Car Lease And Rentals

Car rental is quite a progressive and profitable industry, but the main issue that nags the car rental companies is the security of the car they rent out to their consumers. Understanding the difficulties involved in managing transportation facility given to multiple sources, this solution is prepared by TrackOlap that specifically caters to need of Car Rental Companies.
Our solution is compatible to provide a complete overview of the fleet detailing the fleet that is out on rent, fleet that is idle in the garage, and fleet that is about to move in or out of the garage and can help improve service levels, decrease risk factors involved, reduce operational costs and gain maximum value on investment.
The in-built functionality provided in this solution enables effortless fleet management. The fleet operator can track real time location and information of all the vehicles during transit and ensure quality fleet management process. It takes complete care of end-to-end needs of Fleet Management for a Car Rental Company.
Installing GPS tracking devices helps you gain total control on your rented cars, no matter wherever they go.

Quickly recover stolen/missing vehicles

Headaches never end in car rental industry; rented vehicles gone missing or stolen, causes huge financial liabilities to car rental companies. GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in these cars could help you recover the missing ones with ease. Or, you could talk to the customer, get an understanding on geographic locations he/she's going to cover and then create virtual areas (geofences) on map to get notified when your car leaves set boundaries.

Avoid illegal/unlawful usage

Though the profit stakes are high, whole investment capital is always @ the mercy of clients. Rented cars may be used for illegal/unlawful activities apart from the usual transportation purposes, fact is you have no idea why your vehicles are being rented for. It's always better to have a real time idea on vehicle locations & in case of suspicions, you can remotely immobilize* the vehicle to recover it with ease later on.

Evaluate customer's driving behaviour

Customers with reckless driving behaviour causes havoc & loss, more than profit. Setting speed limits in accordance with road speed data helps you identify those who could gain speeding tickets. Now you have a speed report in hand, why not keep a part of the security deposit with you forecasting the fines that's on the way. And for those customers who took care of your vehicle well, offer an appreciation gift with a smile and get repeat customers.

Extend your fleet life

One of the core factors that decides profit in car rental sector is how long you successfully operate your business with the same vehicles. A breakdown or downtime could cause huge stirs in your schedules, so it's important to know when a periodic service or maintenance has to be performed on each vehicle. After all, you do not want your customers to be stranded in the midst of nowhere on your car, coz that sounds a failed business.

Make your customers feel secure

A customer renting your car may have confusions in describing its position in case of a car breakdown or accident. With fleet automation, you will have multiple ways to get known on such incidents, maybe an SOS buzzer fitted on car dashboard, or an automated alert on accident event. All you need to do is, just track down the vehicle on map, find out the exact location & send a nearby auto garage technician to fix it or arrange back up.