Police & First Responders Fleet

Safety is top priority for law enforcement and first responders. Teams need technology that is dependable, secure, and provides real-time data and views. Geotab's secure and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer the insight, visibility, and actionable alerts needed to transform operations and ensure driver and civilian safety. The benefits of tracking police cars with GPS are not limited to safety and accountability issues. In fact, many law enforcement agencies that utilize police vehicle tracking have been known to reduce costs associated with labor hours, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance.

Deal with emergency real quick

Large police departments that have numerous units in the field often find that they have difficulty coordinating the efforts of police officers to reach common goals. LiveViewGPS simplifies these efforts by providing real-time information about police locations. This can improve the services that police offer communities by

  • Identifying which car is closest to a potential crime scene.
  • Using GPS tracking for police cars to make sure officers stay within their assigned areas.
  • Alerting police in a specific area that a crime has taken place.
  • Providing real-time directions that include traffic updates, thus helping officers respond to emergencies situations as quickly as possible.

Using GPS for Police Officers

GPS tracking police vehicles is just benefit of using this technology. Police departments can also use GPS for police officers to help them find criminals and gather evidence of criminal activity that can lead to convictions in court. Some of the advantages of using GPS for police officers include

  • Determining the specific location of officers and associated personal during sensitive operations.
  • The ability to track illicit cargo and gain evidence for prosecution.
  • Tracking items that have been stored in evidence lockers.

improve efficiency

GPS tracking devices can also make it easier to manage large police forces. When the department head can track the location of every squad car, officers know that they need to stay on the job at all times instead of taking unauthorized breaks. GPS tracking devices can also help find officers who go missing on the job. This improves the safety conditions for everyone within the police department.


TrackOlap provides government fleets a vehicle-by-vehicle breakdown of CO2 emissions for regulatory tracking. The report also shows to the cent how much fuel each vehicle consumes to help track against budget. TrackOlap helps monitor these reports organized by day, month, year, and by individual vehicle type. TrackOlap also shows trends over time for fuel use and emissions, helping identify problem vehicles and drivers.