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What is a Field Force Tracking? – With All WH Questions

What is a Field Force Tracking? – With All WH Questions

Have you ever thought while managing your field team - what if you have the world’s biggest binocular to keep an eye on your team? If you have such thoughts, then there’s a way to set up a surveillance on your field agents.

Now, we aren’t referring to the giant binocular, but we are talking about high tech field executive tracking tools. The tools that can provide you clear visibility from the distance without physical presence are the ideal field tracking software. The field tracking app is a systematically designed software to track the activities and performance of your field force. Now, you must be excited about the field force tracking system so let’s understand the term better.

What is Field Force Tracking?

A field force tracking is a system that tracks down all your workforce activities automatically that are registered with web or mobile-based software. Precisely, to stay in touch with field forces and know their exact location on the map in real-time, the field sales tracking app is very useful. The accurate reports generated based on real-time location data can increase the productivity and efficiency of the workplace multiple notches up.

In the busy organization setup, where managers don’t have time to call each salesperson individually to inquire about their meeting status, the tracking system comes as a boon. Managers just have to tap on the app and all the information related to field sales employees along with the meeting status will appear on their screen. On the top, all meeting notes uploaded by the field sales executives will be there so managers don’t have to actually do anything after getting the app. Thus, at TrackOlap , we called the field executive tracking app - a third eye of the managers.

Where to Use Field Force Tracking?

It is one of the most crucial jobs of field force managers to track salespersons in real-time and always know where they are? The managers are always worried that whether field sales reps attend meetings on time or not. So, the perfect solution here is to monitor the sales force in real-time using the navigation technology from the sideline.

With the field force tracking system, you can make sure that your field executive attends the big meetings on time and if they are late or missed meeting, then you will be automatically alerted immediately. That not it, if you are using the modern tech-powered tracking app, then you can notify your field sales workers about the nearby prospect leads. It is a highly useful feature to increase the sales team efficiency by striking the warm leads swiftly. Apart from this, a meeting got canceled last minute, then you can easily notify the team so their time won’t waste.

Why Do You Need Field Tracking App?

Well, if you are thinking that the traditional CRM system is just fine for you and no need to invest in the field tracking software . Then, look at the situation this way – the sales tracker tool doesn’t just offer the data on the real-time location of the field executives, no it provides authentic data on numerous topics to find strengths and weaknesses of your team.

By tracking the momentum of your salespeople, you will get information about lead and client interactions in one place. This makes the process of analyzing and drawing conclusions easier. Additionally, it helps management in evaluating the performance of individual sales rep based on real-time data. With the automated performance reports, the time of managers can be saved and they can make decisions way quicker. It keeps the management fully informed about the competent and incompetent field executives so that they can weed out the weaklings.

What are the Features of Field Force Tracking?

Is field force tracking sufficient to manage my field team? Well, you must be thinking that whether this one solution will be sufficient to manage your sales team. So, the answer is yes, this field agent tracking system is the best solution as it got all the features that are essential to operate a field force. The features of field force tracking software that will run your field team smoothly are –

Work Management – When your employees are on the field, then you can deliver the order and services quickly if you are connected with them. Suppose, if a customer requested an urgent repair or demo, then you can easily track down the employee working near the location and check the availability status of the employee and book the appointment. This way you can manage the workflow of the employees remotely and ensure that they are sticking to the schedule.

Status Tracking – When you have appointed a sales executive to attend a very important meeting, then it always worry you what’s happening in the meeting. So, instead of greying your hairs in the worry, you can ask the sales rep to send you meeting notes. Sales reps can send you sales notes in real-time and you can revert them back with your own response as well. Moreover, once the meeting is over, then reps can update the status with geotagging, pictures or any other vital documents. Thus, you might not be physically present with the sales reps, but you are still with them throughout the meetings.

Fuel Management– This is yet another worry of field force managers to manage fuel utilization. For field forces, all the expenses which are incurred during the sales trips are reimbursed and fuel is one of the vital expenses. With the tracking tool, managers can make sure that employees aren’t unnecessarily wasting fuel by taking long routes or leisure around to waste fuel. Thus, they can mark the route on the map for the sales reps and if they go out of the marked zone, then they will be automatically alerted and warned to get back on track.

Meeting Schedules– It is highly inconvenient for managers to call sales reps one by one and check their schedules and make sure that they aren’t behind their schedules. Thus, thanks to field force tracking software, now management will check the schedule of their entire team with one click and send reminders to the employees who are running behind the schedule. Moreover, the schedule data comes in real-time with geotagging so there no chance that sales reps can lie about their schedule.

Route Assistance - For the ease of the employees, a route can be marked for them on the map so they just have to follow the route and complete their field tasks. Sales reps don’t need to phone the back office to get directions of meeting points as all the directions are already mapped on the software. So, they just have to follow the route and complete their job.

Mark Attendance– For a field employee, it is a very tedious task to mark his attendance in the office at the beginning and end of the day. It is just a mere waste of time to visit the office to mark the attendance. When employees can record their attendance using the tracking app easily. Employees can record them in time or out time from anywhere with the help of an app and managers will get attendance reports at the office in real-time.

Performance Evaluation– The tracking tool keeps a record of different types of data that helps management in evaluating the performance of employees through multiple auto-generated apps. The Excel format copy of the individual sales reps is automatically produced by the software that helps in drawing conclusive analysis. Automate reports reduce the workload of field force managers and enhance efficiency.

Why Force Field Software is Important?

The last WH question that we are going to address is why field force tracking is important. Well, you can drive numerous benefits from the software such as –

* You will gain the ability to track down the location of your field executives in any geographical location.

* All the meetings and client interaction data can be recorded on one plat for future reference.

* The ability to manually punch in and punch out of an application in order to record attendance.

* All the client's and employee's information can be stored through text recognition.

* The tasks can be scheduled based on the priority and reminders can be sent, in case of latency or incompletion of the work.

* All the expenses that are incurred on the field such as transportation, hospitality, and others can be recorded and claimed.

* Easily communicate with the seniors and get their assistance on time.

* The task status can be swiftly updated with the geotagging or other supporting media files.

* Field workers can automatically request for leaves, manage paid leaves and half days or full working days.

* The important data can be presented in the graphical form.

Easy Tracking

The tracking of your field worriers have been never easier, but the technology has somehow made it possible. So, the process of managing and monitoring your field executives isn’t that difficult anymore. If you have the support of the right technology and tools, then you can keep an eye on your field sales reps always. Field force tracking is something that every sales based company should use to grow its competency.

If you want to develop a field force tracking software for your firms with the potent ial to improve your sales figures, then you can contact TrackOlap. And, our team will immediately offer you a free demo to effectively manage your field workers.


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