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Different Types of Surveys Along with Benefits of Internal & External Surveys

Different Types of Surveys Along with Benefits of Internal & External Surveys

With the correct and timely data, companies create innovative and real-time marketing strategies and strengthen their infrastructure easily. Thus, to gather information, companies need to conduct frequent surveys both internally and externally. In internal surveys, information from the employees is gathered to ensure that they fully contended with the work culture or not. Similarly, in external surveys, customers are the main target audience.

Different Types of Surveys

Today, there are numerous employee survey companies present, but only a few tools like Employee Monitoring Software available that can be used to conduct external and internal surveys altogether. The customized platform gives an outstanding opportunity to management where they can host different types of surveys through a single portal –

Opinion Survey –

This is a very common type of survey that companies conduct before revising or changing their customer policy or any other specific employment. If companies implement any sort of major change without informing or consulting their employees and customers, then it can drastically impact the business. That’s why it is recommended for every business institution to get the opinion of their workers and customers before implementing major policies. But, when a company has hundreds of employees and thousands of customers scattered around global, then they can’t personally call each individual to get their opinion now – it will take forever to complete.

However, by using the simple broadcast feature on the app, managers can upload all the information at once and it will be automatically broadcasted to all the employees. Further employees can fill out the opinion questionnaire method survey through the same form and submit back to the management. Plus, whenever an employee asks a customer to fill the survey form, then it can be geotagged for the reference of the management.

Satisfaction Survey –

Are employee surveys effective? Well, yes because it tells managers about the satisfaction of their employees. The satisfaction survey showed statistics related to the present satisfaction level of employees and customers. The survey is used to detect any sort of pressing issues and help the management to formulate response accordingly. However, satisfaction surveys will only offer the correct figures if they are conducted periodically because satisfaction is a feeling that can easily change.

So, if management creates satisfaction survey custom form once and upload on their employee's app, then periodically they can send a reminder to employees and they will fill it. Moreover, they can request their every new and old customer to rate their satisfaction level periodically and ensure that the satisfaction of customers always remains high.

Evaluation Survey –

This is a crucial survey for business organizations to access the performance of every staff member. When a company is paying a handsome amount to employees, then expecting high-quality performance is common. But, one problem with the online survey is that management can get data on their employee's performance, but it is so big that they can’t process and analyze it quickly.

There are various types of this survey present, like supervisors evaluating their direct subordinates, employees evaluating their supervisors, peer-to-peer evaluations, etc. So, when collected data is automatically processed and converted into an Excel sheet daily, weekly or monthly, then drawing swift performance survey reports becomes an easy peasy job. This way company can constantly keep a tab on the performance of their staff members closely.

Engagement Survey –

An employee engagement survey is organized by firms to measure the level of dedication and loyalty of employees towards the company. If employees aren’t dedicated to their work, then they won’t be able to perform the best. Thus, it is the responsibility of management to keep an eye on the engagement level of employees. This can be accessed from the number of leaves taken by employees in the due course of employment. As such when employees don’t feel engaged with the company, then they tent to take more leaves and open employees' profiles on the app – leave data can be quickly evaluated.

Similarly, an engagement survey of customers lets management know the effects of their latest marketing campaigns or products on the minds of customers. If customers aren’t engaged with your products, then you have to revamp your policies and formulate a new way to engage customers. And, when a real-time response is generated from customers, then the marketing team can swiftly modify marketing strategies to make them more engaging.

Feedback Survey –

This is yet another important survey that companies conduct after completion of the job. Feedback helps in gathering up the information regarding the job completion, satisfaction and convenience level of the customers. Moreover, to provide detailed customer feedback, employees can take the picture or digital signature of the customers after completion of the job and upload it on the app with geotagging.

Additionally, management can gather up feedback from existing employees to identify any organizational issues and improve employee retention. The feedback collected from existing employees can be recorded in the portal and reports can be generated for the HR department to take action on it.

The benefit of Internal Survey

Are employee surveys effective? If you aren’t sure whether to conduct an employee engagement survey in your company, then check out internal survey benefits –

Determine Engagement Level– It helps companies in understanding key factors that drive engagement within the organization. It allows management to drive more productivity from their team. There aren’t any standard engagement assessment pointers, but a couple of important factors are – advancement, recognition, job benefits, development opportunities, etc.,

Voice of Employees – Employees can’t directly communicate with the higher management in most of the business hierarchies, that’s why the survey became the voice of employees. They can share their worries, issues, and suggestions through surveys easily. Plus, with the proper portal, employees can directly interact with management more freely.

Increase Employee’s Involvement – With the surveys, employees can connect with the company policies better because they are somehow involved in the policy formation process. So, when employees know that they are part of the crucial policy formation phase, then they won’t resist new policies.

Organizational Growth – Having correct data related to employee satisfaction, engagement, leadership qualities, and work environment will give a tangible objective to management. They can utilize this objective to grow business organization even more.

Benefits of External Surveys

If you want to grow and expand your business, then you have to conduct an external customer survey as well. By doing this, you will benefit your business in multiple ways

Know the Satisfaction Level of a Customer It is important to know the satisfaction of customers with your services and products. After receiving the satisfaction data, you can take action accordingly. The customer net promoter score can be determined with the help of proper customer satisfaction data.

Value Customers OpinionMany times customers aren’t satisfied with the present services, but they don’t have any medium to convey their distress. Sometimes the problem is so small that it can be fixed quickly with proper input. Thus, surveys give the opportunity to companies that they can understand the opinion of their customers and provide them value.

Add More Value Using the solid feedback retrieved from the customers, companies can make improvements in their services and improve their operations. Sometimes little feedback can help companies in eliminating hurdles present ahead of their success. Valuable customer feedback can totally uplift the performance of your business.

Generate Loyal Customer BaseWhen you work on the satisfaction and need of your customers, then you will automatically develop a loyal customer base. In this fluctuating economy, it is a great way to survive and grow with a couple of loyal customers under your wings.

Increase Profits The ultimate goal of business organizations is to increase their profit. And, loyal, happy and contented customers are the ticket for money-making. So, obviously, with a better client base, you will be able to grow your business profits and become a popular brand as well.

Importance of Survey

Surveys are one of the most useful and unpopular methods of growing your business both externally and internationally. With the proper survey data, business management can understand the needs of their employees and the requirements of their customers easily. Plus, with the help of innovative online tools, the process of conducting surveys have become super simple and timeless for the companies. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you are involved in an employee survey business or not, you should definitely conduct business in your organization to retrieve relevant data.

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