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How Time Tracking Rocket Your Team’s Performance

How Time Tracking Rocket Your Team’s Performance

Let’s admit that, to succeed in your daily routine, it is important to have the ability to manage your time effectively as part of your work routine as well. Time management is not only important in personal life, but it is also essential in the workplace.

There is no denying that the established rules and work hours within a company don't necessarily apply to all employees. For that matter, it is even more important to have a universal time management system that extends throughout the entire organization, regardless of the established rules and work hours. 

It will ensure that every employee is aware of what he or she does during working hours, whether it is intentional or not. 

In order to keep everyone at the company accountable for the time management process, using a employee time tracking system is the ultimate solution.  

There are many benefits to time tracking, including time management Tips as well as performa nce benefits. The more rationally and purposefully your team spends their working time, the more likely they are to yield better results and a higher level of performance. 

As you will see in a moment, time tracking is a powerful tool that can upscale your team's performance and efficiency. 


Trying a default organizational structure

A proper introduction to time tracking is the first step towards a successful time-tracking process with solid employee monitoring software

If you want to begin tracking your team's time, you must first introduce it to them. It is crucial that you make sure that your introduction plays a crucial role in determining how your team's plans will be implemented and how effectively they will be able to work with it. 

After all, tracking time is essentially the same as tracking personal data, even if it is only tracking the time. Therefore, if the introduction doesn't go well, you could have employees who are hesitant and even against time tracking. 

The first message to a timeliness user

When talking about time tracking in a proper introduction, one should be clear about its purpose, the process, and the benefits both the company and the employees can derive from it. 

You must keep in mind that time tracking should have a positive effect on both sides in order for it to be effective. The chances are that time tracking, or any other technology, will not be able to enhance your company if you are only going to use it for the benefit of the company only and disregard the attitude of your employees.

The impact of a time tracking tool on your business

● Time management

When a company has control over not only its physical resources but also its time, it can make better decisions about how to spend time and effort. One of the biggest benefits of time tracking is how you can predict how you will spend your time. 

Over time, the team will be able to manage its time more effectively, which will eventually lead to better results and improved productivity. As a result, the team will be able to improve the overall performance of the organization. 

● Saved the company a lot of time

The field employee monitoring app not only helps your employees manage their time more effectively, but it also saves you time by eliminating the need for them to clock in and out manually. The system automatically records the start and end times of work for your employees and generates attendance reports with all the details. 

Because time trackers provide detailed reports to you, you do not need to keep track of each employee separately because they provide you with detailed reports about their work. As a result, both you and your employees save a great deal of time by recording attendance, time logs, and activity descriptions simultaneously with the tracker. 

As far as time trackers are concerned, there are some that go as far as having built-in communication and task management tools as well. In addition to time tracking with screenshots, TrackOlap integrates many more features to a similar time tracker such as task management, remote employee monitoring, Employee GPS tracker, HR tools, and others. In turn, TrackOlap helps teams reduce the amount of time that they spend manually entering data, as well as switching between a variety of tools. 

● Keep track of project milestones

Besides monitoring time, time trackers also give detailed reviews of the progress of a project. The field staff management app also tracks the process of projects and tasks while tracking time. If a time tracker has an integrated task or project management feature, then it will perform this task automatically. Your team members will have to fill out their activities manually if you do not have a built-in task or task management software. In any case, time tracker s provide you with reports that contain all of the information that is tracked. 

2. Why’s a time tracking good for employees?

● Time management

As mentioned previously, the use of time trackers is generally recommended as one of the most effective ways for improving one's time management skills. However, they are also a great option for individuals who wish to improve their personal time management techniques as well. 

Seeing exactly where your time goes for the first time is one of the best things about tracking your time. All your activities, as well as their timeframes, are recorded so that you can know exactly what you are doing at any given moment.

By doing this, you get a better sense of how to manage your time. You find your time-wasting activities and work on minimizing them. As a result, your team’s time management skill increases.

● Increased productivity

One of the cornerstones of organized life is good time management. The success of all other daily activities can most likely be attributed to the efficiency with which you manage your time. 

To truly manage your life, you need to be able to manage your time as well as your other responsibilities. 

The field employee monitoring app allows you to track yo ur time spent each day on each activity and find out exactly how much energy that activity consumes as well as how much free time you have left over after doing it. If, for example, you are struggling to allocate enough time to your hobbies, time-tracking software can help you solve that problem too. 

There will be no more complaining about not managing things and you will be able to finish your day knowing that you managed everything for that particular day rather than complaining about not managing things. 

● Be responsible

In addition to learning how to manage your time, knowing how much time each of your daily activities takes and is expected to take can nurture a sense of self-discipline, and the sense of responsibility that comes with it. Knowing how much time your daily activities will take can nurture a sense of self-discipline. 

You will most likely approach other aspects of your life in a more responsible manner as well when you are responsible about how you spend your time. 

Begin using an app to track your time

The employee monitoring software you are going to use is simply a way to keep track of how much time your team is spending on each project. Additionally, employers should make use of these modern technology solutions to remotely track employees, assign tasks, and their attendance with productivity to get an accurate picture of employee performance. 

In the first place, you need to define your needs - are you looking for something that can just track time or are you looking for a tool that can handle work management as well? 

It is important to make sure that most time trackers have many features other than just tracking time. For example, TrackOlap’s Time Tracker is a tool that is used not just to track time, but also to monitor productivity, manage tasks, and communicate. 

In the first stage of using the time tracker, it is important to be considerate and remember there will be an adaptation phase before you can begin to use it as a team. You will gradually gain a better understanding of the tracker as time goes on. 

Final Thoughts

Using a dynamic field staff tracking app, your team will be able to manage their time more effectively, improve their productivity, and control the overall amount of time that the company spends on each aspect.

Therefore, you will be able to determine the effectiveness of time tracking in your company when you receive detailed reports, analyze them via a dashboard, see your team's performance results and assign tasks to the eligible employee to complete the task efficiently. No matter what you decide to do with it, you will get a clear idea of your workflow speed and productivity. 

TrackOlap for the past couple of years has been promoting regular evaluations of the workforce, where managers can identify any potential areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to increase overall productivity and motivation levels in the team. 


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