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Connected Cars and life after next 20 years

Connected Cars and life after next 20 years

A Connected Car is a car that has access to the internet and a range of sensors. They can also send and receive signals. They can sense the physical environment around the vehicle and also interact with other cars or entities.

While we've helped bring a number of new technologies to the connected car that have made driving easier.

By 2030, most new cars will be made without rearview mirrors, horns, or emergency brakes.

By 2035, they won't have steering wheels or acceleration and brake pedals. They won't need any of these things because they will be driving themselves.

If i am using this connected cars or any one using this connected cars then We need to be very sure that the car is able to handle any scenario before you give it full control. That will require a whole lot of testing and validation.

After next 20 years life will be very easy with connected cars, as dependency on internet will increase. No one has to learn driving and chances of accidents will decrease.

The future of the connected car

Connected cars are going to be safer than traditional cars. Their capabilities will feature more entertainment as well as freeing up more time for the driver to do many other activities while on the way to work.

If a car will run with the help of internet then children can also go alone in car.

Life will be very easy with the connected cars as while moving no one has to focus on driving, they can enjoy their journey by listening songs, watching movies even we can sleep.

Connected cars will so much perfect such that it can sensor near car so that it can maintain a distance. In a future if a connected cars will be there then jobs for driver will be vanished .


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