Food & Beverage Fleet

Businesses in the food and beverage industry must be flexible and efficient at every stage of operations by adapting to ever-changing market demands and increased competition. Delivering goods on-time and satisfying customers is paramount. TrackOlap's fleet management solutions help you protect product quality during delivery, comply to food safety standards, and maintain the traceability of goods throughout the supply chain.
Even a minor temperature variation in refers or delay in trips could disrupt the entire schedules and cause huge potential loss in business. Implementation of GPS tracking systems in FMCG trucks can benefit you in numerous ways from drivers to delivery agents to your clients and everyone in between; automating is simplifying logistics operation and getting in charge, in control.

Deliver on time, win more business

Time is money & time costs money, especially when your core focus is in FMCG industry. Each delayed delivery would have to be answered coz that brings down your clients/dealers business and consequently yours. Manually assigning routes & trip schedules to your FMCG trucks results in unoptimized routes, missed delivery points & delayed deliveries. Why take a chance when you can optimize and automate all your trips with appropriate routes & stops using a GPS vehicle tracking system?

Cut down fuel expenses

Unoptimized routes, speeding, reckless driving, excessive idling etc of your trucks could all result in increased fuel expenses. Bottom line is, with the absence of an automated GPS truck tracking system, you're wasting your money. And in case of quick requirements or delivery requests, why not redirect one of the trucks nearby client site to fulfill customer requirements instead of dispatching an idle truck @ warehouse (far away from client site) for a single delivery.

Monitor driver working hours

Unauthorized truck use & lazy work patterns bring you nothing, but losses. But to know this, you must identify drivers who do unlawful activities with your trucks. Implementation of driver identification & authorization devices like iButtons or RFID's in your trucks help you know exactly when your drivers start work, how long they take for lunches and breaks, and when they stop working for the day, without relying on manual time sheets.


Seamless dispatch for your transportation trucks-manage food and beverage delivery on time and in the right location - confirm deliveries in real-time. Go paperless and have digital documents instantly recorded; chain-of-custody, inspection sign-off, delivery receipts, and capture signatures for verification.


Track precise vehicle location via GPS locate any vehicle when you need it, monitor engine hours, mileage/position reports, sensor alerts, use geofences, fuel usage reports, reduce idle time/hoarding and prevent unauthorized use or theft.