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School Transport Management

School Transport Management is a very unique software that turns regular school buses into the Smart School Buses with the help of location science which monitors location of school children during transit.

The extensive research and exposure along with the intensive features which allows parents and school admin to keep an eye on their children with a simple user interface. Parents can ensure the safety of their children by installing comprehensive GPS tracking system on their Android or iOS devices.


Real-Time Tracking

School admin and parents can ensure the safety of their students outside the premises of school with the constant feedback from the real-time tracking app.

  • Live Gps Vehicle Tracking
  • Track Vehicles on Google Map
  • Tracking History of 3 months
  • Increase Fleet Productivity

Engine Immobilizer

Remote engine cut off enables school admin to keep school bus safe and protect children during the uncertain accidental conditions.

  • Remote Cut-Off
  • Immobilize On Zero Speed

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

To assure the safety of young children and reduce the operational cost, it is vital for schools to regularly monitor the behaviour of drivers and maintain proper record.

  • Driver Reports
  • Harsh Breaking Alert

Insight & Analytics

Better insightful data assists school admins to make efficient bus service system under the minimal investment for their pupils.

  • Analyze Vehicle Utilization
  • Analyze driver performance

Powerful Reports

School management can make important decision related to vehicle performance, safety of students, drivers behaviour and much more on the basis of 90 days data and create relevant reports.

  • Vehicle Usage Reports
  • Fuel Reports
  • Trip History Reports
  • Easily Export In Any Format
  • Replay The Trip
  • Schedule Reports

Parent Mobile App

Parents can track down the movement of their children's school bus during the school hours in real time and can access the drivers information with one click of their finger

  • Live Tracking
  • Driver details

Real-Time Notifications

A quick Notifications can ease out the stress of parents and school admin as they can get alerts on - bus arrival, student bus boarding, student reaches school, student board from school, student safe arrival at home.

  • Ignition Alerts
  • Vehicle Over-speed Alert
  • Rash Driving Alert
  • Idling Alert

Route Management

Helps school management in mapping out the school bus route and setting stoppages according to parents convenience.

  • Route design
  • Mark Stoppage

Cancel Pick Up/Drop

Parents can directly inform school admin using mobile app if they want to Cancel Pick Up/Drop any day.

  • Mobile app based
  • Notification to Admin


Parent's School's


Peace of Mind

When parents can track down every single road movement of their children using live tracking feature on Google Maps and can keep an eye on the driver who is driving their precious children, then they won't have to worry about the safety and security of their children anymore.

No More Wait

With the route management system, parents can always know when school bus is going to drop off their kids at the pre marked stoppage as they will get notifications on their phones and they can easily pick up their kids on time.

Ease in your Hands

If any day parents want to cancel the pick up or drop off facility, then they won't have to go through the trouble of contacting the school administration physically, they just need to access live tracking app using their smartphone.


Helps in Scheduling

School management can schedule a pick up and drop off time in advance and notify parents via app. They can even create schedule for drivers and map out routes for them to avoid any hazardous incidents on the road.

Multiple Level Increase in Efficiency

Using the comprehensive reports, historic figures , driver behaviour reports, engine immobilzation, quick alerts and numerous other features of software, school management can increase their performance and efficiency multi folds.

Scalability & Flexibility

The school bus software will provide all the vital information at the fingertips of management as it is highly simple to use and manage data using the digital platform.

What You Get

Admin Web Portal

  • Manage Vehicle
  • Real time location of vehicles
  • Record & Create routes
  • Reports - Trip, Stoppage, etc
  • Geofencing

Admin Mobile App

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • View of vehicle activity in mobile
  • Real time alerts of activities
  • All admin web portal features
  • Immobilize the vehicle

Parent App

  • Available in Android and iOS
  • Real time location of designated vehicle
  • Cancel Pick/Drop
  • Driver details
  • Notification of Stoppage

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