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How to Maintain your Business’s Productivity While Social Distancing?

How to Maintain your Business’s Productivity While Social Distancing?

COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much affected the life of every human being today. From a housewife to an entrepreneur, everyone has been affected by the spreading threat of coronavirus.

The coronavirus vaccine is nowhere ready. However, clinical trials of numerous vaccines are under process, but no one actually knows when the vaccine of coronavirus will come. Thus, meantime, there’s only one solution to stop the chain of coronavirus - social distancing.

Two-meter distance is the only vaccine of coronavirus that we have today with us. That’s why all the governments are encouraging their citizens to practice social distancing effectively.

Social Distancing is the must but maintaining productivity while social distancing is becoming a significant challenge for business organizations. The businesses that usually run in an office space with employees and clients in a close environment. For them, work effectively during pandemic has been turning out to be a big problem.

Problems Faced By Businesses Due to Social Distancing

Social Distancing is today's reality, but it has raised numerous problems in front of businesses that are not prepared to work remotely. The business organizations that aren’t equipped or prepared to maintain productivity while social distancing has been tackling with various problems such as -

  • Chasing the leads while maintaining social distancing.
  • Creating a hygienic environment for employees.
  • Coping up with the losses incurred during the lockdown.
  • Helping your financially struggling and stressed employees.
  • Taking required precautionary measures while maintaining productivity.
  • Growing business in the slow economy and so on.

How to Manage your Business During Pandemic?

Social distancing, face-covering, and regular sanitization are the few challenges that every business organization has to face while improving worker's productivity. It is a lot on the plate right now, but a real businessman knows how to stay productive during COVID-19. Business means analyzing the current situation and take practical steps to grow in unfavorable conditions.

So, if you want to learn an art of “how to stay productive during COVID-19” and “how to manage your business during a pandemic,” - you just have to collaborate with proactive TrackOlap solutions.

Using the advanced virtual forces, tracking sciences, and innovative monitoring technologies, you can effectively work during pandemic while following all the safety norms. How? Let’s see -

Get your Employees Focused

Your employees are going through numerous uncertainties today – they are scared for their families' health, they are worried about their job, and so on. Thus, to stay productive during a pandemic, you must first understand your employees' worries and help them improve their productivity. To put your employees' minds at ease, you should encourage them to work from home to stay safe without worrying about their job and paycheck.

It might be difficult for businesses to establish proper infrastructure to work from home quickly. But, with the compact desktop monitoring and employee efficiency software, you can soon achieve it. The software can help in establishing remote control in multiple different ways -

  • Attendance – The automatic desktop attendance system will record the employees' attendance whenever they log in to their computer. This helps you in knowing how much hours your employees have spent on working.

  • Screenshots Sharing – When employees are working from home, there is always a doubt about their work. Thus, automated screenshot helps to view employee's current work and shared with their managers. You can easily see whether your employees are really working or watching movies in thier computer during working hours. This will help to maintain the productivity of the employees.

  • Time Log – You can track time speed by your employees on a particular task and compare it with the time they use to take in the office. This comparison will show you whether your team’s productivity has suffered during social distancing or not. If you find any of your employee’s productivity lower than before, you can have a talk with him and help him in gaining his productivity back.

  • Automatic Reporting – With the simple and automated reporting system, you can create a schedule for every employee via email ID to automatically send schedules on a fixed time. This way, you can ensure whether employees are on schedule or not. The employees who are running behind schedule, you can send them instant reminders also.

  • Communication – When you are restricted to physically meet your employees, you have to strengthen other digital channels of communication such as phone calls, email, instant messaging, and more. With the dedicated communication dashboard, you can easily tap on your employee’s profile and communicate with him or her. You can even broadcast messages to everyone or can send a personal message. With effective communication, you can work effectively during the pandemic with your fantastic team.

  • Transparency – During the crisis, it is imperative to stay connected and be transparent with your team. You need the loyalty and productivity of your employees to survive in an unfavorable situation. Thus, with the productivity tracker, you can let your employees monitor their own products so they can self evaluate themselves. When your employees understand their own mistakes, they can learn and grow better.

Get your Clients Onboard

Once you have aligned the productivity of your employees during the pandemic, the next step is to get your clients on board. Like you, your clients are mostly struggling with the new challenges, or they are simply scared to think correctly. In this case, you have to connect with your old and current clients and get them on the same page as you.

If your clients understand that you have figured out a way to safely conduct your business practices while maintaining social distancing, they will automatically get on board with you. Thus, by using the desktop monitoring software, you can easily enhance the productivity of your clients -

  • Call Logs – You can appoint your employees to personally call all clients and make them aware of the preventive measures you are taking to stay productive during a pandemic. When your telesales employees are calling through the software, you can record calls for future reference. Your client's feedback will here help you in creating new business strategies in the coming days.

  • Timely Delivery – You might be running behind on your deliveries because of sudden lockdown. Thus, you should ensure your clients that you and your team are fully prepared to timely make deliveries without any delay. With the leave management and work allotment system, you can easily ensure this. You have to keep on monitoring the work completion status of your employees and send them a proper weekly. However, if any of your employees are due for leave, you can check it and make sure he or she completes work before going on leave.

  • Assure Quality – Some clients might be reluctant to work because they worry about the quality of the work as you aren’t personally monitoring the activities of your employees anymore. In this case, you need to show your clients how you have invested in the desktop monitoring software, which lets you virtually connect with your team 24X7. When your clients see your efforts, they will automatically feel safer and confident to work with you.

Miscellaneous Efforts

Apart from enhancing the productivity of your team and clients, you have to overall change the culture of your organization also. You have to make an effort to motivate your employees and clients so that they can adopt a new style of a work environment without any hassle. With the dedicated software, you can easily enhance organizational work productivity –

  • Performance – You can generate automatic performance reports to ensure that your employees' performance won’t deflect during a pandemic. The software will automatically access every team member's performance and provide an Excel sheet and graphical report to improve the morale of your low performing employees.

  • Social Environment – Man is a social animal. For high productivity, we need to stay connected with other human beings. But, in the social distancing, where your employees can’t sit together in the break room and brainstorm new ideas over a cup of coffee, it will inevitably impact their productivity. Thus, when you have an official calendar with all the employees' birthdays, you can organize little virtual get-togethers for your employees so they can get in touch. You can even send cake and flowers to your employees on their birthdays so they won’t feel lonely.

Enhance Virtual Productivity

It is crystal clear that if you want to sustain your employees' productivity and encourage your clients, you have to adopt new virtual productivity policies. Your one to one productivity policies won’t work anymore. Thus, you have to prepare a plan to virtually adhere to your employees' productivity.

If you have no clue how to manage your business during a pandemic, you just have to contact the TrackOlap team. They will quickly setup software to enhance the virtual productivity of your business.


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