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How Employee Efficiency Platform Has Been Adhering the Performance of UPI Companies?

How Employee Efficiency Platform Has Been Adhering the Performance of UPI Companies?

How Can UPI Companies Prepare for the Secure Future?

When a user trusts the UPI website or app with his confidential bank details, then it becomes a responsibility of the portal to protect and secure that information. That’s because if your portal isn’t secure, then you won’t get sufficient registration. And, companies can only offer the best user experience – when they highly qualified and managed employees are working with them.

To manage field employees, technical staff and other operational heads, UPI service providers need to use well trusted and renowned TrackOlap Employee Efficiency Portal. This one dashboard will help UPI companies in multiple ways to improve their customer experience and provide shielded security to them.

Smoothly Conducting Meetings

These days, if you go shopping in a store, then you will see posters of different UPI providers QR codes have been hanging over the cash station. Customers can scan QR code using the UPI app installed on his phone and quickly pay for his purchase without carrying any physical cash. But, for cashless payment, it is important for shopkeepers to get their QR code and to issue that UPI company employee has to visit the shop and conduct a meeting. Through the employee efficiency portal, UPI companies can track down the meeting status in real-time as –

  • Employees can punch in the time when they started the meeting and then punch out when the meeting is over with the status of the meeting. This data is redirected to the company’s main dashboard along with the geotags.

  • Field workers can click the photo of any signed documents or any other important development regarding the meeting and share it with the management to avoid any kind of future conflicts.

  • If anytime during the meeting – the employee needs to consult seniors to address any questions of vendors or retrieve any important documents from the back office, then that can be securely done through the safe portal.

  • When management can track every single moment of their field workers, then they can send their employees for urgent meetings after analyzing their nearby location. This will improve the service providing speed of the company.

Deep Performance Analysis

UPI company's performance evaluation is very important and difficult because there is a number of users and employees are working with them. So, it gets very difficult for companies to analyze the performance of their every employee and reward them for their good work. To correctly evaluate the performance of employees, it is essential to get real-time data of employee meetings, lead generation rate, attendance record, and customer feedback. Once all this data is available with the management, then they have to properly compile and analyze it – and, that’s a very time-consuming task.

Now, whether UPI companies run behind their employees' data or work on improving the technology behind UPI – choice is hard. So, when management has the option to automatically generate an Excel sheet performance report of an individual employee using a single platform, then there’s no smartness in spending hours manually evaluating the performance of every employee. Thus, it is a very good idea to store your employees' information in an app and generate daily, weekly or monthly reports with just one tap.

Beat the Competition

With the increase in the rate of online transactions, the competition in the UPI market has been increasing constantly. Moreover, with the entry of international companies like Google Pay and Amazon Pay, the competition has become more intense and interesting. So, for UPI service providers it is getting tougher to beat the competition. However, to beat the competition, companies only have one solution – improve their customer experience.

If companies provide better, secured and faster payment transfer experience to their customers, then they can easily beat the competition and grow their business. And, the customer service goals of a company can be smoothly restored with the swift communication among employees and management, easy allotment of work, quick evaluation of services, effective real-time tracking and other multiple benefits. When your customers are happy with your services, then they will automatically promote your services and remains loyal to you.

Reducing Operation Costs

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are a UPI company or a regular business organization, it is incredibly important for you to control your operational overhead costs. If you are business, then your ultimate goal is to make profits, but when you are spending more than earning – this a bad situation for you. That’s why to control your business running cost, you need to focus on small leaks in your business structure so that unnecessary expenses can be monitored and regulated.

An employee efficiency platform can be used by UPI companies to control their business overhead costs as well. For instance, when management knows the real-time location of their every employee, then they can try to reduce fuel cost by searching the location of all the employees through the app and sending task according to the geographic location. These employees don’t have to travel from far to conduct a meeting with clients and eventually it will reduce the fuel expenses. So, if management utilizes the app smartly, then they can save up lots of money on their regular operations.

Safe Communication

Most of the time UPI companies share confidential bank details and other personal documents of their clients among their employees. All the employees are legally bound to protect the personal information of the clients, but when information is shared using third party communication tool, then your confidential information can be easily accessed by unauthorized sources. So, when your company uses a secured communication channel that can’t be accessed by anyone besides your trusted employees, then you can share important and confidential information without any problem.

Warn Corrupt or Lazy Employees

To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to eliminate all the corrupt or lazy employees from your team so that nothing can stop you from becoming a successful UPI service provider. But, you can’t keep an eye on your field employees all the time and make sure that they are conducting business ethically. For this, you have to confirm the behavior of your employees by contacting your customers and making sure that you are employees are delivering the services properly.

And, when you receive a complaint against any employee, then you can cross-check with the performance report and raise a ticket against an employee using the same portal. This way quick warning can be issued to employees so that they can improve their behavior soon.

Constant Support

UPI service providing companies are like 24X7 ATM from where people can transfer money at any time. Thus, you need to have your technical staff ready around the clock to handle any sort of urgent situation. If your employee had to take a leave, then he can inform management in advance by tapping over the app and management can deny or accept the request from the app also. Moreover, when management knows the schedule of each employee leave, then they can hire additional staff to cover the shift. This way they will be able to provide constant support to their clients – day and night.

A Way to Success

If you are blooming UPI service providing a company that wants to grow and flourish in this bumpy economy, then you have to try new technologies to improve your business. Employee Efficiency platform is turning out to be that UPI companies performance enhancer solution that can uplift your business multiple notches up. You can sort your employees, budget, and performance using a single platform.

If you any questions regarding the efficiency platform and how can it improve your UPI business, then you can contact the TrackOlap team to get a quick demo today!


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