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Transform Your Sales Strategy with Powerful Employee Live Tracking Tools

Transform Your Sales Strategy with Powerful Employee Live Tracking Tools

The majority of new revenue generated by businesses is generated by modern field sales teams. Although sales strategies play a very important role in determining the success of a business, most salespeople are still performing below their potential due to manual processes, even though they have a very significant impact on the success of a business. Consequently, businesses have adopted strategies to help boost the productivity of their sales teams to help them become more efficient. The majority of businesses are aware that field staff tracking is important, however, they do not know which type of tool is appropriate for them or which is the most effective.

The value of sales and marketing automation has significantly increased for companies in all industries. According to surveys, more than half of all firms have embraced technology, and this percentage is considerably greater for B2B organizations. 

In the business world, there's no better encouragement than data. To gain a better understanding of your company's current performance as well as its future potential, monitoring your sales strategies and field employees is a crucial step. A good piece of software will simplify the entire process. With TrackOlap, you can make your sales funnel more effective, empower your team with powerful insights, keep up with the changing industry trends, and avoid any adverse economic conditions.

With the use of automation and other sales enablement tools, your sales team can get new business, communicate with prospects faster and smarter, and increase their conversion rates through the entire sales process. 

How do Employee Tracking Tools Enhance your Sales Process?

Saving time

There is no doubt that data entry is one of the most time-consuming tasks for those in the sales field. By automating this process, you can eliminate this huge roadblock to productivity because it is no longer necessary.

With the assistance of Field Sales Automation Software, members of the sales team will be able to update the contact information of prospects in the software as they progress through the sales cycle. 

This software's real-time tracking and instant alerts can help you more effectively manage your employees' time and create a more effective daily routine that will increase their output right away. By designing a route map specifically for each member of your team, you can eliminate the time gaps and upload manual data between client meetings while also preventing your staff from having to deal with traffic. 

Additionally, you may help your staff take the quickest and safest route possible to reduce the amount of fuel they use and relieve your accounts department of the stress of paying for their travel.

Increasing sales and improving the sales process

The field sales management app can assist companies in streamlining their sales processes, enhancing lead conversion rates, and raising overall sales income by giving insightful information about the performance of their sales teams.

You can view your employees' locations in real-time using a digital map. If they move swiftly or stand still for an extended period, you will be able to tell. Additionally, you'll be able to observe how much space your employees regularly occupy and how this changes as they park and move around the office.

With this program, you can track back the trip information for your employees and create insightful reports because it can keep a history of up to three months. To ensure that every employee is properly taught and prepared to work when they come to your location, our staff may also create an employee training plan specifically for you.

Identify the Most profitable Leads for Your Sales Team

Your sales staff won't have enough resources to identify the best prospects because not all leads are profitable. Finding the leads that are most likely to make a purchase is a better technique to rank the leads. By keeping track of the following factors while the sales representative is visiting a prospect, a sales team tracker can assist you in finding those leads:

● The length of the trip.

● The frequency with which the consumer expresses their discomfort points

● The regularity with which the sales team discusses the advantages of the product.

● The frequency with which the client discusses a deadline for making decisions, etc.

You can sort the sales leads based on the data after you have the specifics of these factors. The best leads can then be easily assigned to your sales representatives. By doing this, you may assist your sales representatives to spend less time on unqualified leads and more time on the prospects that have the highest likelihood of converting. The time of your sales representatives will be freed up as a result, allowing them to close more deals and boost sales for your business.

Bring Your sales team together

With the outbreak of the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult to manage on-ground teams, because the workflow would be different than it would be for in-office teams. As a result, tracking your field force's attendance, salesperson location, distance traveled, and total productive hours has become a lot more important than ever before, so it becomes even more important. Even though your on-ground team is far away, you can throw your hands up and declare your remote team does not work.

You can either improve the way you lead in a more empathetic and impactful way through salesman tracking, as your salespeople serve as your eyes and ears. Even if you are hundreds of miles away, they help make sure your projects are successful even when you may be hundreds of miles away.

There is no doubt that managing boots on the ground is a complex process, but with free sales tracking software like TrackOlap, you can always count on apt distance calculation with no difficulty.

After all, how long will you have to wait for your sales representatives to respond to your texts and emails? When you're eager to hear back, it is even more likely that someone else is waiting for your instructions following the response of your on-ground team members. This leads to a waiting game that costs you money. This is why all of these tracking applications have been developed.

It is essential to know where and when your field sales staff are traveling, and for what purpose. For now, imagine it's like you're sitting in your cabin, watching the field sales team from the comfort of your cabin, and these tools can tell you where they are going and why they are going.

Unorganized data is useless

This means that even though it is your deal, your money, and you have the right to veto every single thing, you shouldn't lead like a dictator. You should be open-minded and let there be a flow of ideas - one way and the other. 

If they have genuine difficulties on the job, your colleagues should also feel free to talk with you. To help you view the larger picture quickly, technologies like TrackOlap offer you functionality. You can then determine what is effective and what is not. Through charts and dashboards including all the necessary data, your field employee can communicate with you. You can also view it how you want by using effective grouping and filtering. That you can fully understand the situation from all angles is by far its greatest benefit.

Final Words

The above-discussed field staff management app is only one of the ways you can simplify your sales operations and track sales strategies. Sales teams can concentrate on their sales process and close more deals by automating mundane tasks. Field sales tracking software streamlines time-consuming order processing, delivery, and client management procedures as well as repeated sales operations. It makes it simpler for the sales team to handle customers, get data, and complete duties.

It's crucial to keep your sales team's demands in mind while choosing the best sales automation plan for your company. Since every sales team is unique, what functions well for one team might not function well for another. 

Finding the ideal sales strategy for your company requires understanding your sales funnel and customer journey. To learn more about how you can benefit from sales automation , visit TrackOlap services and book a free demo today. 


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