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Everything you Need to Know About Driving Project Success with TrackOlap

Everything you Need to Know About Driving Project Success with TrackOlap

Remote work environments have become a common trend and are expected to continue for years. They offer a range of benefits to employees and employers but also bring challenges, especially with remote project management. To address this concern, TrackOlap provides a centralized solution like a remote work management system that tracks activities, extracts accurate data in real-time, and strives to streamline diverse workflows. 

Managing projects from varied departments can be daunting, primarily if your organization collaborates with contract-based employees for specific projects. You may find yourself perplexed amid varied deadlines, managing communication with the team, reviewing tasks, and ensuring productivity with improved output. However, features like streamlined timesheets, task assignments, and approval process of project management software India can help businesses manage diverse projects seamlessly. 

Remote project management is often called a chaotic procedure, though it doesn't always have to be like that! Continuous tracking, proper planning through data-driven insights, and a cost estimation plan through an employee time tracker can simplify the rate of task completion with accuracy without juggling between procedures. 

Do you want to know more about project management with remote employees? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we will discuss varied aspects of remote work management software and its impact on project success. 

Benefits of Utilizing Employee Monitoring Software For Project Management

Integrating employee monitoring software into your system to seamlessly manage varied projects can be one of the best decisions. From tracking employees' activities in real time to streamlining processes, simplifying project-based communications with a team, and providing a dedicated timesheet, this application simplifies workflow to manage diverse projects. It effectively enhances the rate of project success. 

1. Enhances Productivity & Accountability

The remote tracking tool aids in understanding what employees are working on and the average time they spend completing a particular task. This enables managers to identify inefficiencies and prepare an accurate timesheet for every employee based on the project requirements. This will ensure that employees stay focused and productive to make the project successful. 

2. Advanced Project Tracking and Management

The remote work management software allows managers to closely monitor project progress, deadlines, and employee progress with specific tasks through time and activity tracking. This aids managers in understanding the project's progress and re-adjusting task assignments or guiding employees accordingly with better project planning. 

3. Detailed Project Overview

If you work with an external team and in-house employees, assigning accurate tasks, following up with task progress, and tracking their activities or productivity can be complicated. However, an employee time tracker assists managers in keeping a record of varied progress through a centralized dashboard that helps identify updates on tasks and highlights factors that need to be worked on within a timeframe. 

4. Save Overall Project Cost

Project management software India helps identify the overall cost required to complete tasks at your fingertips. However, by identifying areas of excessive expenses and optimizing resource allocation correctly, TrackOlap’s tools can help businesses cut costs with streamlined project planning. 

5. Optimized Resource Allocation

Accessing insights and data-driven reports on factors like the effectiveness of previous project planning, the productivity levels of your team, and performance evaluation from TrackOlap can help managers identify bottlenecks and reallocate resources effectively to maximize successful project completion.

How to Create a Project Plan with Project Management Software India?

Are you struggling to improve project planning with your remote workforce? A centralized platform like employee monitoring software can help you gain visibility to remote projects, accurately assign tasks, and streamline employees' procedures to boost efficiency with simple steps. 

To help you develop a robust procedure for seamless project management, we are listing a few factors for your better understanding.

Identify essential tasks: Before you assign tasks to your employees, consider breaking down a project into manageable tasks. Remember to attach clear goals, expectations, milestones, and a timeframe to it. 

Allocate resources with a well-thought-out plan: Utilize TrackOlap’s software to conduct a thorough evaluation of previous project results, focusing on aspects like employees' work efficiency, overall output delivery, strengths and weaknesses, ability to work with short deadlines, and overall performance. Based on these factors, consider allocating tasks for maximum outcome. 

Mitigate Risks: When breaking down tasks, consider evaluating risk with potential strategy and identifying suitable solutions to meet risks in order to offer quality services to the client. 

Follow open communication: When strategizing for project management , ensure that you communicate with your team members about the objective and client expectations. Keep everyone on the same page with sudden changes in the plan to maintain transparency. Allow room for two-way feedback and suggestions for fostering open communication. 

Use Collaboration Features: Rely on Tracklop's centralized communication tool or features like virtual meetings to facilitate effortless communication among remote team members. This will eliminate the chances of misunderstanding, which may lead to unwanted repetition of work. 

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Tips on Simplified Project Management with Employee Monitoring Software

After understanding the benefits and essential factors, you must be wondering how I can manage varied projects simultaneously and enhance success rates. We understand your concern. Hence, we are listing a few factors that will help you to improve project planning. 

1. Set Clutter-free Project Goals and Expectations

Open communication and developing a culture of transparency can resolve the most common challenges with remote project management. However, to successfully plan a smooth project, your team members must be on the same page, which means they need to know the project's goal, expectations, mission, and purpose. 

To communicate a specific project’s goals and expectations with your team, consider defining a few questions to eliminate chances of misunderstanding and to kick-start the process effectively. 

How can the team communicate for clarification?

Who is accountable for reviewing varied tasks?

What is the expected outcome of the project?

What are the priorities and timeline of the project?

What is the specific time for discussion over virtual meetings for project-based communication?

Clarifying these and other aspects (depending on your project requirements) upfront will ensure every team member is aligned with the project and will streamline the procedure. 

2. Provide Clear Feedbacks to Remote Workforce

While remote work management software streamlines timesheets, task delegation, progress tracking, and efficiency tracking, managers must frequently provide clear and direct feedback to team members to ensure they make changes according to the requirements and avoid last-minute hassles. 

Consider defining goals, expectations, and specific guidelines for the task every time you delegate tasks to your remote employees. This will ensure they deliver quality work, submit tasks on time, and avoid the process of back-and-forth changes. 

Conduct a feedback session after every task submission to speed up the responsive time and enable employees to work on the next tasks stress-free. 

When required, collaborate with the client to help them understand expectations directly and share ideas directly with the client to enhance the effectiveness of the project. 

Consider providing constructive feedback to help employees know where they are going wrong and identify areas of improvement. 

In some cases, cross-team collaboration for detailed brainstorming is fostered to offer qualitative innovation. 

3. Review Project’s Progress Frequently

While the time tracking app offers timely insights into organizations with project details, managers must ensure that they keep a check on task progress to avoid unexpected delays, re-align tasks, offer guidelines to employees whenever they need them, identify drawbacks, and take appropriate action. 

To access the project’s progress, you can set alerts on specific parameters such as deadline date and more factors. Or you can check the centralized dashboard to acquire oversight details of projects seamlessly. By implementing this approach, managers can ensure the current strategy meets the initial project objective. If there is any inefficiency during the process, they can figure out a suitable solution before it's too late to think of anything. 

Final Takeaway

A centralized platform like remote work management software is one effective way to manage varied projects simultaneously without constantly juggling dispersed details. Through this software, organizations can easily structure the project process, collect data in real time on progress, analyze with oversight, and make changes on the spot to maximize outcomes. 

Do you want to know more about TrackOlap’s Project Management Solution ? Get in touch with our team or ask for a demo right away!


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