Field sales & services

TrackOlap provides service companies the tools they need to arrive on schedule. Our fleet management software helps create efficient routing, ensuring the maximum amount of jobs are completed on time everyday.One of the challenges of managing employees in the services industry is that they frequently work independently in the field, which means you have limited control over their behavior.
TrackOlap's fleet management solutions provide the insight, visibility, and actionable alerts to increase productivity, reduce costs, and boost customer service. With Our solution Fleets can guarantee quick response to service calls with two-way messaging tools that quickly direct driver workflow. With TrackOlap Companies can also take a look at how they're doing overall to spot areas for improvement. TrackOlap helps businesses go above and beyond every customer promise.
TrackOlap can help solve these problems associated with managing a workforce in the services industry in the following ways.

Improve Productivity

TrackOlap's vehicle routing tools help fleets eliminate the "Where are you?" question. companies have the ability to easily send and assign routes directly to service person through their in-cab device. Routes become turn-by-turn instructions for the service person, eliminating outside route mileage and reducing fuel use. The benefits of Tracking's vehicle routing tool include:

  • Reroute inefficient routes for faster service
  • Fast response times to job locations
  • Better customer service

Two-way communication

Companies can keep an open line of communication with their workforce via two-way messaging. TrackOlap offers seamless connection between drivers and dispatch, serving as a helpful tool to send key customer information or updated routes to drivers, in addition to allowing drivers to send updates to the office. TrackOlap's two-way messaging tool allows businesses to stay connected to their workforce when it matters most.


In service industry, the difference between "getting the job done" and "getting the job done well" is miles and mountains apart. Managing your service fleet well means that customers are delighted with the service you provide TrackOlap helps managers reach their goals faster and more effectively with tools that help build better customer service, faster delivery times and reliable employees to do the job right every time. The platform also provides dispatchers real-time communication tools to stay in close contact with drivers, enabling them to give customers updates on jobs in progress.

Save time & money

Every minute spent idling on road for no given reason is wastage of your money, time & resources. Real time notifications on unauthorized stops & excessive idling could save you a significant amount of money. Moreover you could gain control over your assets, delivery schedules & field staffs; if you get a report on idling instances done by your on-field staffs, you get a clear idea on how to improve your services.