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How to Approach CRM Integration: Strategies and APIs

How to Approach CRM Integration: Strategies and APIs

We work closely with our CRM partners, utilizing a number of public and private APIs in order to offer you the best universal API. Trackolap handles the behind-the-scenes integration work for every supported connector, so that you can focus on building great experiences for your customers.

With Trackolap's powerful API, much of the dirty work is taken care of for you. As you sell, our documentation and support will help you along the way, ensuring no deal or point of contact slips through the cracks.

* Easily connects Trackolap to other software
* Lets you develop custom features
* Is a great resource for developers

Start with our Core API docs for an introduction to the Trackolap API and more information on connecting user accounts and performing API requests.Once an account is connected to your application, your application can perform API requests to the CRM API endpoints listed below.Here are the supported services, listed with service identifiers:

CRM Services

* Salesforce CRM: salesforce
* Microsoft Dynamics: dynamics.
* Oracle Sales Cloud: oracle
* Pipeliner CRM: pipeliner

What does the API do?

To illustrate-you can access the human interface of CRM by logging in with your username and password. The screens that are shown to you with all of the buttons and links make up the human interface. An API, on the other hand, is an interface for other computers. Computers don't need the fancy stuff that we humans do in the interface?it's all text.

What is the benefit of the API?

With an API, Trackolap's allows other computer systems to inform it and also ask it questions. This makes everyone's life easier, especially if it means you don't have to type the same data twice into two systems.

Here's an example. You have a website where people make sales inquiries and you capture that information as a sales lead. You might receive that information as an email. At that point you could just leave the data in your email and refer to it as needed (which many people still do) or you could enter it into a CRM tool like Trackolap so you can keep track of your leads.

You can take it one step further by using Trackolap's API. You can tell your website how to talk to Trackolap's API and now your website can send the leads directly. When you log in, the person who just made an inquiry on your website is now a lead in Trackolap.

Intergate to API's

When integrating your CRM-type system with Trackolap via our REST API, we recommend that you start by identifying the data you'd like to pass between the two systems. Typically we recommend that information for segmentation, personalisation or reporting purposes is synced to Trackolap. There are three object types of which data can be stored against within Trackolap.

Once data to be synchronized has been identified, you can then begin to map out the different object relationships between Trackolap and your system, and map the relevant data fields to be synchronized between the two systems. You'll need to create any custom properties on the three available objects above as needed, selecting the most appropriate data type from the list below.

The next step in the process is to plan out the development of your integration utilizing the information contained within this document, developing the required use cases, and then beginning implementation. We highly recommend the use of an agile or test driven development methodology such as Scrum.

Develop custom features for free

With our REST API, you can further customize your Trackolap experience. The opportunities are endless, and the API key is included free with every Trackolap subscription.

Customize everything

There's more than one road to close a sale-the ball is in your court. You decide what customizations should be tailored to fit your company's style, and make selling an even better experience for your whole team.

* Add custom fields and pipeline stages
* Switch off features you don't need
* Work with our open API

Add custom fields and pipeline stages

Sales cycles differ from company to company, so we made Trackolap easy and intuitive to customize. You can modify your sales pipeline stages and add as many custom fields as you'd like. Your business is unique, so the way you use Trackolap should reflect that.

Switch off features for efficiency

You can turn whole modules on and off with just one click. We take security seriouslyGet rock-solid hosting infrastructure with nightly backups in multiple locations, trusted by tens of thousands of customers around the world.

* Make sure your data is completely safe
* Make backups of backups of backups
* Ensure no data leakage or loss
* Make security fully upgradable

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