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What is The Best Attendance And Leave Management Platform For  Field Staff

What is The Best Attendance And Leave Management Platform For Field Staff

One organization thrives with the support of its employees and management. Nevertheless, without managing employees' record organization cannot reach the pinnacles of success. Merely coming to the office and do their jobs never reflects the full-fledge working culture of employees; rather, they can call off sick or come in late every now and then. They can also ask you to rearrange their schedules to manage their personal lives. Here, one question arises that how can one company keep an eye on employees' activity? The answer lies in one essential term which is Attendance and Leave Management.

What do you understand by Attendance and Leave Management

Organizations that hire their employees for PAN country process, construction sites, and as field force, are always in the dire need of attendance and leave management software . Such organizations cannot provide the facility for attendance for their employees who work for them. It becomes very difficult for these organizations to track every employee's whereabouts. Moreover, managers can't have the correct information regarding employees' leave and attendance. To counter such critical situation management always looks for the best and appropriate solution and they find Attendance and Leave Management software or app appropriate. The organization employs this system to document the working hours and leaves of their employees.

TrackOlap is very co nvenient because it will store all the employees' related data single-handedly. And, employers can peep into that stored data while they don't see their employees. On the other hand, employees can take into consideration varying methods to store their hours in any recordkeeping system. Nonetheless, there are 3 best methods to do that.

Time Clock - A mechanical timekeeping method is known as a punch clock or time clock. In this method, employees insert a slip of paper into the time clock so it can stamp or punch the time on that. The hours of employees are entered by the digital clock and this clock needs additional software. Now it is necessary that employees must clock in when they enter into the workplace, have lunch, after lunch and EOD (End Of the Day).

Timekeepers - Timekeepers are employees who permit timecards and an employee's timecard is checked over by them. They can also act as in-charge of bringing together employees' paychecks.

Timekeeping software - One of the most common timekeeping methods is using a software system. This system has the ability to track total hours for which one employee works. With the help of timekeeping software, employees can clock in and out online. Most of the time, Payroll Management Software is integrated by such type of software.

Before going further, we should analyze about most crucial problems that are faced by organizations compel the management to take attendance and leave management into consideration. There are numerous challenges that pose a threat to the regular functioning of any organization. Here are some crucial 'time tracking problems' that must be puzzled out for the smooth functioning of any organization.

Inability in locating and addressing employees- Management of every organization has been through a tough time while managing the attendance and leave related issues. Employees failing to show up for work, employers fail to track their employees' location and many more are the loopholes that vary from company to company. There are numerous employees who work for the varying types of organization such as construction sites, field force, pan jobs and many more. In such employment categories, employers don't have any authentic medium to track their employees' attendance and leaves.

Inadequate understanding of leave policy - More than 100 employees inquire about their leaves and policies each week in every organization. Most of the time employees need to wait for a long duration to apply for the leave or to know their leave balance.

The arising problem of proxy attendance - Proxy attendance is not merely a concern for an educational institution; rather, it is a concerning problem in corporate or companies. Increasing numbers of buddy punching grab the attention of higher management relentlessly.

Inefficiency in making employees answerable - A poor attendance management is not competent enough to hold employees accountable for their poor performance. It won't be efficient enough to detect such actions where employees are taking liberties with company's time. Without any systematic management, employees won't be able to spot opportunities for their growth.

Difficulties in managing time for virtual teams - Organizations come across one of the biggest challenges of attendance in case of a virtual team. The virtual teams have the sole purpose of high-octane collaboration. Sadly, most of the time organizations are not able to achieve this level of collaboration. Although there are various reasons behind this problem yet attendance problems is the chief one among them.

Soaring numbers of absenteeism - Being absent is the most concerned area for the HR department in every organization. Increasing numbers of poor employee attendance can cause several negative outcomes such as deteriorating work quality, ineffective teamwork, low morale, conflicts between team members, and decreasing productivity. These problems make the absenteeism even more complex and tangled.

Benefits of Attendance and Leave Management System

After employing this management, the organization can efficiently track employees' working hours and leave details. Using spreadsheets, recording employees' working hours and punching time cards are the most basic techniques for managing leaves and attendance of the employees. Nonetheless, enhancement in technology has brought the drastic transformation in this management also, apart from other domains. Using employee time tracking software is the most prevalent method in recent years as it is the most viable technique to solve all leave and attendance related queries in the shortest span of time. And, TrackOlap is the most feasible app that works on this software efficiently.

The organization hires the employees on different basis such as 'Hours employees, Salaried employees, and many more. This management system lets the employers compute the working hours of their employees who work on the hour's basis, validly. In such scenario where an organization has hourly employees, this platform lends a helping hand in calculating the correct wages that one organization owes employees. In addition to the wages, the organization gets to know about the overtime wages that must be granted to the employees. On the other hand, if any organization has salaried employees, this platform gives access to employees to document their time in both cases of 'at or away from the organization'.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there can be so many other benefits, mentioned-below can be enjoyed by various organizations after bringing attendance and leave management into action:

Real-time attendance recording - Through free of the cost management system, management can get the real-time recording of attendance. This system records all types of data related to attendance from all authentic sources. Organizations can skip the manual checking of attendance of every employee as this system is internally combined with a payroll processing system.

Anywhere anytime attendance - Various mobile apps, used in organizations, are based on this management system because this system is very much compatible with all types of digital devices. Now employees can fill their essentials to mark their attendance from anywhere anytime.

Attendance through Selfie - Selfie is the most feasible mode which validates the identity of a person. In some other scenario, while marking the attendance, if mobile is not able to get the location then attendance and leave management app asks the employees to take selfie automatically. Selfie mode is the most pocket-friendly method that makes the attendance system very swift.

Apply for leave promptly – With leave management portal employees can apply for leaves according to company policy from anywhere without wasting a single minute. Besides that, they can dig out the precious information about their leave balance.

Best usage of fingerprint and IMEI lock -Management can trace employees' unique fingerprints and it eliminates time theft. Unique fingerprints are very beneficial in tracking and monitoring remote workers. Moreover, HR collects employees' device IMEI number to track their position.

Data capturing through GPS -There are so many employees who work from home, so with the help of GPS feature, employees' check-ins can be captured by the GPS feature. This feature can track down employees' pre-defined and real-time location.

Hassle-free shift management - Every organization has the facility of shift management; however, it is quite stressful to manage such shifts. But the attendance management system creates and assigns the varying shifts to their employees very easily.

Cloud-based attendance tracking system - If one organization is interested in doing away with physical attendance devices so this HR management system is the best option for that, as it is cloud-based and an inbuilt provision for mobile-based and web-based check-in. Although there are several apps that can give you numerous benefits, TrackOlap is the best service provider amongst them.
Construct personalized attendance rules - This management system is very much efficient to configure individual attendance rules with the help of shift management. This system provides a platform to do mark-in and mark-out times, as well as weekly, offs and paid leaves.

Build policies & reports of attendance - Now it is very feasible to create customized policies regarding attendance and these policies emerge as most helpful for every organization. The organization can create an attendance scheme while installing the software and organization is sorted as the further process is automatic.

Calculating the overtime is the most complicated process; moreover, there are several tasks that need to be done in the most feasible manner. Computation of employees' working hours, compensation for working hours and many more are done automatically with this system. For that reason, management can use this attendance and leave management system to make such functions uncomplicated and swift.


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