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What are the Areas Where to Automate your Business?

What are the Areas Where to Automate your Business?

There are several areas where technology has now surpassed what a human being can do. In simple terms, this is known as process automation. Business Automation software aids in the management and care of jobs that are likely repetitive and time-consuming.

The mantra of many corporate strategies for 2022 is "work smart, not hard." Today's business responsibilities and processes require a quicker approach without compromising work performance. Although Automation differs by the type of work and processes vary, businesses might still consider investing in business automation software to keep track of crucial operations.

What is Business Automation, and Why is it required?

Today's business leaders are constantly seeking ways to increase their bottom line. The various ways involve either selling more goods and services or increasing revenue. 

Business automation is one of the most incredible ways to approach the latter. It executes manual procedures or tasks based on a predefined set of rules or criteria. You can automate the process to reduce the manual intervention required to complete the repetitive operations.

Automating duplicate activities such as emails, administrative tasks, leads, task management, employee productivity tracking Software , meeting, and so on can free up significant time in the office, allowing your people to focus on pressing issues and critical concerns of the organization. Fortunately, a wide choice of lead management tools can help you automate your organization's 70% of work and increase its production in leaps and bounds.

Business automation benefits larger firms and improves the proficiency of smaller organizations where one person is responsible for several duties. Such value-added work can give a small business a competitive advantage and be the difference between breaking even and profiting. 

According to a McKinsey study, 65% of smaller companies have seen tremendous success after implementing Automation, compared to 55% of large organizations. Numerous best lead management software options on the market can be helpful for a small business in particular.


What are the Areas You Must Consider Automation?

Administrative Process

Most administrative processes in any firm are repetitive, such as handling paperwork and managing day-to-day operations. Companies that require assistants to schedule back and forth by phone or email can use CRM lead management to help automate t he scheduling process and save employees' time. 

Companies can also use automated software to send reminders for meetings and important events. In this regard, Trackolap's Lead Automation Software, one of the top-rated apps, exhibits the source of leads, monitors their position in the sales and marketing funnel, and assigns practical actions to move leads closer to sales. In this process, you can document and categorize everything under prospective heads so sales teams can quickly locate a lead's position in the sales pipeline.

Social Media Management

Keeping the business active on social media is critical these days, and it is a full-time job that necessitates regular posts and updates. Numerous programs on the market can assist in scheduling and automating the company's social media posts ahead of time, decreasing the need to sit at a desk every time to post manually. 

Companies could also manage dozens of social media accounts in a single location, assign specific accounts to colleagues, and monitor their activities.

General Marketing

The marketing department is the best spot for small organizations to use Automation. A dedicated automation system would enable us to send emails and personalized ads. This Automation will ensure proper business advertising without spending a lot of money. 

Instead of sending promotional emails, your staff would be free to devote their time to more productive tasks. Email automation would help in writing, shipping, and tracking emails and following up on the leads. 


Small businesses frequently need to find a way to avoid having more leads than time. According to Marketing Sherpa, 73 percent of leads in a B2B context are still waiting to become potential clients. In these cases, the automation system will assist in sifting through these leads and focusing on those you can convert. 

For instance, Trackolap's Sales Automation App tracks field sales activities, such as interacting with clients, assigning tasks, making to-do lists, following up on leads, establishing job priorities, and sending reports and forms. It enables businesses to manage their fieldwork operations and enhance client satisfaction efficiently.

Lead and Contact Management

Small businesses can also invest in technologies to construct signup forms on their websites, which can gradually churn out more refined leads. People interested in the services can fill out the state, and those leads will be forwarded to the team to be followed up on and converted into potential clients. 

In this case, the faster the information speaks with the agent, the quicker the company earns money. As a result, automating the process will reduce the time spent on lead filtration and manually working on the process.

Event Management

Event management is another area where businesses can benefit from automation solutions. When companies want to market their latest products or services, they frequently hold events where consumers may participate and learn more about the product. Manually phoning everyone or sending out flyers would be expensive and time-consuming. An automated approach for sending mass emails with a registration link where people can fill out their information would be ideal. A thank-you note can be mailed later using an automation mechanism.

Post-event, tag each person as a conference or event contact in your CRM tool or lead tracking software by transferring their contact information from their business card. Then, whether you want to follow up immediately or the following day, schedule an email using automation software.

Content Creation

Although this is not fully automated, AI programs can handle some of it. People with a lot of consumer engagement through social media postings and blogs might benefit from AI-automated solutions that can help them create fascinating material without spending hours thinking about what to write.

Time Tracking

Creating monthly log books for employee entry and exit or keeping track of how many hours they spend on the property in a day can be a laborious, time-consuming, and ineffective chore. 

Free tracking software might help keep track of your employees' information such as productivity, leaves, location and assign tasks without the inconvenience of hiring someone to do it separately. Thankfully, TrackOlap lets you plan your team's schedule, manage projects, and decide how to spend your time more effectively.

Computer Back-ups

Most businesses lose data because they need to back it up on a regular and recurring basis. Many small companies may lack a well-established IT department that can take backups for the entire office; in such circumstances, automated programs can remind employees to take backups. Once the Automation is in place, there will be no need to remember the date and time for manual backups.

Generating Repeating Orders

Automating recurring orders is beneficial if you run a business where consumers can subscribe to a product or service every month. An automated tool can set up monthly reminders for you to send the order and for the client to receive it. 

This procedure would be beneficial for a start-up or small-scale business that is looking for new clients regularly. You would eventually have a long-term, happy, and content consumer.

Customer Support

Most firms nowadays require a strong customer service department to manage their day-to-day operations. In most circumstances, the customer does not need to speak with the person to resolve their issues. With pre-written phrases, automated chat can be handy for answering the most common client questions. 

Any corporate organization, regardless of industry—such as banking, real estate, insurance, agriculture, manufacturing, and others—can use TrackOlap’s revolutionary CRM lead management tool to follow up with customers, send quick emails and assign the hot leads to the respective sales or marketing guy. 

How TrackOlap Will Help You Cut Costs and Drive ROI?

We help businesses accurately predict consumer behaviour by using our business automation tools. Identifying potential products whose demand might increase is part of that. Businesses can then make sure they have enough inventory available to guarantee customers have the best possible experience with their business. Apart from these, we offer; 

● Tooling that requires little or no coding allows process professionals to create automation fast.

● Automated processes can be quickly improved for seamless customer interactions that maximize client retention, engagement, and happiness.

● Customized dashboard and process insights from integrated AI and monitoring to make more informed choices and help the user in prioritizing tasks.

● Get rid of any hidden inefficiencies in corporate processes.

● Make decisions that are quicker, more consistent, and transparent. Automate tedious and repetitive processes.

● Keep your lead pipeline clear of clutter and conduct smooth follow-ups.

● Provide real-time alerts and eliminate any possibility of data leaking.

● Simplify and automate essential payroll processes, such as salaries, deductions, net pay, bonuses, and more.

Quick Wrap Up

To summarize, the objective of any company or startup should be to automate as many routine operations as possible to free up staff time for strategic endeavours. Automation does not imply laying off employees but rather freeing them to perform more critical and productive tasks. 

Today, it has become a necessity, and if businesses move quickly, they may retain clients and consumers without ever realizing it. The revolutionary technologies of TrackOlap , are accessible that can do wonders in business automation. You're investing in a way to make more money while simultaneously minimizing the burdensome workload. Schedule a call with us right away to find out more about our dynamic tools.


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