Fleet Management

Push Notification

Tracking a person, vehicle, mobile or any other important object has never been so easy. Feel safe about your family or manage your business with effective and useful features. With TrackOlap software you can get the most relevant notifications about your vehicle condition or driving behaviour, for instance: driver's stopovers, speeding,AC on/off,ignition on/off,engine on/off, fuel consumptions etc.. All notifications receive easily to your computer, tablet or smartphone, that works with iOS, Android.


    AC on/off

    Over usage or misuse of AC results in increased fuel consumption; Get notified whenever the AC is switched ON/OFF with TrackOlap GPS vehicle tracking devices connected to your Aircon (AC) sensors

    Engine / ignition On/Off

    Get notifications via this feature and check whether the engine is in ON or OFF mode. The status of the engine is conveyed to you through a notification.

    Door Sensors (Door Open/Close)

    It's always going to be a temptation for drivers to use company delivery vehicles for unauthorized usage like going to get groceries, dropping a friend off at work or even moonlighting to transfer shipments. The system allows you to get notifications for when drivers start a vehicle with/without authorization, or if they open the door of a vehicle when they aren't supposed to do so.

    Geo-fence Notifications

    Restrict unauthorized use of vehicles, by creating territorial fence, a geo-fence you can set up in seconds, and curb down time and fuel wastage.You will get a notification when a vehicle enters or/and exits a territory.

    Overspeeding, sudden brake or harsh acceleration

    Reckless & aggressive driving contributes to more than 80% of the motor accidents. Your drivers/staffs are your representatives, road accidents they are involved while on duty add upto your responsibilities to the public.

    • Set a speed limit for your vehicles and get notified on violations.
    • Set speed limits based on working hours/days
    • Harsh Acceleration & Sudden brake

    Low battery, battery power off or disconnection alerts

    A low battery or battery disconnection notification may indicate your battery health or may be something bigger; who knows, there is the slightest possibility of even a battery theft.