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Challenge Geographical Limitation of your Sales Team With Efficiency Portal

Challenge Geographical Limitation of your Sales Team With Efficiency Portal

With the involvement of technology in the manufacturing or service providing industry, the level of competition has been increased multiple folds due to global exposure. Today, it doesn't matter whether you are a small business set up or large international organization, you will definitely receive the blow of global competition.


Well, digital technology has given weapons in the hands of buyers to buy products or services from any corner of the world within a fraction of seconds. So, today, you don't have to only prepare your sales team to beat the local competitors, but to challenge global competitors as well.

And, when you are preparing your sales team to handle the global pressure, then your effective sales team has to tackle the gigantic hurdle of geographical limitations. Challenge of geographical limitations means that business organizations have to prepare their sales team to handle multiple challenges arise due to the geographical diversity like -

  • Requirements of customer changes after every mile
  • Communication problem due to language limitations
  • Establishing proper control over the sales team
  • Timely availability of important files, documents, etc.

    The challenges of the sales team increase multiple levels with the bomb of global competition as for management it gets hard to provide customized services to their globally scattered customers. Moreover, to establish coordination between different sales teams working under separate geographical locations isn't an easy job. So, how to beat the global competition to improve your sales in this tight environment.

    How to Improve Sales Team Efficiency Under Geographic Limitations?

    To obtain improved geographical Remote Team Management Software structure, business organizations have only one solution ahead of them - develop a customized efficiency portal based on different layers of technologies something like TrackOlap. Improved sales figures can be easily retrieved by the sales team working on multiple locations easily with technology. If you aren't sure, then check out various challenges of the sales team that can be solved with a high tech tool -
    1.Controlled Management of Sales Team

    In the international or national companies with multiple branch offices and sales teams, management needs to ensure that every sales team is working in sync. But, due to the challenge of geographical limitations - management can't establish control over every single member of the different sales teams who is working on different zones.

    However, once you centralize your sales department with a technology-based employee efficiency app, then companies can appoint one national head and they can effectively manage a team of various sales representatives from one dashboard. They can view detailed information of an employee on the app by tapping over its address and can ensure where that employee is working in real-time. They can even send quick assignments to sales staff based on their current location. This system will surely help management in controlling sales teams in spite of their locations and create effective sales representatives hub.

    2.Easy & Secured Storage of Vital Documents

    When sales officer is working on the field, then they have to travel to multiple locations to meet their clients or to offer swift services. And, during travel, it is difficult for employees to carry all of their personal and company's important files or documents with them due to fear of theft or spoilage.

    Thus, by saving the digital copy of all those files or documents on smart-phones can make traveling easy for sales representatives. However, the employee's personal documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN card, and other confidential files of the company can indeed tamper in the digital form as well. But, when a highly secured platform is used to share and store confidential documents, then only authorized persons can have access to them. Moreover, this portal is backed with cloud storage so all documents are safely present on a secured network for the later use of employees always.

    3.Sale Based Incentives

    In the competitive sales industry, if you want to increase your sales figures, then you have to appreciate the hard work of your effective sales representatives. When employees know that their efforts will be rewarded and appreciated by the management, then they will work even harder to increase sales. They will try new and creative methods to target the potential leads.

    However, in the sales based incentive model, geographical limitations gain become a hurdle as management can't physically monitor the performance of the individual employee as they are working on the field. So, to incorporate this incentive model, the managers need to use centralized app that will show them -

    Work Status - By clicking on the particular employee's profile on the dashboard - managers can see the status of work allotted that employee in real-time. Employees can upload the complete or work in progress status on the dashboard through their smart-phone that will be geo-tagged for the convenience of managers.

    Time of Completion - When an employee update work completion status on the app, then it will be updated with the real-time location of the employee. This way management can check whether the employee has completed the job on time, before time and after time. It is an important evaluation factor of the incentive-based model.

    Send Reminders - If an employee is running behind the schedule or has forgotten about the allotted work, then the Employee Monitoring Software will automatically send a reminder to the employee in the form notification that can't be missed by anyone.

    4.Helps in Resolving Conflicts with Customers

    For management one of the biggest problem is to solve the conflict between their customers and employees. Both customers and employees are highly important for the company. Thus, management requires authentic proof to solve conflicts between both parties. And, here technology powered tool can be highly effective as managers can find the real reason behind the conflict without disrespecting any party.

    For example, if a customer has requested a sales representative to visit his home at a certain time, but when the sales officer visited the customer's home, then he found it locked. However, if in this case, a customer file complaint saying that your employee hasn't visited, then this conflict can be easily resolved by tracking down the geographical location of the employee and ensure that whether the employee has visited on time or not. It is possible because the app saves up database customer wise which gives easy navigation facility to the managers.

    5.Handle Emergency Situations

    Sometimes a situation calls up for emergency service providing and here, with the perfect geographical location management - sales teams can provide swift services to their customers on time. When managers can foresee the real-time location of their every employee, then they can quickly assign the emergency task to the employee who is working near the task location. This one solution can offer numerous benefits to managers and sales team like -

    * They can save time by allotting work to the nearest located employee.
    * The cost of fuel can be saved as an employee doesn't have to travel from a long distance to reach the task location.
    * A business organization can stay ahead of its competitors by offering fast services.
    * It helps in building the reputation of the company as on the spot services to the customers are offered.

    Build an Effective Sales Team

    To overcome all the challenges of the sales team, you have to work on creating improved geographical team management structure and only then you will get improved sales figures. And, from the above-discussed points - it is evident that by introducing technology in your sales team - you will be able to address the topic of geographical limitations smoothly and on the contrary, can improve your sales team productivity. Thus, to beat the monster of global competition, you got to invest in employee efficiency technologies.

    When you are seeking for right technology computed solution for your sales team, then do contact TrackOlap and be tech-savvy today.


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