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Field Employee Monitoring App: How to Track Your Employees

Field Employee Monitoring App: How to Track Your Employees

Technology was moving at its pace until pandemics hit the whole country. To continue the business employees are asked to work remotely. However, we cannot solely blame COVID-19 for creating the buzz of remote work.

Remote work was there and will be there no matter what. We have heard some news related to the resignation of employees while calling them for work from the office. Employees fall in love with the freedom and flexibility while working from home. Not only the employees but also their family members want them at home. According to a study in 2022, 82 percent of respondents have admitted that they prefer working from home whereas 64 percent of employees have admitted that they are more productive working from home and feel fewer burnouts.

However, from the perspective of employers working remotely can lead to multiple challenges starting from attendance issues to tracking the location of employees. According to the reports of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3% of the workforce was absent on a single day. This means the company faces lower business output and misses out on further growth opportunities due to lower manpower. However, whether it is work from home or work from the office, absences can be due to various reasons, personal reasons, emergency issues, health issues or even planned vacations. Thus, tracking employees’ locations, productivity, time management and lastly their attendance at the same time can be complex and hugely time-consuming. Why don’t you have an all-rounder one field employee monitoring Software ? Of course, you do not want to devote all of your time to monitoring employees and staff, instead of focusing on business affairs. 

We understand your hassles and that is why to streamline your workforce, We TrackOlap keeping in mind the pain point, has bought a dynamic tool on the table to monitor your employee’s performances, attendances, and locations to make them more productive. 

Why Should Businesses Get an Employee Monitoring App?

The benefits of field employee monitoring software range from reducing time-wasting of employees to tracking their work performance in one click. It provides more transparency to the companies about their employees. In this article, we have discussed all the end-to-end benefits of this software and why a business must have it. So, let's get started. 

#1 Attendance Tracking

While working remotely and differences in job duties according to different projects, tracking the attendances of each employee is hectic. This hassle is not only for remote businesses which have an enormous number of employees working in the field but also face difficulties in tracking its employee and staff’s attendance in a place. Moreover, if any technical issues occur or the attendance recording management team is offline, have you wondered how you will track the attendances of your employees? If you miss tracking the attendees and could not meet the productivity target, we know how much loss your business will bear. What! If a single app monitors the attendances of your employees anywhere at any time. 

The field employee attendance software will help employees clock in to record their attendance without hampering their productivity. Businesses can get a chart of the total monthly attendances and leaves of an employee with one click. 

#2 Monitoring The Productivity

Employee monitoring is one of the vital parts of an organization for the growth of the business. After all, you are paying an employee to manage the business tasks and if he or she is lacking in performing the job duties on time, due to some technical or other reasons, all of your investment in the workforce will go in vain. Furthermore, humans always tend to escape work and it is human nature. if not monitored properly it will encourage other employees too. Thus, the total project will lead to an end. Being a business owner of course you do not want these consequences due to a lack in tracking the Productivity Of Your Workforce . By tracking your employees, you can check the executed work, address technical concerns that are hampering their productivity and also strategies job duties. When employees are on the field or working remotely, evaluating their productivity on a real-time basis can be complex and challenging for the business. However, with a field staff tracking app you can address all the challenges which come while evaluating your staff and employees’ productivity. 

#3 Employee’s Location Tracking

The locations of employees become pivotal when it comes to operating the business remotely. The app comes with a GPS Tracking Software which gives the real-time location of the employees to the employers. Also, one of the unique features of this employee location tracker is that it gives the workload status of the employee with respect to the location. Hence, employers can check the real-time location of the employee to ensure employees meet their productivity. 

The app also helps avoid any mishaps by improving the security of the employees. If anything happens to the employee or the property of the company, the employer can track the real-time location which is recorded in the location tracker app and take necessary steps for the well being of the employees and the goods of the organization also

#4 Task Management

Managing a team of more than a hundred employees is not a cakewalk. We understand how perplexing it is to call and Manage The Task of each employee. With an employee monitoring app by TrackOlap, you can check the total working time an employee took to complete a job and can assign tasks accordingly to ensure maximum productivity of the employees with less wasting of time. You can utilize that time in meeting the important business affairs. The app will tell you which task is assigned to which employee and how he or she is performing to meet the target and if there is any glitch the employee is facing that is to be addressed. 

#5 Total Utilization of Time

Time management is one of the crucial responsibilities of any organizer to meet its business goals. The feature will send the idle time and productive time of each employee to the employer. Managers can track the Total Time Spent On Each Task and provide feedback to the employees so that they can improve their productivity. Also, you can get the total utilized time of the employee on a real-time basis with one click. Time management habits are important not only for professional life only but also for personal life. By tracking the time employees can work in a disciplined manner to meet their job duties. By checking the utilization time of employees, you can assign them tasks accordingly. 

How to Choose the Best Employee Monitoring App?

Any app which saves resources for a company and gives the best result in terms of employee productivity and attendance monitoring is GEM for the company. However, there are hundreds of field staff management software available on the market, and companies often struggle to get the right app for their company which meets their requirements efficiently. Hence, we have mentioned a few key points to check for the business before acquiring anyone.

Convenient – Make sure the app is efficient, automatic and convenient to use for employees as well as employers. The interference of the app should be user-friendly and fast. 

Accuracy – Having the top-notched accuracy of the app is the foremost priority. After all, you are going to monitor your employees and staff on a real-time basis and what is the logic, if the app is not accurate enough?

Cost-Effective – Due to technological advancement the prices of this software have been reduced to satisfy the company’s pocket. So, make sure while opting for one you compare its price with the peers. 

Easy installation & Maintenance – Before getting anyone make sure the app is easy to install, use and maintain. So that you can continue the operations without any hassles. 

Customer Support – Having customer support for the app is very much essential. Because your company works anytime any day as per the project requirement and we understand that. 

Therefore, we recommend remote companies connect with our team today and learn about India's one of the best productivity monitoring tools. This will allow you to monitor the workforce of your remote workers and amplify their performance.

Managing all of your employees and staff under one umbrella is complex and tricky. By using an effective Employee Live Tracking Software , you can track every work aspect of your employees for the betterment of the company. The availability, working hours, productivity and even working location can be tracked by using a single application. We all know that in every company certain lazy and unproductive employees always find an innovative way to cheat their productivity and it is impossible to track them manually. What is your thought about using the monitoring app which gives all the information on a real-time basis at one click? You will be ended up with an increment in employee efficiency, completion of projects on time and higher ROI.


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