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Why Geo Based Mobile CRM is rapidly Adopted for Field Verification Process?

Why Geo Based Mobile CRM is rapidly Adopted for Field Verification Process?

Field verification process is a pretty complicated process with numerous challenges. However, all the challenges can be easily overcome with the help of geo-based mobile CRM software.

Human Resources are one of the important parts of an organization. Every business organization wants to acquire best-talented employees who can help in achieving their business goals. To hire employees, companies can organize different rounds of interviews, but still, there are few things which they can’t know about their potential candidates in small interview sessions like –

* Their past work experiences
* Criminal records
* Behavioral conduct
* Usage of intoxicates and much more personal stuff

Generally, to know more about their potential employees, companies run a background check on them as hiring the wrong employee can tarnish their business reputation and influence their workplace negatively. However, companies can't run a background check on their every employee on their own so they appoint verification companies to do the job for them.

What is Verification Company?

Verification companies are special organizations which are trained to run a background check on the people as per their client's requirements. These companies have fully competent staff which can check the personal information of the person using different methods like field inceptions, telephonic, etc., They are becoming useful for numerous industries like the banking industry, insurance companies and other companies who won't run background check on their customers and employees to ensure the safety of their assets.

Well, the success of the company solely here depends on the hands of the verification company. So, if a company fails to deliver correct information to their clients due to small negligence on the part of their employee or any other reason, then this will damage the reputation of both the concerned companies. That’s why the process of field verification needs to be done with the utmost honesty after considering all the possibilities. There are a few common problems which field verification companies have to face in lieu to deliver the best services to their clients.

Quick Completion of the Job- HR departments required a quick report on the employee's background as their recruitment process is getting delayed because of it. This means that verification companies have very little time to run a background check on the credits provided by the client. And, sometimes in hurry of completing the job, the verification companies employees let go of some important factors and create an incorrect verification report. Now, this is a major challenge for verification companies to create the perfect background report in the tight timeline.

Access to Database- The research of the field verification officer mainly depends upon the availability of the public and local database. The access to the database helps them in crossing checking different things. However, if the employee doesn’t have access to local databases or don’t have local connections to verify the provided information, then it will be a problem for the verification company. Moreover, the bigger problem arises when field employee doesn’t have an authentic source to justify the information, but they claim that they have, in such case verification company can do nothing rather than just believing their employees.

Skills of the Field Verification Employee- The entire process of verification depends upon the capabilities and skills of the field employees only. There is some kind of information which can’t be accessed through government records or documents like behavioral conduct, identity verification and much more. For these employees have to use their knowledge and skills to retrieve information from different sources like communicating with local people. So, verification companies need to have fully trained and skilled employees who can handle any situation and provide the best results. However, employees are working on the field so managers can’t physically oversee their performance and have to just show faith in their employee's work.

Local Barriers- In the field verification process, one of the major challenges that companies have to face is the local barriers, especially in the vivid place like India where local language and culture changes after a few miles. Here, if field employees are not sufficient enough to understand the local language, then they can’t complete the process of verification perfectly. That’s why it is a challenge for verification companies to appoint the employee on a job who can understand the local requirements. And, for the large companies in which thousands of employees are working, it becomes manually difficult to delegate work to the right employee.

The solution to Overcome Problem Faced During Field Verification Process

The dynamic solution that technology has gifted to the verification companies to improve the level of fieldwork is – Geo Based Sales CRM Solution . This is a very powerful software which can ease out the workflow of the verification companies and increase their client base as well. Verification firms can today easily customize their CRM system from TrackOlap and eliminate all the field verification problems.

Well, traditionally, working of verification organisations is very simple – customer first send the email with the information of candidates that they want to verify, then company just forward that information to their field verification employee who monitors everything on his part and forward background check report to the company which they eventually send to their client.

Now, in this main problem of field officer’s expertise and skills remains untested, plus verification company has no source to test the information provided by the employee. But, this problem can be easily resolved with the help of the geo-based CRM software.

With the help of CRM software, customers can easily send their requirements to the verification company by filling the form. The software will help in further scanning the information shared by the client and delegating the work to the field employees. Once work is assigned to the field employee working on the nearby location, then the company can monitor all the field movement of the employee. And, after the completion of each verification, the employee has to submit a form using CRM software on their mobile along with one photograph and digital signature which will be geo-tagged.

So, verification company can monitor every move made by their employee and check the authenticity of the report by using geotags and digital signatures. And, then after satisfaction, they can forward the background check report to their customers. With the help of CRM software verification companies can make their workflow very efficient and effective as –

* When customer file request through the portal, then it will be automatically entered into the company’s database so there won’t be any manual work required. That will eventually improve the efficiency of the company.
* The information can be easily transferred to the field employee working near the location through the mobile devices, that means the verification process will be completed a lot more quickly.
* The software picks the correct employee to complete the job who has complete knowledge of the local resources and language which makes the verification process highly correct.
* Geotag system attached to the CRM software gives the exact geographical location of the employees so it will help companies in knowing whether their employees are sharing the correct report or not.
* When an employee sends reports via CRM software, then his photo and the digital signature is tagged along which set the liability of the employee for the provided information.
* The pre-designed forms make it easier for employees and customers to send their reports and requirements to the company.

Well, it is clear from the above-mentioned benefits of geo based mobile CRM System that the verification companies can benefit a lot from them. They can make their workflow simpler, fast, effective, efficient, authentic and much more with just one solution. So, if you are working in the area of verification systems, then to strengthen your business, you should design the customized CRM software as per your company’s requirement from the best tracking technology provider – TrackOlap .


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