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Work From Home Tracking Software to Increase Productivity

Work From Home Tracking Software to Increase Productivity

Yes, technology is the best way to implement the work from home setup. You can effectively manage your remote team, control daily operations, improve your remote employees' efficiency, and do so much more with the best work from home technologies. With the right technologies and tools, you can implement remote operations smoothly without any hassle.

Work From Home Tracking Software

Idyllic Work From Home Technologies

If you are looking for the best Platform for Employee Monitoring System , you can’t make remote working successfully with one or two popular technologies. No, you require a well structured and flexible tech stack to empower your remote workforce. At TrackOlap, we have decoded the secret recipe of the best work from home technology solutions way too early. Thus, work from home tools developed by our team contains the perfect WFH solutions.

Do you want to improve your remote working capabilities? Yes, you have to tie the knot with the following dynamic technologies -

Collaborative Technologies

Remote work organizations can’t survive a day without the support of collaborative work technologies. These technologies help in establishing control and regulating the workflow. When employees and employers are working from two different geographical locations, it becomes very hard to monitor employees' activities or make collaborative work decisions.

Imagine, you have to prepare a sales pitch for your potential client, and you have to clear some facts with your senior sales manager, but how will you do that remotely.

Simply, you have to use collaborative technologies such as screenshot sharing where you and your employees can share screenshots with one another and improve the efficiency of your work. On the top, automated work from home systems takes screenshots on regular intervals so that you can ensure that you and your entire team stays on the same page. Collaborative technologies vanish the physical boundaries between your remote team.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud optimization is growing more and more critical to today’s businesses. Many companies are transitioning to the cloud for easy access outside the office. Cloud technology is one of the vital work from home technology that can make the data storing and sharing process super easy.

When your team is working in your office, they can easily access all the confidential business files and clients' data. In a remote setup, your employees can’t easily access the files, which can delay the workflow and even cause a loss. Thus, you need work from home tools that are backed up on the cloud storage so that you can easily share files and information with your team.

On the top, you can access the information to the trusted employees only because you can’t share confidential information with everyone. Additionally, Employee Time Tracking System helps analyze the activities and communication flow between your team so that you can easily address the prevailing work conflicts. The cloud makes the remote working way smoother than you can ever imagine.

Time Tracking Technologies

The low productivity of remote employees has been disturbing employers lately a lot. They are seeing a significant fall in the productivity of the employees since they have started working remotely. The main reason behind the reduced productivity is the inability of employees to manage their schedule.

In the office, managers design the work schedule of employees, and they just have to follow it, but this sudden change in the work environment has overwhelmed employees as they aren’t trained to manage their schedule.

Thus, the time tracking technologies assist managers in tracking employees' activities so that they can prepare schedules for them. Moreover, managers can send reminders to employees who are running behind schedule. Time tracking can help remote working organizations in increasing their performance.

With the automated attendance features, managers can know when employees started work and when they have taken a break. This way, time tracking keeps your employees on track. 

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Management Technologies

One of the biggest hurdles ahead of remote ta sk forces is to allocate work to the remote employees and following up on the work status. In the organization, where thousands of employees are working under one department, it is very difficult to ensure that each employee is working properly.

The problem of work management has given birth to the latency and incompetency in numerous business organizations. If you have the right work from home tools, the problem of work management can be addressed easily. Tools are embedded with numerous management features that can swiftly smoothen up the process such as -

* From the one dashboard, the manager can send work to the employees and check the status of previously allocated work.
* If an employee is running behind schedule, manager can send reminders or can even personally message the person to demand the reason.
* When an employee isn’t able to finish his work on time, you can see the employees' work allocation status and find the employee is available to complete the work on time.
* Each employee possesses some special skills like someone is good at talking to clients, and someone is better at preparing the analytical reports. When you have skill sets of your team present on the screen, you can easily allot work according to the skills of employees for the effectiveness.

Data Recovery Technologies

Data is an integrated part of business organizations nowadays. Without adequate data, making informed business decisions isn’t possible. From making sales strategies to preparing the marketing plan, data is required everywhere. Imagine what if you lose your company’s data due to malware or hacking incident, how will you get back your valuable data?

Data recovery technology is essential for both the remote and physical style of workflows. For remote organizations, it is vital because the entire data is recorded in the soft copy form. Thus, once the data is lost or tampered, you can’t expect your remote organization to survive a day. Today, if you merely lost your employee's contact details, you will feel invalid, and losing the entire company’s data will surely impact your workflow.

Thus, when you use the remote working tool integrated with data recovery and backup like features, you can easily retrieve back your data. This way, you don’t have to ever lose your clients or productivity due to loss of data.

Network Security Technologies

When your team interacts, works, and shares confidential files and information online, you can’t compromise with your team's network security. To securely implement remote control, you have to develop security protocols in your organization because one loses security end means open invitation to hackers and malware. If you check the statistics on how many companies have lost their business due to security attacks in the last few years, you will be amazed.

Now, you have so many different options to strengthen your company’s network security. But, using an additional security system can increase the operational costing of your business. Thus, you need to use the trusted remote monitoring Software that runs on your server, which means all the information passing through it is highly secured. With the secured network system, you can easily enhance your remote team's productivity and operational area.

Communication Technologies

We have saved the most important work from home technology solutions for the last. Communication is the key to remote working. Without swift and secure communication technology, you can’t easily reach your employees or vice versa. Moreover, you can’t rely on third-party communication tools for timely and effective communication.

Once again, dedicated monitoring software can be a blessing for working from home companies. Whether the employer wants to broadcast a message to the entire team or employees wants to contact their seniors, just one click and a safe communication will begin. Additionally, the employer can regulate and record the oral and verbal communication flowing between the various teammates to solve any kind of future conflicts.

Comprehensive Technology

To work from home, you need a comprehensive technological solution that can facilitate your remote operations. From tracking to communication technologies, you need a complete tech stack to smoothly run your remote business operations. But, there’s no smartness in finding the different technology tools to setup remote work operations.

TrackOlap has compiled a complete work from home technologies combo. You just need to contact us and prepare your team to work remotely within seconds.


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