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What are Various Types of Employee Monitoring Methods? Which One is Suitable for You?

What are Various Types of Employee Monitoring Methods? Which One is Suitable for You?

Monitoring employees in the workplace is one of the critical concerns of business organizations. Especially in large organizations with different departments. Eventually, without proper monitoring, employers can’t establish control of the human resources and align their manpower.

Why You Need for Monitoring Employees

1. Companies monitoring employees due to numerous reasons besides the control including –

2. Ensuring adherence to the vital company policies such as work hours schedule, application usage, etc.

3. Creating a safe work environment for employees makes sure that no abuse or discrimination is conducted through electronic communication mediums.

4. Analysing the company's performance and productivity by checking emails, phone calls, and other activities of the employees.

5. Establishing a high level of customer support service system by keeping an eye on the employee and customer interactions.

6. Measuring quality standards of work completed by remotely working employees.

7. Enhancing the productivity of employees by aligning the working hours, leisure hours, and other real-time data.

8. Resolving work conflicts with a proper evidence.

9. Protecting your business assets and infrastructure.

10. Staying connected with the field employees so that their performance can be accelerated and regulated.

There are an array of reasons for establishing a proper system for monitoring employees in the workplace. Thus, it is essential for business organizations to find employee monitoring software or methods to align their employees.
Crucial Types of Employee Tracking System

The nature and style of business operations conducted by all organizations are different such as some provide on-site services, some offer specific products, and so no. With the change in business operations, organizations' work culture and employment system are also different. That means one business organization has field employees, and others might have in house employees only. Therefore, the variation in the work culture raises the need for different employee monitoring methods.

Every business organization needs to find the best employee monitoring solution to smoothly run the operations. TrackOlap has been working in the employee monitoring software industry for ages now. Thus, we have a keen grasp of the prominent styles of employee tracking methods. Such as –

Direct Monitoring

Direct or physical monitoring is the traditional style of monitoring, where managers periodically visit the desk of employees and check their work progress. This method has been practiced for ages, but now, it isn’t that viable solution. Direct monitoring is only possible when employees and managers work under the same roof; even then, numerous aspects of modern business work setup can’t be monitored like application usage.

Thus, a direct monitoring system isn’t a feasible solution to track remote or field workers. This system comes with numerous limitations; that’s why progressive companies are looking for a complete monitoring solution.

Software Monitoring

To overcome the shortcomings of the direct monitoring method, the employee monitoring software is introduced. The software helps to get the details of history, file change, website logs. One of the prominent advantages of software monitoring is that it is a flexible solution that can be easily integrated into any business culture.

Whether you want to monitor your work from home team or field staff, you can easily adjust the settings of the employee monitoring software as per your needs. Moreover, this monitoring method helps in monitoring different aspects of the business, like when the employee took a break, which application he or she used the most, level of performance, and so on. The monitoring software method can be further divided into parts –

Desktop Monitoring Software – Desktop monitoring software is installed in the computer of employees and employers both. From the desktop dashboard, an employer can monitor employees' activities and ensure that their productivity always remains high. Similarly, employees can receive work, feedback, and performance report on his or her dashboard. For remotely working teams, desktop monitoring software is ideal as it can help in staying connected all the time.

Application Monitoring Software – Nowadays, all employees aren’t working in front of their computer screen. Some employees are working on the field, and to monitor them, the application monitoring software system is perfect. Employees can download the monitoring app on their smartphones, and employers can track or monitor the employees' field activities through the desktop screen.

They can track real-time location, work completion status, routing, fuel usage, and multiple other aspects of the location with the one app. Using field employee tracking software is a very intrusive solution to get all the field-related business activities.

Call Monitoring

In due course of business, employees have to make multiple calls to their customers, colleagues, and numerous other business associates. When employees are communicating with the external forces, they are calling from the behavior of a company. Thus, if employees don’t communicate properly or misbehave on call, it will impact the company's reputation. Moreover, when employees use their working hours to make personal calls, it will lower down their productivity.

With the help of call monitoring software, an employer can maintain a log of all the employees' calls. This way, they can ensure that whether the calls are business-related or not. Plus, recorded calls assist management in analyzing employees' communication skills and understanding the needs of customers. Call monitoring can help in improving the productivity of employees as well as developing customer-centric policies.

Performance Monitoring

One of the vital reasons for employee monitoring is to enhance the performance of employees. Employee Time tracking software provides multiple dimensions to analyze employees' performance and provide a roadmap to increase their efficiency. Automated performance reports are generated by the monitoring software based on the working hours, idle hours, attendance data, and other relevant employee data. The report can be formatted in PDF or Excel format to make data-driven decisions.

Suppose, if you have a performance report of your employees before the COVID-19 crisis, then you can draw a performance comparison by matching post-COVID-19 data. This comparison will show management whether their employees are coping up with the changing work dynamics or not. Further, management can help employees who are struggling to work in the new work from home system. With adequate performance monitoring, management can take crucial decisions of promoting or firing employees also.
Communication Monitoring

In the remote work setup, establishing a proper communication channel is highly important for effective working. But, when employees are communicating through various mediums of communication, including telecom, digital, and others, it is hard to monitor a flow of communication.

Thus, to make a proper communication flow and avoid hindrance of grapevine, a dedicated communication monitoring tool will be helpful. The tool will access to all communications sent via the company-provided phone, including text messages and communications through third-party apps.

Which Employee Monitoring Method Suits Your Organisation?

All the monitoring methods are highly functional and helpful in managing your employees. But, if you can’t decide which Employee monitoring tool to pick for your organi zation, you have to decide on the following factors –
Business Operations – What type of business operations are you handling? Whether you are providing on-site services to your clients or telephonic services. Your business operations will define the nature of your employee's work, and based on your operations; you can pick the suitable monitoring tool.

Monitoring Policies– Your monitoring policy plays a very vital role in the selection of the app. If you have a monitoring policy to micromanage operations, you will be required a different style of tool. When you want to create a transparent monitoring environment where employees are allowed to learn from their performance data, you have to install a fully integrated monitoring software.

Number of Employees– How many people are working under you also determine the type of monitoring app. When you have a small team working locally, you can select a simple monitoring tool. When you have a large team working remotely or on the field, you need a complete desktop and app monitoring system to manage your diversified team.

Business Scaling – Many businesses want to expand their operational area after some time. So, if you have an idea to expand your business have some time, you need to find the employee monitoring system that can grow with the scale of your business easily.
A Perfect Employee Monitoring Solution

When you are looking for the employee monitoring system that can expand with your operations, adjust according to your employees, and modify as per your monitoring policies, you just have to pick the TrackOlap solution. From a large scale business to the small scale organization, everyone can monitor the performance, productivity, and efficiency of their employees with this monitoring solution. To get the demo, immediately contact the team and get a customized monitoring system today!


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