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Bluetooth 4.0 and revolution in IoT Asset Tracker business

Bluetooth 4.0 and revolution in IoT Asset Tracker business

Bluetooth-based asset tracking systems are quickly growing in popularity. The industry, however, is getting a huge boost with the introduction of the updated standard. It's not just about being a little faster or sending a bit more information.

The new metrics actually imply some very big changes in terms of capabilities of possibilities. We're excited to see what this means for users and solutions providers. Here's some of the key takeaways.

1.Extending range into WiFi territory

This new Bluetooth features four times the reach of previous iterations, and that will have huge implications in the battle for top standard. WiFi has long been one of the most popular standards in the field in part due to its range. Will that begin to change?

What does this mean?

For large enterprises and warehouses, this could mean less hardware will be needed to extend coverage as well as less errors or assets moving out range-and that means a lot of savings for businesses.

The lifetime maintenance of these infrastructures will also be simplified significantly. Maintenance includes not only expected things like battery changes, but also the unexpected-a beacon falls from the wall or has signal trouble. With the number of beacons in a fleet cut in half, taking care of these instances will be much more manageable for managers.

Essentially, while the infrastructure requirements and hassle greatly shrink, the cost remains the same. With Bluetooth already representing one of the most affordable standards for RTLS, this development could make it unstoppable.

2. 800% more broadcast messaging capacity

Perhaps the most impressive statistic associated with the new standard is this increased broadcasting capacity. 800% is music to our ears-but what does that mean? It's actually very simple:

The major benefits that tie together:

What if there were even more sensors?

Now, there's 800% more space to play with. Do you have assets that are very sensitive to moisture? A beacon equipped with humidity sensors could send you an alert the moment the environment surpasses acceptable level of moisture.

3. Faster data means more than just speed

Bluetooth 4.0 is also twice as fast as its predecessor. This may not impact managers on a daily basis, but it will make updates to firmware much more manageable. Again, infrastructure maintenance can take a toll on managers, and faster firmware updates could mean less hassle for everyone involved.

Bluetooth 4.0, the IoT, and why it matters

There's one more incredibly crucial point to understand when it comes to Bluetooth: it will be the cornerstone of the IoT. The Internet of Things will be defined by the many Things that make up its network. An exponential number of items and tools are already being connected and made 'smarter' each day. However, despite all of these Things wanting to talk to eachother, there is a growing issue: how do you make items talk to each other when they speak different languages?

The IoT ecosystem will rely on this kind of connection, and Bluetooth is making it happen. Hence, while a new Bluetooth version may have only interested tech-lovers in past years, Bluetooth 4.0 should really be of interest to everyone.

If companies want to get the most cutting edge and affordable asset tracking solutions, they're going to have to start turning to Bluetooth-and Bluetooth 4.0 will make that easier. Again, this exponential increase of Things and increasing uptake of Bluetooth by users will only make technologies based on it that much more appealing.


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