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Let’s Go Paperless with Digital Technology - First Step Paperless Forms for Your Field Employees

Let’s Go Paperless with Digital Technology - First Step Paperless Forms for Your Field Employees

The best way to make your office paperless is by adopting the digital technology trends and turning out your field employees work paperless.

Preservation of the environment is very important if you want to share this beautiful earth with your children and their children. We all know this, but nobody does something to preserve Mother Nature. Most of the people give the excuse that they are so busy with their work and can’t take time out to preserve our dying earth.

To be honest, all these are excuses because if one person wants to protect nature, then that can be easily done by seating in your corporate office. It just required little will and determination. If you want a quick solution to participate in saving environment program while working in your office, then you can start this by making your office paperless.

Yes, by making your office paperless, you can save lots of trees from cutting down. This way you can make your small contribution towards the environment and your one small step can inspire so many other people and create a big impact. 

If Not Paper, Than What?

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Well, you must be thinking that if you stop using paper in your office, then how will you reco rd important information about your office and how will you give instructions to your field employees? Simple, you just have to adopt the technology by ditching the paper.

According to an article published in BusinessWeek, digital technology is the emergence of automation and paperless offices. In this article, it has been claimed that by 1990 most of the records will be handled electronically.

But, after the four decades of this statement, most of the workplaces are far away from paperless. However, digital technology has been rapidly seen in the office, but still, workplaces aren’t fully adopting the different tools offered by technology. Such as offices are using the computers to type letters or important forms, but they tarnish the paperless dream by taking a printout of those letters and forms. If you start going paperless today, then you can help your environment and yourself as –

* You can save up roughly $80 per year per employee by not using paper.
* The digital documents can be easily preserved, shared and they are a free error as compared to manual paper filing.
* It is very simple to locate digitally stored documents anytime and anywhere.
* You can easily send important files and forms to your employees in real-time.
* Employees can collaborate remotely with one another and work over the same document at the same time.
* Managers can quickly a few of the documents and provide insight to the staff.

All this and more benefits can be experienced by you and your employees if you take the path of going paperless. But, this is also true that you can’t go entirely paperless overnight, you have to start your journey of going paperless step by step. And, your first step should be making your field employees efficient by introducing a paperless system offered by TrackOlap .

Make Paperless Environment for Your Field Employees

Going paperless is today’s demand and necessity. By making your office paperless, you can enjoy tremendous advantages and can contribute your share toward saving the environment. To convert your entire office into a paperless module, you have to start from one department first and then can gradually move towards the other departments. In the beginning, the phase you should start making your field employees work paperless.

You must be wondering why we are emphasizing over making field employees work paperless that’s because in the normal course of business your remote employees Software have to maintain more paperwork, then employees working on the desk. Such as they have to maintain detailed dairy about their daily activities, they have to file different forms given their managers, they have to write important notes for managers and much more. And, all these activities require lots and lots of paper.

But, if in these companies introduce mobile applications to their field employees, then the entire paperwork can be digitalized instantly. The employee's efficiency can be improved drastically by providing them special mobile applications to track, monitor and share information by companies.

For example, managers generally assign forms to the field employees that they have to maintain regularly and share with the managers at the end of the day. Doing this manually requires lots of paper and printing. But, if managers issue digital forms to employees using mobile apps, then employees can directly file the forms from their phones and managers can check them in real-time. This practice will reduce the paper burden as well as makes the workflow fast.

This was just one example as by incorporating digital technology in your field employees work process, you can easily increase productivity Software, efficiency, and performance of your employees and their work. By making your field team paperless, you can observe the following benefits immediately –
Task Automation

When your employee is working on the field, then he may require some document on urgent basis. Now, if your system is traditional, then either your employee has to carry loads of documents with him all the time or he has to visit offline to get the required documents. Both these situations aren’t ideal in any way. But, when your employees have all the important documents saved in mobile apps, then they can access documents anytime and make the workflow fast. This can help another way around also as managers can send reminders to employees using mobile apps so that employees can send back documents once a task is complete.

Saves Employees Precious Time

If you want your field employees to at least meet with 10 new clients daily, then you can make it possible by assigning documents and information of those clients to your employees through mobile apps. You can even schedule the appointment of employees with clients using the app and can track whether the employee is present for the meeting or not. Managers even send instant reminders to the employees if any unexpected changes in the meeting schedule have occurred. Plus, the employee can share live feeds of the meeting with their managers and can take quick notes as well.

Amalgamation of Technologies

By going digital with your workflow, you can start emerging related technologies together to benefit your team. Such as by sharing forms digitally with your field team, you can integrate them with the geotag technology. You will be able to protect your documents better with geotag technology. Apart from this, you can connect tools like GIS or CRM to clear insight into the documents. The process of document management is highly important for a business organization as they can gain a more holistic view with it.

Employees Empowerment

The digital technology will give extra hand to your employees to make their workflow more effective. Suppose, if a field employee is making a site visit, then they can generate site reports instantly on their mobile devices and mail it the managers to receive their input. Moreover, with the cloud sync feature, the need to input and collect data can be avoided throughout. When your employees feel empowered, then this will automatically boost their confidence as well as their performance.

Helpful in Distressed Situation

If there’s any distressing situation occurs like flood or earthquake when your employee is working on the field, then your employees can easily access the digital information from anywhere. Plus, with the help of mobile apps, managers can easily communicate with their employees who are working on the field.

Empower Employees, Save Environment

By going paperless and adopting digital technology, you are empowering your employees and reducing your company’s carbon footprints altogether. You can easily create an effective and innovative work environment for your field employees by going paperless. But, before creating a paperless environment in your office, you have to get the hold of the effective digital technology to handle your documents and data as there is nothing important than data for business organizations.

To customize your paperless digital office for your field employees, you can contact TrackOlap . It is a place where you can learn the art of going paperless with the employees efficiency mobile apps and numerous other tools. Your small investment towards the digital office can make great significance in your future.


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