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Accelerate Your Agritech Sales Growth with Automated Field Tracking Software

Accelerate Your Agritech Sales Growth with Automated Field Tracking Software

There are 15 countries in the world that export agricultural products as the primary source of income for their citizens. AgriTech companies in the region are embracing digital innovations and emerging technologies as the region undergo rapid digital transformation across sectors. In order to stay competitive in the digital age, they are investing millions in digital innovations and emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and field sales automation tools

As a result of the digital transformation, this sector can now leverage the technology to manage and connect all their on-field sales representatives in real time anywhere with updated information about products, such as pricing and stock availability, when calling potential agriculturalists to leverage the digital revolution.

A system that will track and monitor the work progress of field operations and tasks that are carried out by AgriTech companies at various locations and sites in the field is certainly needed by companies that deploy their workforce at various locations and sites.

Therefore, field employee tracking software that can be integrated into an existing marketing system or supporting application will be a game-changer for the organization. In order to further enhance the capabilities of the field force, the system can be connected to a customized mobile application, which can be integrated with a mobility resources solution.

To enhance the effectiveness of sales and service teams on the field, the automated mobility solution helps track their movements and schedules in the field as they follow their journey plans and schedules. 

Before we talk about how this revolutionary tool can boost Agritech Sales, let’s have a look into the sales strategies first;

Top 5 sales strategies for AgriTech companies

#1. Set target- It is essential to set one single well-defined goal to choose the right techniques and target audience. Single goals allow you to gain clarity, and the other benefits go hand in hand. Brand campaigns, conversions, engagement, education, and so on, can all be examples of single goals that help you reach your goals.

#2. Identify your target market - This is another great way of determining the type of market you want to target. Some ideas for segmenting your target market are to categorize them based on geographical territories, populations, operation types, farmer demographics, etc. Identifying your target market helps you get conversions in bulk.

#3. Custom sales and task forms by using the Custom Form Builder - There are many tools that offer customizable forms that can be made for specific fields for thorough sorting operations such as "save, delete, or modify" to boost the user's experience as much as possible. 

#4. Deliver your message to the right audience at the right time - You could send the best message, but if the timing and frequency of the message are off, it could prove ineffective. Therefore, to ensure that your field-based employees are able to deliver the right message at the right time, it is crucial to form a proper strategy and deploy employee tracking tools to track their locations and travel distance so that they can deliver the appropriate message without fail.

#5. Integrate technology — To increase field sales, you need to empower your sales team with the right technology. TrackOlap Field Sales Automation is a mobile-based app that you can download on any smart device, that allows you to assign tasks to every team member based on their availability status and check progress in real-time. 

Continuously measure and analyze your results — In the end, you must assess whether your results have improved or deteriorated and analyze why they have changed. As a result, a better strategy can be formulated. Track and analyze the location of field employees, how much time they spend with customers, and how far they travel to provide complete insights to your company. TrackOlap's platform offers a centralized dashboard that enables you to manage all of your field sales operations.

Managers can access full productivity summaries of an employee, analyze them, and update tasks automatically. These reports enable decision-making at a detailed level to capture the most important facts about each sales operation for compliance reporting, competitive intelligence analysis, and strategic planning.

How the field employee Tracking application can empower Sales field executives

Increased productivity

Moreover, executives or managers can monitor their employees when they start their duties, as well as when they check in with their clients, using the field staff tracking tool . It is essentially a tool that helps to direct sales teams to the most important locations and boosts Agritech sales revenue.

Managers and executives can easily identify the places where salespeople have visited for client meetings by analyzing the location of the salespeople. Having a live tracking system on hand helps your sales team to develop a better sales process while keeping your employees accountable for their actions in the field and verifying their actions in the field with the help of these systems. It is necessary to reduce these issues in order to increase your overall productivity and reduce traffic records at the same time.

Monitoring locations

The location of salespeople can be tracked by GPS tracking solutions. This app allows managers and sales executives to analyze how much time employees spent with a client if there were any unvisited clients, how frequently the employee visited clients, and also schedule appointments for sales teams to meet new clients in a more efficient manner.

Managers can locate and direct the nearest employee to a client who has an urgent request, thereby avoiding heavy traffic on their system if the client has an urgent request. Thus, the result is a higher level of customer satisfaction, which in turn contributes to the success of the business. Therefore, satisfied customers are crucial for the success of any Agritech company.

Payments and compensations

As you know, many organizations allow their sales representatives to use their personal vehicles. Many companies that provide vehicle lines pay for their employees' fuel costs and overtime expenses. In addition to the extra expenses of the sales team, the salesman tracking system allows managers and executives to know the compensation needed for the sales team in order to make better decisions.

The GPS tracking system provided by the salesman tracking app can provide managers with precise data about the sales team's timesheets, so they can eliminate fraudulent overtime of their sales reps using the GPS tracking system.

Analyzing employee behavior

There are a number of things you can do with GPS data to help you identify your top performers while also determining which employees aren't up to the job. There are some workers who aren't fit to do the job and GPS tracking data will be an excellent tool for helping you identify these workers.

As a result of available salesman tracking data, missing clients can be identified, and managers can determine which employees are making the most effort to follow up on their leads.

Data can be saved for future reference

An application that helps the salesman track all the data belonging to the client meetings can be stored in the sales lead management software . This app will help the managers and executives to keep track of the status of the clients, allowing them to have a follow-up meeting later. As a result, the company can increase its Agritech sales. 

An improved return on investment

There is no doubt that the capability to record and also view reports at the end of a week, month, or even for more than a month will keep your business going. With the field staff management app, you can start to observe where it makes sense to invest more time and where sales reps can spend less time in the field. Each visit will be tracked with the length of time and a business outcome. Over time, you will be able to recognize where you need to invest more resources.

Tracking the location of your sales team can provide you with a better sense of whether some customers and products are more high-touch. Others may benefit from fewer in-person visits.

Final Words

Our agriculture industry is the backbone of our economy and is currently ranked second in the world. The agriculture sector accounts for 14% of the overall GDP in the country. Despite a lack of technology and innovation, agriculture has a significant presence and significant development potential in spite of the challenges the industry has faced over the years. As a result, it has overcome several challenges over the years and is now at the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully, the future of the industry will be prosperous as new technologies are developed and implemented over the coming years.

Because of the scalability of the software application, a field employee management app such as TrackOlap can pave the way for the expansion and growth of the business. By improving scheduling, effectively monitoring the status of field workers and operations, and with a few clicks of the UI, its features enhance productivity for managers and field executives alike. 

In a nutshell, the field sales automation solution improves performance, automates task assigning, offers extensive dashboards & reports, and enables the scheduling of tasks. It can address – location & time tracking, managing & communicating with field teams, offering custom forms, and logging field employees’ clock-in and clock-out locations.


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