Government Fleet

Government fleets face challenges unknown to any other field. They must stay within tight budgets, demanding regulations, and maintain a positive public image, all while serving local, state, and federal needs.
TrackOlap provides critical intelligence to lower fuel costs, reduce maintenance, and improve asset utilization.By combining cellular with satellite tracking, we provide the government a view of their vehicles 24 hours a day. With a robust ecosystem , TrackOlap can support the needs of every level of goverment - federal, state, and local.

Enhance efficiency

Government fleets operate on razor thin margins. Each drop of fuel used and each extra mile of idling adds to the budget of their organization, whether it's local, state or federal. DIRECTOR helps closely monitor and manage vehicle utilization data easily. This can include idle time, harsh driving, and unauthorized vehicle use. By connecting this data to budgetary plans, government entities can eliminate inefficiencies that drag down their operations.

Data Security

DIRECTOR provides the oversight, the detail and the scrutiny needed for government fleets. The fleet management platform is hosted by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, providing comprehensive data security for government fleets concerned with data integrity. The AWS cloud gives the strongest protection available, hosting all information behind the strongest safeguards possible. Every location, every driver detail provided in DIRECTOR is safe from outside eyes.

Track Fuel Usage

DIRECTOR provides government fleets a vehicle-by-vehicle breakdown of CO2 emissions for regulatory tracking. The report also shows to the cent how much fuel each vehicle consumes to help track against budget. DIRECTOR helps monitor these reports organized by day, month, year, and by individual vehicle type. DIRECTOR also shows trends over time for fuel use and emissions, helping identify problem vehicles and drivers.

Multi-language Support

we have included complete localization features for users to track assets anywhere in the world in their own languages. Track your assets, stay updated, and find new ways to streamline your operations so you can improve the safety, integrity, and performance of your company with the TrackOlap GPS tracking software platform for government vehicles.