Fleet Management

Fuel Monitoring

TrackOlap provides comprehensive reports that gauge how much fuel is burned per vehicle to help businesses save on unnecessary expenses. The idle time report gives users an in-depth view of all idling per vehicle by location. TrackOlap collects travel distance, average speed and fuel used within a selected date range for a drill-down approach into a specific vehicle's inefficiencies. Users can also receive alerts of unsafe driving habits per driver, including harsh acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking that indicate excessive fuel use.


    Reduce Fuel Costs

    TrackOlap offers the most extensive reports and metrics to help you reduce your fuel consumption. With TrackOlap's reports you are able to improve your fleet's fuel economy and observe side-by-side fuel data that will allow you to monitor any driving behavior that is linked to increased fuel costs.

    • Fuel efficiency reports for detailed analysis on fuel consumption.
    • Monthly fuel consumption report.
    • Fuel log & Cost/km reports.

    Fuel Summary

    TrackOlap summary on all aspects of fuel to help you identify and reduce unproductive USAGE. With a GPS tracking system, managers are able to achieve fuel efficiency by better managing routes, vehicle speed, idling time,vehicle maintenance and genset run & idle time..

    • KM Summary
    • Genset Summary
    • Engine Summary
    • AC Summary

    Error-free & easy record keeping

    The user can easily access, maintain records, keep data and check reports on-the-go that too without errors on an online cloud platform!, the risk of inaccurate data and human error is removed