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Instant Payroll Management

An effective payroll software manages and streamlines the various payroll components like attendance, deductions, PL, tax compliance, and more. Payroll management automation isn't a new term, but at TrackOlap, we have reinvented it with our HR Payroll 2.0 Software.

We have refreshed the payroll management structure by reducing mundane tasks and focusing more on data-oriented strategies. Taking leverage from smart data, we have drafted a new payroll technology to create an ebonic experience for both employees and employers.

Main Features

Configurable Salary Structure

TrackOlap inbuilt payroll calculator maintains a flexible salary structure management. You can fully customize your salary structure based on your industry standards, employee category, specifications, and other business requirements.

  • Add Salary Components
  • Revise Salary Structure
  • ESI Computation
  • Labour Welfare Fund


With our ultra-powerful payroll technology, adhering to rules and regulations has become a lot easier. We assist HR teams in meeting all payroll compliance (PF, ESI, etc.) and avoiding multiple penalties in one go.

  • Provident Fund Calculations
  • Professional Tax Compliance
  • Punch IN/OUT
  • Reports of Every Activity

Automatic Payroll Calculation

We have embedded intelligent methodologies into our renewed payroll software that can automatically manage all types of payments-from basic salary to more complex operations such as overtime, commissions, bonuses, deductions, and more.

  • Process Payroll Every Month
  • Generate Payslips
  • Automate Reimbursements

Generate Payslips

You can keep your employees happy and content by quickly generating payslips considering all the detailed components of the employee's salary like HRA, LTA, bonuses, and deductions within a few minutes.

  • Attendance Reports
  • Expense Reports
  • Saves Time
  • Task Reports

Loan Management

When you have to manage your loyal employee's loan accounts, our robust loan management system can track loans, manage EMIs, automatically apply interest rates, adjust EMI deductions, and so much more for you.

  • Create Loan Types
  • Apply loan through portal
  • Get Instalments Repaid Details
  • Set Perquisite Rate
  • Approve or Reject Applications

Tax Declaration

Our payroll software is capable of calculating your employees' taxable amount to the government and helping them in paying their taxes on time. To stay in the good books of the Income Tax Department, you will find multiple solutions on our platform.

  • Compare Tax Regimes
  • Upload Proof Of Investments
  • Declare Investment
  • Get It Approved By Admin

Employee Self Services

You can bring transparency to your organization with our payroll program. Your employees can track, manage and analyze their own payroll accounts and claim reimbursement with a click.

  • View Overall Payroll Analytics
  • Apply loan & Declare Investment
  • Claim Reimbursements
  • Check Salary Structure & Download Payslips


Administration's Employee's


Quicker Payroll Calculation

With an automatic payroll process, administrators can reduce their mundane tasks and accurately calculate the large payroll accounts in no time. Admin can generate payments quickly and pay timely using automatic tools.

Easily Generate Payslip

To calculate pay slips, HR managers have to consider multiple salary components. When all the salary data is stored in a centralized dashboard, managers can generate payslips without any hassle.

Manage Taxes, Allowances, etc.

From tax compliance to loan management, one comprehensive payroll management solution can track, record, and manage every single payroll-related task in your organization.


Transparent Environment

All the payroll details are easily accessible to employees through the payroll management dashboard. This helps in building a transparent work environment, which is very useful in earning your employees' trust.

Analytical View

Employees receive a 360-degree analytical view regarding their basic salary and other components like taxes, EMI deductions, and much more via payroll software. Using a desktop or mobile phone, employees can know their exact financial position within a minute.

Download Payslips

Once automatic payslips are generated, employees can easily download them on their digital devices and deposit them electronically to their respective banks. A paperless payroll system can be seamlessly established with our tool.

What You Get

Admin's Web Portal & Mobile App

  • Onboard Employees
  • Create & Revise Salary Structure
  • Process Payroll & Generate Payslips
  • Notify Customer Visit,Task Reporting
  • Manage Compliances

Employee Web Portal

  • View Overall Analytics
  • Declare Investments
  • Check Annual Earnings & Salary Structure
  • Download Payslips & Tax Report
  • Claim Reimbursements & Apply Loans

Employee Mobile App

  • View Overall Analytics
  • Check Annual Earnings & Salary Structure
  • Download Payslips & Tax Report
  • View Declared Investment
  • Apply Loans & Check Details

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