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Smart Ways to track the Performance of Field Executives in Real-Time

Smart Ways to track the Performance of Field Executives in Real-Time

In today's competitive environment, every business organization is trying to adopt different methods to increase their profit margin rates. Companies are using different direct and indirect sales and marketing strategies to take their business on the road of success. Out of all the different strategies, appointing field managers to take their business objectives to the end-user is something which has gained popularity in the past few years.

The field services are very beneficial as in 2016 the size of this market was around $1.78 billion globally. Moreover, it is expected that field services will grow at a 16.5% compound growth rate annually which is expected to grow up to $4.45 billion by 2022. This industry might be expanding at the speed of lighting, but it doesn't mean that field services are void from any problem.

Number One Challenge Faced By Field Forces

Real-time task tracking, this is a number one challenge that managers today have to face when they send their employees on the field. When an employee is working in front of the manager, then it can be easily evaluated how much time an employee has spent on working and how much time an employee stays unproductive. But, when employee and manager both are on two different geographical locations, then it becomes highly difficult to track the performance of an employee in real-time.

Well, now there's no problem in the world that can't be solved with the little touch of technology.There are multiple technology-based tools available in the market to completely solve the employees' efficiency problem for field services. The field force tracking tools can effectively help managers to track every activity of their employees in real-time. If you aren't convinced yet, then you can understand the power of technology by checking out TrackOlap advantages in the sector real-time task tracking.

Employee Tracking App - With the help of employee tracking app ,managers can easily track the geographical location of their employees working on the field. Employees just have to download a tracking app on their smartphones and login to it. And, immediately their real-time location feed will be transferred to the manager's phone who is seating at the office. This way managers can always stay updated about their employee's activities.

Other Challenges Faced by Field Executives

Apart from the real-time task tracking, field officers have to face numerous challenges on a daily basis to run their operations smoothly. But, it doesn't matter what is the nature of field executives problem, every problem has just one solution – Technology. With the adequate technology-based tools, any kind of employees efficiency problem can be handled such as –

Problem of Recording Employees Attendance

Managers always complain that they can't record the attendance schedule of their employees working on the field as conveniently as they can of the employees working in an office. But, if managers adopt the field force tracking apps, then they can record employees - in time, out time and a total number of hours they worked in real-time. Mobile employees tracking apps can provide the late coming employee's record with the help of geographical tags and update managers about the where abouts of their employees.

Problem of Performance Evaluation

Every company requires clear data and facts to evaluate the performance of their employees against goals given to them. This practice helps businesses in making the right decisions that will improve the performance of a business. If you follow the traditional manual methods to track the performance of your field employees like spreadsheets, paper documents, etc., Then, you will be never able to retrieve the accurate information.

Here, by using the dashboard reporting software the performance of employees can be easily calculated without putting extra hours of manual labor. These automatically generated reports also help you in analyzing the product demand and monitor the growth of your customer base. According to Aberdeen, leading companies that implement field service analytics see an 18 percent increase in profits and a 44 percent increase in SLA compliance.

Problem of Establishing Two Way Communication

There's no doubt that the success of a business mostly depends upon the good flow of communication. If employees and management or employees with one another can't communicate freely, then this ship will sink pretty soon. To achieve the organizational goals and to follow the business strategies effectively, it's important that everyone involved should easily communicate with one another. Now, with the utilization of technology-based communication tools like - text messages, voice calling, video calling, etc. TrackOlap has become super convenient for employees to stay connected with everyone including managers.

Problem of Quick Allocation of Work

When there's an urgent task that manager wants to allocate to their field employees, then with the use of field force tracking system they can quickly locate their employee's location and allocate work to each of them in one go. By knowing the geographical location of employees, TrackOlap the manager can allocate them to work and improve the level of efficiency.

For example, these days food delivery services and cab services are using this approach where they keep the history of their different employees with them. And, whenever there's any pick-up or delivery has to made near their location, then they immediately inform employees using mobile apps.
Problem of Adhering Customers Needs

Customers always want you to deliver products and services on time which lies in the hands of employees - how they meet customers requirements. That's why it is very important for field employees to maintain their schedule. Thus, by using real-time task tracking apps, you can easily distribute work to your employees and monitor their task in real-time. The software keeps employees connected with the back office which makes the job of dispatching jobs, track hours and monitor incoming customer requests simple.

According to a research conducted in the context of field services management solution TrackOlap has showcased that field force can 47% increase in the rate of job completion every day and 77% reduction in overtime can be observed if proper management tools are used to satisfy the requirements of customers.

Problem of Safety and Security

Apart from improving the customer satisfaction rate and proper allocation of available resources, there's also a concern of employees safety and security when they are working on the field. Employees can meet with accidents during their fieldwork easily that's why safety is one of the important issues for organizations. The back office needs to constantly in touch with their field employees so that they can immediately reach them in case of emergency. It is very useful to use field force tracking tools when jobs involve some degree of risk.

If employees feel somehow unsafe, then they will immediately leave their jobs. This will further create the problem of hiring new employees and providing them adequate training. This problem won't arise if you use field staff management software that provides a check-in feature for an employee who is working alone. They can use this feature to notify dispatch of their arrival and if any mishaps occur, then dispatch can quickly see where that employee has last worked.

Real-time task tracking management tool's TrackOlap success depends upon your standard of service and ability to upload it. This isn't an easy job as numerous companies have altered their strategies in multiple ways to achieve perfection, but nothing has worked. The organizations have tried to increase their workforce, increasing their budget, opening branch offices and other multiple marketing strategies. On the other hand, all this hard work will go vain if a company doesn't have a proper system to retain its customers.

Companies can formulate any kind of strategies to make their field employees efficient, but nothing will work without the power of technology. Here, companies have to provide proper employees efficiency tools to their field executives and managers so that work can be monitored in real-time. To overcome the field executive challenges companies can use the TrackOlap advantages. We can offer the complete field management system to companies with which they can easily monitor the performance of their field employees in real-time.


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