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How to Manage Multiple Projects With Employee Time Tracking Software?

How to Manage Multiple Projects With Employee Time Tracking Software?

Do you often find yourself anxious while juggling between varied projects regularly? When you have limited resources and deadlines keep popping up, it is okay to feel overwhelmed. But you can change this pattern, and manage multiple projects by streamlining workflow and managing varied other factors at your fingertips. How? By installing TrackOlap’s Employee time-tracking software.

Having access to employees' progress on priority tasks, efficiency, and performance-based reports via employee efficiency software can become handy for managers. With TrackOlap, you can seamlessly switch to different information whether it is allocating resources, attendance records, employee performance, or analyzing potential bottlenecks within the workflow of your remote team. 

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? In this blog, we will navigate you to utilize employee time tracking software to manage remote teams and multiple projects at once stress-free. 

Why do managers need to install employee idle time tracking software?

While there are many tools and software catered to manage multiple projects, however, employee idle time tracking software is designed to help managers allocate resources with accurate tasks on a priority basis, and track employees’ activities and project progress in real-time with insightful reports. You can achieve consistent outcomes with improved communication with your remote team followed by a few additional benefits like: 

  • Managers possess a positive thinking mindset
  • Seamlessly solve disputes within the team
  • Get access to detail-oriented analytics
  • Optimize resources smartly for projects
  • Streamline workflow by identifying issues
  • Multi-task & switch through the analytic dashboard
  • Align customer needs with the team’s task
  • Improve communication with a centralized platform

A good skilled project manager utilizes 90% of their time communicating with remote teams to ensure the team is aligned with the project goals and expectations. So make sure you utilize your time with the right software like remote workforce management software

Along with the right communication, focus on tracking the project’s progress and identifying potential issues and challenges regularly to avoid major downtimes and delayed deadlines. 

What are the challenges faced by managers while managing multiple projects?

Managing a single project involves many steps and phases, and the road can seem bumpy when you need to manage multiple projects simultaneously, especially with your remote team. It is important for managers to identify potential problems as soon as possible to avoid affecting brand identity with delayed submissions, and decreased quality work. 

How can one manage consistent results with quality work? And how can a manager optimize workflow with remote resources? Your key solution is installing employee time tracking software to get real-time data on the progress on activities of employees and to keep the project under your control. However, we are listing a few challenges that managers face while handling varied projects together. 

Overload work

When you allocate tasks to your team members, it is important to look after the workload on each team member. For instance, if you allocate workload to 5 employees which needs 10 employees to complete the task effectively, then it will create more stress and overload on those 5 employees. 

Overload results negatively in employees' performance and creates increased stress in your remote team. To avoid such circumstances, consider breaking down priority tasks and dedicate specific deadlines for these tasks. This approach won't create a burden on your employees and with smaller tasks, employees will find it easier to complete it on time and dedicate more energy and time to complete other work as well. 

To make your plan work, align your goals with employee efficiency software. It will help you track the progress of each task by switching the project data on an analytic dashboard, and by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each team member by their performance data you can strategize on allocating work smartly. 

Undefined priority work

As we mentioned above, when you juggle with different projects at once it is important to define priority tasks at first. As a manager you need to understand the importance of urgent projects and important projects, if you fail to keep a balance between these you may end up with poor outcomes. 

To begin with, prioritize important topics that promise to bring good outcomes and need urgent attention. Remember, your team relies on your decisions, so if you fail to prioritize important tasks, then your team won't be able to contribute to delivering a positive outcome. 

By utilizing an employee productivity tracker, make a plan on important tasks, evaluate the productivity of your team members, and accordingly consider allocating vital tasks beforehand. 

Effectively allocating resources

Whether you are handling 1 project or 10, resource allocation plays an important role in successful project management. 

Remember, resources should not be over or under-allocated, for instance, resource allocation is like a conference room which needs to be equally allocated, not unavailable in the morning or empty in the afternoon. 

Sounds confusing? As a manager you need to make sure all employees have equal tasks allocated based on their caliber, you must have circumstances like under-allocated employees which means these sets of employees do not have any scheduled tasks, and even over-allocated employees, which these sets of employees were allocated more work than their capacity to complete. 

To avoid employee stress or dissatisfaction, align project goals with the right allocation by implementing employee time tracking software in your procedure of project management . In any situation, you can seamlessly oversee the availability of your resources and match the data with strategizing your project endeavors, all thanks to TrackOlap’s effective employee time tracking software to manage every project at your fingertips. 

Top ways to manage multiple projects simultaneously with Employee Efficiency Software

1. Plan project management with a centralized platform

TrackOlap offers a centralized platform also termed as an employee productivity tracker to managers to analyze and store project-related data, and tasks, and track employees' time and activities with customized graphical insightful reports. 

This platform helps you gain oversight of ongoing projects, helping managers to easily track and review progress with project and employee efficiency to understand the average they take to complete a certain task. Additionally, employee time tracking software assists in identifying challenges, and bottlenecks amid the completion of projects and accordingly influences informed decisions with data-driven reports. 

Furthermore, centralized platformed aka remote workforce management software helps managers to ensure standardization and consistency in the workflow, With centralized communication features and real-time tracking managers make sure that every team member is aligned with the project goal to promote transparency and collaborative work pattern. 

2. Focus on allocating priority tasks

In a fast-paced world, and on going strict deadlines it is the job of managers to prioritize important tasks and projects and make sure to align remote team’s goals with projects to provide quality work at the right to the client. 

To begin with, as a manager, you must quickly look into critical tasks and to-do lists to make sure you invest your time and resources accurately. Based on the data through employee productivity tracker on time taken by employees and overall work efficiency. 

Additionally, while dealing with multiple projects, the tasks may overlap among the team members, or a few employees may end up in a dispute and end up failing to deliver work within the deadline. To avoid such conflicts, it is important for managers to prioritize critical tasks on time and set a system to store data to rely on amid the process of project management with employee efficiency software .

3. Plan for every minor task

A project without a plan can turn into chaos in your workforce. Instead, a good plan offers good structure and direction to your team to achieve personal and team goals in the right way possible. In short, employee idle time tracking software assists managers in staying organized and monitoring every activity occurring in the remote team to improve communication and optimize workflow to avoid chances of missed deadlines.

Additionally, ideal planning projects help in identifying potential bottlenecks that have chances to distract the workflow down the line. By having thought through the challenges and finding suitable solutions beforehand, you can mitigate risks and keep the project under your control. 

4. Monitor the project’s progress regularly

Tracking the progress of each activity is very important for managers to ensure the workflow is maintained and identify any distractions or challenges right away. You can begin tracking the activities of employees from the planning phase to the time the project is completed with an employee productivity tracker. Tracking progress involves a few perks like:

  • Allows tracking of project performance throughout every phase.
  • Analyzes aligning expected results with achieved outcomes.
  • Identifying challenges and potential issues.
  • Tracking employee’s activities to understand their challenges.
  • Enables taking actionable actions at the right time. 

Without tracking a project’s performance, there are high chances that you may fall apart and be stuck in the loop of repetitive work delays, cost overruns, and disrupting brand identity. 

Though managing varied tasks simultaneously can feel overwhelming, managers can keep track of each project and activity irrespective of its complexity, niche, or urgency. With the analytic board of employee efficiency software, you can easily switch through the real-time data of varied moving parts of your project. 

Final thoughts

Managing multiple projects at once can feel overwhelming for managers, but blend the tips discussed in the blog with the employee time-tracking software to ensure achieving expected outcomes with dedicated deadlines. 

However, remember to allocate resources with insightful data to avoid overload and stressful work patterns for employees. Stay organized and make a plan beforehand to seamlessly manage varied projects at once. 

If you want to learn more about how Live Tracking software works then get in touch with us, or ask for a demo right away !


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