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Aspiring Startups Need to Befriend LastMileJob Solution to Expand Their Vision

Aspiring Startups Need to Befriend LastMileJob Solution to Expand Their Vision

Startup business culture is an innovative thought which revolves around the different realms of technology to develop a solution that nobody has ever thought of before. Most of the unique startup ideas are driven from the daily needs of consumers, but they have been improved and presented sophisticatedly using the technology.

For instance, people always use to order food from hotels by making a call, but they were only able to order food from one place and that's on the terms of the restaurant only. However, when startup ideas like Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats, etc., come into notation with the sophisticated mobile apps and improved business model, then they become the first choice of the foodies.

This one example throws lights on the part that if you are a young aspiring startup owner with a mind-blowing idea, then you need to befriend technology to come out as a winner. You can't make your startup business successful unless you tweak with the various shades of technology.

A Tried & Tested Technology for Startup - #LastMileJob

Today, startup organizations have multiple technology-based solutions ahead of them to make their business successful such as personalized websites, mobile applications and much more. But, a perfect solution that will improve the efficiency of the business as well as offer an extra hand to manage their resources would be TrackOlap powered LastMileJob.

It is a dual-edged weapon that will assist companies in connecting with their in house staff and staying in touch with their customers altogether. From backend facilities to frontend solutions everything can be offered by this one tool to the startup organizations. Now, if you are wondering how can you customize this platform and how will it benefit your business? Then, we will walk you through the different shades of the LastMileJob dashboard so that you can implement it perfectly as per your startup business model.

1. High Level of Assistance on the Spot

Most of the startup ideas are based on the services sector where they provide some sort of services to their end-users. Like, when you order a washing machine for your home, then to understand the different features of the machine - you need a small demo. In this process, the technology platform can be highly beneficial for startup companies who are dealing in providing some sort of on-location assistance to their customers.

These types of startups can make a category wise list of the different professionals available in their team based on their experience levels like freshers, veterans or experts. And, then they can assign the duty to an expert to deliver a demo based on the complexity level involved in the job. This way company can fully utilize the expertise of their staff as for some minor jobs sending experts would be an unnecessary thing.

2. Minimization of Business Overhead Costs

Startup organizations already have very limited funds to commence their business and on the top, they have to perform multiple different promotional activities to make their presence known in the market. Apart from this, there are plenty of different operational costs that they have to incur to run their business smoothly. Managing all these different costs becomes a very overwhelming task for startup people which eventually fails in business.

But, if you here use the tech generated solution, then you will be able to minimize numerous overhead costs such as -

  • You can monitor the actual fuel consumption and the expenses claimed by your employees from the company.
  • Owners can keep an eye on the production level of the employees with the help of several auto-generated Excel reports.
  • Organizations can define the route for their employees to make sure that they won't take a longer route to reach their destinations.

3. Effective Management and Allocation of the Job

For startup organizations, it is very important to provide a unique experience to their customers if they want people to use their services. Like, people prefer to order food from Dominos because they claim to deliver their food within thirty minutes, otherwise they deliver it for free. This is something that lures customers to them because pizza houses are available on each street corner today.

And, to deliver the fast and prominent services, a startup needs to allocate work to their employees quickly and efficiently manage them so that they can perform their job on time. Through the platform, the startup office will know where their employees are located in real-time and they can use the geotagged location of their employees and allocate the job to the nearest located employees. Here, the employee can accept or reject the job with one tap and if the employee rejects a job, then the manager can assign the job to another employee swiftly.

4. Stay Connected with Customers

As we have already mentioned that it is a dual impact tool that will help startups in managing their staff as well as staying connected with their customers. Startup organizations can use the LastMileJob platform in multiple ways to connect with their customers and deliver them the best quality services. For instance -

  • Employees can send the completion report to the back office with the geotagged digital signatures of the customers.
  • The company can receive quick feedback from the customers on the simple custom forms which they have uploaded on their employee's mobile phone and customers can easily fill the form to share their valuable input.
  • Based on negative remarks from the customer's feedback, the employer can issue the tickets to their employees and make sure that they won't commit the same mistakes again.

5. Detailed Performance Analyse

Startup businesses need to observe the performance of their every staff member to ensure that they are using the expertise of their employees in the right manner. To reduce their expenses, startup people hire freshers as they work on a low salary, but they need extra assistance and this company needs to carefully evaluate their performance. It is one of the problems for startups to regularly monitor the performance of every employee and provide them technical training from time to time.

With 100+ auto-generated performance reports, it has become easier for startup organizations to evaluate the performance of their employees. As every detail is uploaded on the platform by employees after the completion of the job so managers can generate multiple performance reports at the end of a day such as attendance report, delivery reports, leave report and much more. Managers just need to open the Excel format reports and compare the performance of a particular employee with the previous report and evaluate whether an employee's productivity has improved or not.

Setup organizations need to establish a clear and clutter-free channel of communication. The effective communication channel needs to be dual command-based where employees can contact the company easily or vice versa. Additionally, the communication channel had to be swift so that urgent messages can be delivered promptly. The customized communication channel is something that will offer the qualities of a perfect communication system to startup organizations.

Startup business organizations can swiftly broadcast an urgent message to their entire team or they can personally send the message to one of their employees. On the other side, employees will get instant notifications on their phone and they can immediately reply. It is a simple and functional communication system that will help startup organizations to offer fast services to their clients.

7. Real-time Treat

Real-time services are highly useful for startup organizations as they can make sure that their employees are working as per the agenda or not. Suppose if you have sent one of your newly recruited employees to give consultation to your potential clients and employee needs to consult with you to clear some points, then he can contact you in real-time and conduct the meeting successfully.

The real-time data sharing and record keeping are also one of the best advantages of this platform. You can get instant alerts related to any change in the movement or schedule of your employees in the real-time zone through the quick notifications. From task notifications to GPS features everything can be easily managed in real-time.

8. On-Location Services

If you are a startup organization that needs to deal with the location-based like delivery of goods or providing on-site demos, then the on-location feature of the platform will be highly beneficial for you. The on-location tracking feature of LastMileJob can be used in multiple different ways -

  • You can manage your geographically scattered employees using the single portal.
  • Companies can define the route for their staff and they will immediately get a notification if any of their employees aren't following the defined route.
  • Every time your employee stops while delivering the services, you will get comprehensive stoppage reports.
  • You will also get a detail report on the distance traveled by your employees daily or weekly.
  • With the help of total time traveled by your employees, you can make a clear performance report.

LastMileJob is a Perfect Solution

After scrutinizing the LastMileJob portal on different startup operating factors, it has been presented clearly that this single platform can bring ample functionality to startups. From management, allocation, delegation, regulation, maintenance to communication can be easily handled with this one solution. This solution can be customized as per the industry requirements and business domain specifications.

So, whether you are an aspiring startup organization or already existing startup company, you can contact TrackOlap and get your customized startup portal ready to deliver some extra mile services to your clients.


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