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8 reasons why you need live field tracking software for your sales team

8 reasons why you need live field tracking software for your sales team

With the constantly changing requirements of the modern business world, many organizations have been adapting new techniques to increase their sales. However, as an employer if you are constantly worrying about where your sales employees are? How much time do they take per visit? How can I analyze the input of each employee? TrackOlap provides significant live field tracking software to simplify a manager's job to monitor different activities through a centralized platform. 

The bottom line of any business mainly relies on employee performance and dedication towards completing tasks on time. Hence, managers must regularly check whether the expected output is delivered by the team. Though, this may consume a lot of effort and time if practiced manually by taking consistent updates for employees. Instead, the sales employee tracking app notifies with instant updates, and it is easy to access on mobile phones as well. 

Additionally, field force automation software provides a range of perks to businesses like real-time employee location tracking, fostering transparency, employee accountability, customized reports, and more. In this blog, we will navigate you through 8 vital reasons why you need live field tracking software to optimize the performance of your sales employees and overall business operations.

Importance of Live Field Tracking Software

Businesses that rely on field employees or sales teams for a longer time need to adapt field tracking software for easy access. It is known for its essential features like real-time location tracking, which enables managers to monitor the activities of employees through Geofencing and accordingly make important data-driven decisions to improve work efficiency, and employee performance. By installing this software, irrespective of your business size you can optimize overall performance, and evaluate the output. 

Additionally, the field force automation software helps authority manage varied tasks, and attendance and make sure that the employees are accountable for their work. Through staff location tracking software, you can monitor the route employees take and protect your business from potential liabilities. Track whether employees are driving safely and if they are following company policies or guidelines. 

Additionally, real-time tracking can help you select the short and safe route for employees to ensure their safety and improve work efficiency. And it promotes improved communication and collaboration within the team. Through data-driven reports and monitoring employees' tasks, you can easily manage more work orders with a centralized system and achieve sales targets. 

8 reasons why your business needs Live Field Tracking Software

If your business includes field employees, monitoring their work, time taken for each visit and tracking every moment of your remote team might be your biggest challenge. However, the Sales employee tracking app of Tackolap will help you optimize your varied business operations with ease. We are listing below 8 significant reasons to install field force automation software for your better understanding.  

1. Live updates on Employee’s Location

Staff location tracking software can serve as the most important tool for your business as you can manage all your employees effectively by monitoring their live location . Whether you are in insurance, healthcare, IT, marketing or other industry, employers can improve work efficiency and bottom line by gaining insights into employee’s live location updates. 

  • Along with live location, through a digital map, employers can see 
  • Where are the employees?
  • How quickly or slowly are they moving?
  • The overall distance traveled
  • The number of breaks they take in between

And more

This gives an overview to employers of estimating the average cost required for travel reimbursement, aids in monitoring employees ability to complete targets on specific time.

In addition, with geofencing employers can set boundaries or recommend a safe and short route to ensure they are safe from sensitive areas or present driving equipment without authorization. This can help prevent injuries, accidents and aid businesses to avoid potential costly liability. The feature of staff location tracking software allows employers to sign in and out at designated areas on time without sacrificing time theft and fosters overall employee accountability. 

2. Maintain Transparency with your Employees

Field force automation software is ideal for both employers and employees of a business that requires their team to visit multiple locations to complete the task regularly. Through notifications of attendance, and live tracking, businesses can easily maintain transparency, and accountability in work as employees are more likely to concentrate on their work when they are monitored for the betterment of their performance. 

In addition, this software enables employers to monitor the working hours of their employees and overall activities, and eliminates the process of manually taking updates or maintaining reports for the task completed by each employee. 

3. Implement data-driven decisions

  • Field sales tracker provides insightful reports and analytics for: 
  • Distance covered by employees
  • Overall performance
  • And more factors 

In addition, TrackOlap’s live tracking software for sales retains the data history for 3 months which allows employers to track the distance traveled by employees in past months, and check the gap between their work efficiency. These reports include data for stoppage details of employees for field work, speed violations, and more details. 

Lastly, based on the live tracking data, employers can create and download reports to make important decisions. These reports can be customized and shared, offer user-friendly templates and it is downloadable. 

4. Streamlined staff planning for sales team

Whether you are administering 10 or 80 employees, a field sales tracker helps organizations optimize their staff planning system. Employers can seamlessly manage a dedicated workforce to complete their daily targets. 

For instance, if you have an emergency, field tracking software can help you select the location closest to an employee for a swift response solution. Additionally, live tracking software simplifies the process of monitoring movement of employees, and makes required changes to achieve your sales goals. 

Whether you are managing a small team or a huge team, managing and monitoring employees 24/7 can help employers keep control of the gaps in incomplete tasks of employees, and understand the reason for the decline of the revenue. Furthermore, these features simplify project management, and time management to ensure the right deployment of their employees. 

5. Accurate record of Attendance

Maintaining a physical attendance record is quite challenging with the field employees. In such cases, employers may find inaccuracies in the record of log-in/log-outs in attendance registers. 

To solve this issue, TrackOlap offers a streamlined solution with live tracking software. Employees can punch in or punch out even with their mobile phones to mark their attendance any time of the day for simple record maintenance. This feature is beneficial for employees and managers, for employees you can say no to extra work, and settle any queries with the record. 

Managers can set up the schedule for employees in advance to avoid late arrivals, and easily access locations, and comments to oversee employees' activities. This feature includes Geotagged Attendance catered for sales team, a standard attendance policy that helps to evaluate working hours, average time spent to achieving target, and more. In short, it simplifies the management process for employers by eliminating consistent follow-ups. 

6. Improvement in work efficiency

Live tracking software plays a big role in improving work efficiency of your team. Through access to live locations, employers can evaluate varied patterns of their sales teams and accordingly allocate relevant resources and solutions. 

This software can help in reducing employers' stress, as through a centralized platform you get access to varied data, reduces downtime in completing the average task and fosters increased output of the organization. 

In short, live tracking software helps managers understand how their employees utilize their time regularly. 

7. Employee performance Analysis

Imagine 2 scenarios - One, you don't have any location tracking software installed and you need to constantly take follow-ups from your employees and evaluate their performances based on the statements and inconsistent records they provide. In this situation, you lack the method to determine the work hours, total break time, route they used, punch in and out times. 

Whereas, in the second scenario if you have installed live location tracking software, it will provide you a record of your employee's attendance record, through GPS you have access to the route they op for, break times, and time taken per visit and you don't need to rely on your employees to access accurate data as the software offers detailed report for these activities anytime you want. 

Based on the data-driven reports, you can analyze the performance of each employee in the past few months, figure out the gaps, and encourage your team to improve and promote the deserving employees based on their performance seamlessly. 

8. Maximize Business bottom line

Irrespective of your business size, every organization's ROI depends on the input of each employee. If your team is more dedicated to performing well and completing daily tasks attentively, then your business is more likely to improve the overall bottom line. As per research, the improved performance of your employees leads to inviting more happy customers and retaining old customers too. 

To protect your organization from losing important projects and quality leads, install live tracking software , and monitor the performance of your employees regularly. With the features of this software, managers can keep an eye on the engagement of their field employees, maintain the communication flow, and ensure they are investing in the right and dedicated employees for their organization’s growth. 

Concluding Words

Field tracking software allows businesses to monitor the performance of employees and gives insights to managers to eliminate guessworks and monitor the movement and complete tasks of your sales team. If you want to monitor the activities in each department of your organization, live tracking software is your superhero to gain maximum ROI and to build a trustworthy environment for your on- field employees. 

If you want to know more about TrackOlap's Live Tracking Software , get in touch with us or ask for a demo now!


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