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How to Boost Your Customer Experience Using Customer Tracking Software?

How to Boost Your Customer Experience Using Customer Tracking Software?

A good customer experience is what you need to boost your sales and revenue from now onwards. 

Modern customers were already drawn to the personalized experience. But after the pandemic, consumers' buying habits have totally changed. 

Today, customers want hyper-personalization and detailed information to decide on a purchase. In short, your buyers want to be fully wooed before purchasing. 

And that’s not possible without customer tracking software. The software will help you manage your prospects in the sales pipeline and gather relevant information about them. In addition, CRM lead management will allow your sales team to use real-time data to build an excellent customer experience. 

In addition, client tracking software presents horizontal information on your leads. This lets you detect changes in your customers' behavior and immediately tweak your CX strategy. 

However, if you have not ever used client management software before, there is no need to worry about it. This guide will walk you through detailed steps to boost your customer experience using customer tracker solutions. 

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Why Should You Focus on the Customer Experience?

User experience is the cornerstone for growing your business in this competitive environment. With positive UX, you can earn customers' trust and motivate them to become loyal to your brand. 

In addition, customer experience can help to:

Increase Your Sales 

Obviously, when customers are happy with your services, they will want to purchase again from your company. They will not only buy more products, but they will also recommend your business to their friends and family. And you already know, there is no better marketing strategy other than word of mouth.

Eventually, when your customers start promoting your business, your sales will go up, and you will make more revenue. So, with a personalized experience, you can gain a loyal customer base and promoters for your business.

Improve Business Reputation

When you say that you offer the best services in your industry, people will not believe you. But, when your customers say that your services are the best and your customer service is amazing, people will easily believe it.

That’s because buyers trust their friends and family words more than a marketing campaign. Buyers are very smart today. They know facts are unnecessarily exaggerated in marketing campaigns to manipulate buyers. Thus, they don't take marketing campaigns seriously. 

Therefore, your customers' positive feedback will help to build your business reputation. In addition, it will motivate new buyers to check out your services and even purchase them.

Reduce Complaints

When your customers are happy with your services, it will lead to a reduction in your complaints. As a result, your customer service team will receive fewer complaints, and they can focus more on improving customer experience. This can help to create better follow-up strategies and after-sale services to enhance your customer experience even further.

Solid Customer Relationship

Having a strong relationship with your customers is important to keep them interested in your business. However, if customers are not satisfied with your services, it can damage your entire relationship with them. Therefore, using CRM lead management software, you can connect with your customers in real-time and build a solid relationship with them.

Motivated Employees

Customer experience is indirectly proportional to your employees' engagement. When your employees receive complaints and have to deal with unsatisfied customers every day, it can reduce their morale. They start to question their intelligence and work skills.

Similarly, when your employees receive positive remarks and appreciation from clients, it will boost their confidence. They will not hesitate to take risks and go beyond their limits to serve clients when they receive positive feedback.

Ways to Elevate Customer Experience Using Customer Tracking Software

Today, companies offer multiple contact points to their customers for interaction like emails, phone calls, chatbots, etc. All these channels help to improve customer experience. 

But, interacting with customers through different channels and solving their queries in real-time has become more complex. Thus, companies need client management software to automate customer data handling.

At TrackOlap, we offer a real-time tracking app to businesses. The application helps to gather, store and access customer data with a click to provide an enhanced customer experience. For example, we allow sales agents to record their calls to personalize sales pitches. 

Besides this, you can use customer tracking software in multiple ways to create a high-quality customer experience in your organization, such as:

Improved Project Management

Customer experience improvement is a backward process. Before directly dealing with your customers, you have to first improve your internal affairs. You need to build a proper project management system to complete your assignments under a given timeline.

Using project management software, you can easily streamline your internal affairs and make sure that your employees complete their assignments on time. Obviously, when your customers receive their projects on time, it will improve their experience with you.

Here are some tips to improve your internal affairs using project management software :

Create individual employee schedule

Foremost, managers should create timetables for individual employees. This will help them to improve employees' productivity and reduce burnout. Using a centralized dashboard, managers can check individual employees' working hours and productivity hours and assign them tasks accordingly.

Set prioritize 

On our task management dashboard, we allow managers to mark priority tasks. This will tell employees which tasks are important and need to be completed urgently. This way, you can provide fast and accurate solutions to your customers.

Real-time performance reports

Tracking software will provide real-time performance reports on your individual employees' productivity metrics. This data will help you understand whether your employees are offering good quality service to your customers or not. In addition, you can take action against employees who are not completing their tasks on time. Or, you can assist your team members in delivering clients' projects within a given time frame.

Reduce time wastage 

Employee tracking software will help you track your team members' working hours and things that they have achieved during that period. With this knowledge, you can ensure that your employees are working on assigned tasks rather than wasting their time on useless activities.

For this purpose, we have a designed special feature called application and website tracker. Using this feature, managers will get information about websites and applications that an employee uses during working hours. If the website used by employees were irrelevant to their task, managers would instantly know that employees have wasted their time.

Build Transparent Relationships With Your Customers

Do you want to build a loyal customer base? If so, you have to first earn your customers' trust. And for this, you have to provide them with a transparent work environment.

Suppose you have promised a client to deliver a project within 60 days. But, just before 2 days of the deadline, you ask for a 30 days extension. And before the completion of the 30 days extension, you asked for 15 more days to submit the project.

This is the perfect example of a bad customer experience. When you don’t deliver on the agreed time, it can delay your customers' work and reduce their satisfaction level.

Thanks to tracking software, you can now calculate your team's exact time to complete a similar project. And, you can simply provide that time frame to your new customers and satisfy them by completing their tasks on time.

Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is related to customer experience. How?

When your employees are productive and efficient, they will offer high-quality service to your customers. Similarly, when you have unproductive employees in your organization, you can never achieve the high standards of customer experience.

Therefore, from hiring competent staff to monitoring their productivity in real-time, you need tracking software in multiple ways to improve your employees' engagement.

Suppose your employee used to be highly efficient, but their performance has recently decreased. In that case, you can interact with your employees and ask for the reason behind their low productivity. In addition, you can provide assistance to help them improve their productivity.

When your employees see how serious and helpful you are towards their welfare, this will improve their motivation and engagement. And there is no doubt that engaged employees are more productive employees. 

Quick Customer Support

Now, getting to the front desk, customer tracking software will enable you to provide quick and accurate customer support to your customers.

You can assign customer tickets to responsible employees with one click. And constantly monitor the progress of a ticket. For example, if you find that a customer query is not being resolved quickly, you can easily communicate with your assigned person and request the reason behind the delay.

In addition, you can assign more than one employee to resolve a customer query. This way, you can provide fast and accurate solutions to your customers.

Eventually, when you start to handle customer complaints faster, it will save your customer team time. They can utilize their free time to communicate with customers and understand what they can better do to improve their experience.

Track & Build Loyal Customer Base!

So, it is a simple equation – track your employees' customers and build a loyal customer base. You can provide fast, accurate and timely services to your customers with tracking. And that’s all that a customer wants from you.

Therefore, let’s not waste more time and get the best employee tracking software today to build a loyal customer base and grow your business.

You can now book a free demo with our team and learn about client management software!


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