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How to Bring Transparency in your Workplace to Accelerate Success?

How to Bring Transparency in your Workplace to Accelerate Success?

Transparency in a business organization is a core value that every progressive organization should practice to achieve high standards of productivity and employee engagement. One transparent work culture evolves around fast communication, constant feedback, and respect towards work. Transparency is an open work culture practiced between employees and employers.

Benefits of Transparency in an Organisation

The benefits of transparency in business are numerous. With the transparent work culture, one organization can experience various benefits in the functionality of the organization. Some of the prominent benefits of transparency in an organization are -

Team Building

Teamwork is a core element of a business organization. All team members work relentlessly to achieve a business goal. To follow the organizational goals in a predetermined manner, it is important for team members to stay in touch with one another and maintain transparency among themselves. Transparent culture helps team members in communicating effectively so that timely feedback can be shared to solve the business problems. Moreover, transparency helps in developing an interpersonal relationship in the team and solidify their bond.

Trusted Environment

One of the blazing benefits of transparency in business is building a trustworthy work environment. With the constructive transparency policy, unnecessary confusion can be avoided. It facilitates every employee to freely share their views and ideas. It is a foundation of trust among co-workers and management. Trust is a vital workplace thread that sustains a healthy work relationship. To address numerous workplace conflicts and misunderstandings, it essential to have a trusted work environment.

Enhance Motivation

Everyone is aware of the importance of employees' motivation to smoothly run an organization. It is the primary factor in productivity and growth. Especially for the millennial employees, it is very important to have transparent organizational knowledge so that they can work effectively. With the transparent culture, the employer can motivate their employees better to work hard because they are not hiding anything from them.

Better Employee-Employer Relationship

One employer always expects high productivity, honesty, and respect from its employees. In return, employees seek constructive feedback and work appreciation, along with trust and respect. But, this simple relationship flow often gets disturbed with poor communication. Thus, when a transparent communication and culture is practiced by both the employees and employers, they can easily build a strong relationship.

Improved Engagement

It is has been concluded in various business studies that when senior management constantly provides updates to their juniors, it can bring transparency in the workplace. Employees will feel more connected with the organization as their accountability has been fixed. For instance, in professional companies like LinkedIn, organizational transparency has been fostered. Senior staff conducts weekly or monthly meetings with the employees to update them about pressing company issues, and their suggestions are taken.

Effective Communication

With effective communication, you can take your business to the new heights of success and excellence. Similarly, a bad communication model can stop your business growth. No matter how small or big your organization is or what kind of business you are into. To succeed in it and to grow, you need to establish effective communication. To effectively get done your business operations, you have to delegate your task.

Without a good communication flow, the process of delegating and monitoring the progress won’t be possible. Therefore, the benefits of transparency in an organization remove the communication gap and develop an effective communication process.

Improved Customer Relationship

When employees are fully aware of the internal system of an organization, they can better connect with the customers and provide them better services. If an employee knows the value of a particular client for the organization, they can treat the client with a positive and friendly approach. This practice will automatically improve customers' and organizations' relationships. It will also improve customer retention rates and build a trustworthy environment.

Strengthen Workflow

The benefit of a transparent work policy is that employees know which work is important. When an employee knows how much certain task is important for the business organization, he or she will put 100% effort into delivering the optimum quality of work on the time. Thus, transparency helps in strengthening the workflow of the organization. So, always maintain a transparent work environment in your organization.

How to Achieve Transparent Work Culture?

Workplace transparency is important, we have figured that much, but how can a transparent work culture can be achieved. Simple – with innovative transparent business technologies. TrackOlap has developed a complete desktop monitoring software that helps businesses to create a transparent work environment. One desktop monitoring software can easily implement all the features of a transparent workplace.

Proper Record Management

In a large business organization, where thousands of employees work under different departments, it becomes very difficult to bring transparency in the employee's credentials data. With proper record management of all the employees, senior managers can easily check the performance and specified record of an employee. This way, when management has to employ a professional for a particular task, they can easily check the past record of all the employees and find the right candidates. Moreover, the hierarchy setup can be maintained with the proper records.

Automatic Attendance

Trust, honesty and respect are the byproducts of a transparent work environment. When you are aware of the exact working hours, break hours, time spent on a task, and other timely data of your employees, you can easily foster a trustworthy business culture. Whenever an employee login to his desktop or mobile app, his attendance is automatically recorded by the desktop monitoring software. This helps in maintaining an honest and reliable workplace where attendance data is completely transparent between employees and employers. There’s no room for error or conflict.

System Motivation

Transparent business technologies also help managers in measuring the performance of an individual employee. When the automatic performance report is presented in a graphical manner, management can provide a better analysis of the productivity of employees individually and collectively. This shows the management of which employee is performing under or over. And, management can use the productivity comparison data to motivate the underperforming clients by providing them constructive feedback. With the correct and timely feedback, demotivated employees can be motivated to work better.

Work Transparency

To build a strong employee-employer relationship, it is important to know that employees are working properly without wasting their work time. Using the application analysis system, an employer can monitor the total time spent in an application and name of the app. This will show the manager which applications their employees use the most and for how much time. It is the perfect way to establish a trustworthy relationship between bosses and employees.

Conflict Resolving Time Sheet

In the organization, managers have to handle work conflicts between the team members. Sometimes, fixing a work responsibility becomes a problem, and it creates conflicts among the teammates. Thus, when management uses a proper timesheet to record the description of the particular task along with the timeframe to complete it, fixing a work responsibility becomes a simpler task. When employees know which work is allotted to them, this will help management in resolving the major work conflicts.

Timely Communication

Communication is the key to create a transparent work culture. When employees and managers can effectively communicate without any delay, numerous misunderstandings and conflicts can be avoided. With desktop monitoring software, employees can communicate with their colleagues and seniors in real-time. Especially field workers can easily share their reports and obtain feedback from the managers.

With instant communication, important business decisions can be taken swiftly without any delay. Moreover, when communication is processed through a dedicated platform, the call log and chat history can be used to trail back any particular information. Free flow communication can help in developing a transparent business environment.

Performance Evaluation

When performance reports are generated by an automatic tool and shared, a transparent performance evaluation environment can be created. When employees know that their performance is evaluated based on real-time facts and figures without the involvement of a personal basis, mutual trust remains in the company. It is essential for employees to trust employers for better results.

Transparency Is Essential

Today, if you don’t follow the transparent business practices, you can’t gain the trust, respect, and honesty of your employees. Thus, if you don’t trust your employees and your employees don’t trust, you can’t make your business profitable and productive. In the digital era, it is not difficult to build a transparent and trusted environment in the organization. You just need to install the right transparent business technologies, and you are all sorted.

To introduce the transparent desktop monitoring software into your workplace, you just have to contact the TrackOlap team and welcome a transparent work environment.


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