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Benefits that Managers can drive from Employee Efficiency Platform

Benefits that Managers can drive from Employee Efficiency Platform

An efficient manager is equal to a successful business organization. To make your manager, efficient and productive, you have to empower your manager with the advanced employee monitoring software and make their life easier.

Running a business organization is a very complicated job and needs constant attention of the management staff. A manager is a person who is responsible for performing different business activities in the organization to smoothly run business operations. In an organization, multiple operations are handled by a manager. However, in big organizations, one manager isn’t able to handle multiple tasks that’s why different managers are required per department to smoothly run the workload such as departmental manager, sales manager, facility manager, etc.,

The job description of managers might change with departmental responsibility, but the core responsibilities of a manager are the same. Daily, a manager has to perform multiple responsibilities such as creating a safe work environment, motivating employees to achieve the organization’s goals, development of the workforce, development of the department, developing the company’s work culture, ongoing self-development and much more.

A manager has to manage different activities in the organization, but all the activities performed by the manager lead to one main responsibility – A responsibility to manage employees. All the activities performed by the manager are the subparts of the employee management role of a manager. A manager has to manage the employees efficiently so that they can achieve the goals of the business.
Manager & Employees

The manager is a leader of the team who has to make sure that the rest of the team is working as per the initial plan. To manage the different employees, managers have to keenly monitor their work, provide them with constructive criticism, help them at the time of need and evaluate their performance before reporting back to the top management. Work of a manager is not at all easy as they have to regulate every employee and evaluate their performance before reporting to the seniors.

With right skills and knowledge, it is still possible for a manager to evaluate the performance of in house staff, but real hell brakes down when the manager has to manage field employees who aren't working in the same geographical location. It doesn't matter how qualified and talented manager you are, you cannot keep a tab on the employees who aren't working in the same location. However, thanks to technology advancement, it is now possible for managers to monitor the activities of their in the house as well as remotely working employees.

Benefits of Employee Efficiency Platform

TrackOlap like companies has married the technology-oriented tools with the employee efficiency programs to create the perfect Employee Time Tracking Software for the managers. Today, mana gers can perform their responsibilities more effectively with the help of customized mobile-based employee efficiency platform. They can manager their desk and field employees without any bias by using efficiency platform. This platform can benefit employees in multiple ways.

Keep Attendance Record of Employees - In big organizations, where multiple employees are working in different departments and even in different branches, it is highly difficult for managers to record the attendance of their employees manually. Moreover, it gets very complicated to record the total work hours of every employee when thousands of employees are working. So, here EEP can be the perfect solution for all kind of business organizations.

With the employee efficiency programs, managers can record in time, out time and total time worked by an employee with one click. Employees can record their attendance by entering code into their mobile app which is directly linked with the manager’s computer. This way manager will get quick notifications when employees are coming late through the geotagged and auto-capture attendance module from anywhere. This is a simple way to record the attendance of both fields as well as in house staff.

Quick Leave Notification - It is a responsibility of the manager to manage the leaves system in the organization. Like, they have to accept leave applications of employees, they have to check available leave balance of an employee, etc., Sometimes it gets troublesome for employees and managers both to address leave applications personally so in that case, Employee Live Tracking Software can make the leave management system easy. Employees can directly apply for the leave online through app and manager can accept or reject leave through the app as well. So, there’s no need for employees to personally visit managers to get their leave approved.

Additionally, if any employee wants to know how many paid leaves are left in his account and any other information related to time off, then that can be also requested by the app. Plus, managers can easily delegate the responsibilities of an employee who is on leave to other employees quickly online.
Maintaining Employee’s Records - The manager has to maintain the personal report of every employee so that top management can make important decisions like promotion, bonus, layoffs, etc., That’s why the manager has to create employee efficiency report very careful based on solid data which is difficult to get in case of field employees. But, with the efficiency tools, this problem can be solved pretty quickly. Through tools, managers will get the accurate actionable data on employee’s attendance, task, expenses, and leaves which they can use to draw performance report. Plus, everything is geotagged so there’s no room for debate left.

Sharp Communication - To understand the requirements and problems of employees, managers have to adopt the dual-level communication offered by employee efficiency tools. Better communication helps employees in contacting their managers when they are conducting important meetings or field trips. With the direct communication system, employees can easily clear their doubts with managers when they are working on different geographical location. Similarly, managers can quickly assign a task or any vital information to their field employees without any delay.

Movement Tracking - When your employee is working on the field, then you have no clue what he is doing on his working hours. This is a dilemma of every manager which can be solved with the real-time movement tracking technology. The managers can install employee efficiency app in their employee's phone which provides the entire geographical location of employees to the manager. They can check the real-time location of their employees and guide them to make their filed trip more efficient. Manager can view the history of their employee's geographical location anytime map as well.

Task Management - The task management has been never easier before. Today, the manager doesn’t have to call employees separately to assign them tasks. They can mark task in the calendar and employees will automatically get intimation of the upcoming task. Moreover, employees can set a reminder for the task so that they won’t forget to complete it on time. Once the task is complete, employees can click the photo of it and share with the manager. The photo will be geotagged so the manager will know that whether an employee has completed the task or not.

Expense Management - When the manager sends an employee to perform duties on the field, then the employee is given expenses by the company which is incurred while performing the jobs such as fuel expenses, lunch expenses, and numerous other expenses. With the help of employee efficiency program, the employee can request for the expenses to be reimbursed directly from the manager and check whether their expense claim has accepted or not. Employees can also check the status of their previously claimed expenses as well.

Custom Forms - The technology-based employee efficiency platform has given one more tool in the hands of managers where they can create custom forms to record reports and expense requests. Managers can customize forms using multiple data fields like – text, number, drop-down menu, photo, barcode, signature and much more. By this managers can quickly get feedback from their customers and employees can simply fill the form to find any information. The custom form enables managers in reducing their lots of time by improving their productivity level.

Focused Work - In business organizations, where multiple managers are working, it becomes very messy for employees to report one manager. So, here the company can bifurcate the managers thus they will be only able to communicate with the employees which fall under the managerial responsibilities of a manager. This way confusion among the managers and employees regarding the responsibility fixing can be avoided.

The enormous workload of the managers can be very easily reduced with the advanced tools offered by the employee efficiency platform offered by TrackOlap. Manager can evaluate their employee's performance and delegate tasks to their field employees in an efficient manner after using these tools. When managers are producing the best outcome, then this will eventually improve the workflow of an organization. So, if you want to empower your managers with the high tech tools, then you can visit TrackOlap website and get your customized employee efficiency platform designed today.


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