Fleet Management

Powerful Reports

For most businesses where medium to large fleet s involved, access to location and event reports provides high ROI. Fleet managers can track and analyze information on their vehicles up to 90 days in the past and make informed decisions that could positively impact their business. GPS Tracking Solutions that come with enterprise dashboard has a comprehensive set of graphical reports. This gives you an overall view of the metrics that matter for your business performance. There are reports for total distance travelled, idling time, over speeding, stoppages and utilization. You can see the metrics for different groups of vehicles and for different time periods.


Vehicle Usage Reports

Validate that your drivers are operating equipment efficiently by reviewing how long each vehicle is used, where it goes, and who drives it. managers can correlate driver's behavior to unproductive actions such as idling and unsafe maneuvers. These Actions provides a recap of the vehicle's day broken down into specific, relevant trips. Provide proof of service and identify route inefficiencies.

  • Identify vehicle starts or finish time.
  • Intuitive breadcrumb trail of day's activity
  • Identify average and maximum trip speeds
  • Identify idle time relative to trip length and duration
  • Identify unauthorized stops or route deviations
  • Trip length and total trip time calculated

Fuel Reports

TrackOlap provides comprehensive reports that gauge how much fuel is burned per vehicle to help businesses save on unnecessary expenses. The idle time report gives users an in-depth view of all idling per vehicle by location.

For a deeper view, TrackOlap collects travel distance, average speed and fuel used within a selected date range for a drill-down approach into a specific vehicle's inefficiencies

Easily Export in ANY FORMAT

Reports are accessible any-time, exportable into a variety of formats, and are conveniently delivered to your inbox on request.

Replay the Trip

You can track all the trips made by the vehicle graphically on the map. Information such as kilometres travelled, stoppages, idling, engine time and average speed is displayed. Over speeding and overdrive stretches are highlighted on the map. TrackOlap provides an option to replay the entire trip. This feature brings in value for both business owners

Trip History Reports

TrackOlap's trip history reports can help you visualize your fleet and driver activities throughout the day. With easily stored trip history information, you can recreate any of your trips at any time and for any date specified.you can see a summarized view of all your trip information, including fleet performance metrics such as most driven asset, and average fuel economy.


Create custom reports for your business with our simple to use interface and identify hidden patterns and trends by visualizing the data that is business critical. implement filters to segment your data in the way that you want. The information can be organized and filtered by date range, vehicle type, location, business departments and several other parameters in order to find areas of improvement.

  • Easy to use and flexible interface
  • Create customized reports by selecting data sets and applying a range of filters and segmentations
  • Master data visualization and share performance with your team

Schedule Reports

Users can schedule their own reports to get different perspectives on the business. You automatically get reports by scheduling the desired reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and you can set the time of the day also when you want the report. Once the Report scheduler is configured, specified reports will be delivered to the recipients as an email attachment (XLS format).