School Transport

Insight & Analytics

Better insights lead to better business. TrackOlap provides critical insights that empower your organization to reduce fuel spending, improve fleet safety and even track employee time.Whether your organization has one vehicle or 200, TrackOlap Vehicle tracking solution can transform the way you manage your fleet, reduce costs and increase your operating efficiency. our solutions provide crucial data visualization and analytical intelligence to help organizations identify where inefficiencies lie and where gains can be made.

School Management

Analyse vehicle utilisation

Dashboards give you both the big picture and the details. One screen displays a snapshot of the trends that matter most to your business. A few clicks takes you deeper, showing how vehicles and drivers are contributing to performance patterns trackable metrics include:

  • Fuel usage and cost
  • Idling activity
  • Fleet utilization
  • hours plied & trips made
  • Driver proficiency

Analyse driver performance

Reckless & irresponsible drivers are the most serious pain for any company that runs a fleet for their services. An in-depth analysis of fleet data hold them accountable and helps you identify/address issues before they cost you can select any of your vehicle at any time and for any date specified to see the complete insights parameters considered for this review are:

Distance covered, time taken, speeding duration & idling in trips Fuel burn etc.