planner will automatically send reminders to employees if they are running behind the schedule or delaying the work process intentionally.

2. Real-Time Assistance

AI is also useful for businesses that need to constantly communicate with high volumes of customers throughout each day. For instance, manufacturing and sales industry-based companies have to regularly establish communication with their millions of customers on a daily basis. Artificial Intelligence here helps in interacting with customers in real-time and create personalized gift vouchers and deals for customers.

With real-time location tracking options, companies can provide the exact delivery time to the customers and keep on tracking the location of delivery vehicles to ensure that manufactured goods reach their designated destination on time. This will also help in forming a good company reputation as customers know that all the information is offered by the company is in real-time.

3. Automatic Attendance

It is very important for business organizations to keep a proper record of their employees in and out time so that they can evaluate the working hours of the employees. Especially in business organizations where remuneration is calculated on the basis of per hour. Now, to record the attendance of thousands of different departmental employees can't be recorded on time without the automated attendance system.

So, when artificial intelligence operated software helps employees in adding their work start and off-time through one tap, then it will smoothen up the process of generating an attendance report. The attendance time punched by employees on the app will be served as data that will be automatically processed by artificial intelligence produced algorithms that can create multiple performance reports for managers to analyze further.

4.Tracking of Employees Working Hours

In the business organization, where the large staff is present – it gets difficult for a manager to access time spend by a particular employee on completing a job. That's because every person takes up a different time frame to complete the same job. But, in the business setup, it is required to dedicate a certain time frame to complete a job so that standard bar for the performance evaluation can be set – the employee who completes his work under the given time frame will be ranked as top workers and vice versa.

Artificial intelligence in a smart office environment assists managers in tracking down every second detail of employees so that managers can analyze which employee is on schedule or behind schedule. AI will see multiple tracks real-time records to generate various tracking reports for managers to analyze like stoppage reports, total time spend on a task, distance traveled, etc.,

5.Management During Leaves

When one of your employees has to immediately take leave for an undisclosed period of time due to some family emergency, then your manager needs to be ready to deal with such kind of situation. That's because you have to deliver services to your clients on the agreed time – no matter what and it is not the pain of clients that your employee has gone on leave. Additionally, it is essential for business organizations to provide clear leave policies to their staff.

Artificial intelligence in offices will be very helpful in managing the leaves and creating customized leave policies for the company. With AI operated app, employees will be notified when they take leaves more than the allowed limit and will automatically create a leave management reports for employee and employer both. Moreover, the automated leave balance summary is provided to employees on one tap so that they can have detailed information regarding the number of paid or unpaid leaves present in their account.

6.Deployment of IoT in your Smart Office

We have already discussed the article related to IoT productivity previously so if you want to include IoT technology benefits in your smart office, then you have to work on AI-first. Artificial Intelligence is the foundation of the IoT ecosystem, thus, to build a strong IoT building - you have to work on AI foremost. IoT devices based on platforms with AI elements find widespread use, which could lead to breakthrough innovations in the near future. Both businesses and consumers will benefit from this trend.

7.Cost Reduction and Profit Enhancement

The two basic business principles are - Increase your income and Reduce your expenses. A company that closely follow these principles while formulating various business policies – always succeed. To monitor the expenses and income of the organization, management needs multiple reports and have to draw correct prediction on the basis of available reports. Here, if reports are generated manually, then the involvement of personal base and chances of errors becomes very high. So, if data isn't correct, then how will the correct analyze will be drawn on its basis.

But, when data is recorded, processed and analyzed by machine using various algorithms, then the chance of error and favoritism becomes next to the impossible. So, indirectly, artificial intelligence helps in improving business profit by reducing unnecessary expenses.

Road Map to Smart Office - Artificial Intelligence

Smart office is the demand of 2020 work setup and the first step towards a smart workplace is artificial intelligence technology only. Thus, bringing artificial intelligence in offices through different mediums like employee efficiency software is very useful for your business in various ways. Moreover, other technologies of the smart office like IoT, virtual reality and others can be only implemented if you first introduce artificial intelligence in your office.

So, if you want to design a smart office by creating a customized employee efficiency platform laced with the artificial intelligence benefits, then contact the TrackOlap team right now.


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