Companies in the agricultural industry expect a lot from their machinery, because their business could not operate without it. With GPS tracking software from TrackOlap Fleet Tracking, you will have the enhanced fleet management techniques to monitor the location of your machinery, protect its condition, simplify the operation of your business, and maximize your return on investment.
Our tracking solution makes it possible to have access to track real-time information about your equipment and crops which means that you can use detailed information to make smart choices for your business and take control of how your farm is managed, thus allow production managers to track harvest at all times, while protecting pricey equipment from risk of theft.
With TrackOlap GPS Tracking Solutions, agricultural producers, rental companies, contract farmers and service providers save on input costs and improve performance through better planning and decision making. No matter your field type, crop type, or vehicle fleet, TrackOlap provides critical information about your agricultural equipment so you don't have to rely on guesswork and can reduce the time and money you spend.


TrackOlap allows your production manager to track harvest equipment and vehicles at all times while also protecting those pricey assets from theft. Farming equipment is a significant investment for companies in the agriculture industry. With GPS technology you can locate your farming equipment anywhere, at any time of day. In turn, this will minimize unnecessary wear and tear on this expensive equipment to prolong its operational life.

Geo-fencing and Landmarks Used to Monitor Crops

Fleet tracking can also help to organize your land and crops, ensuring that each area is getting the specific attention it requires. GPS fleet management systems can be programmed to arrange your land based on a system of geofences and landmarks.
When geofences or landmarks are inappropriately crossed, your fleet manager will be immediately notified. Geofences establish the areas that need fertilizing, harvesting, crop dusting, and so on, and tracking equipment entry into those areas can ensure that each plot of land is receiving the appropriate cultivation at the right time.

Improve Productivity

TrackOlap GPS tracking device captures rich, second-by-second data on position, speed, trip distance/time, speeding, idling, and much more. Increase productivity with geofencing and accurate ETAs. Telematics can also help you reduce costs and improve cultivation. Affordable, reliable, and mobilefriendly - TrackOlap is ideal for businesses in Agriculture and farms.

Reduce operational cost and enhance efficiency

Portable GPS Tracking Device for farming reduces costs and provide better services. When you use a GPS system, you can rely on accurate numbers and automated services that reduce the amount of work for you and your staff.GPS agriculture monitoring does not require much supervision, you can manage larger areas of land with fewer workers. That reduces the amount of money that you spend hiring employees each season. with previous data provided by GPS Device, you can track your farm equipment, employees and performance so that you don't need to waste time for missing items and creating precise production plan and make sure staffs stay on task.

Enhance analytics

Another one of the many major benefits of GPS vehicle management in the agriculture industry is enhanced analytics potential. Using exact time and location data for each component of your fleet to compliment observations about your crop yield volume and quality will enhance your reporting and analytics efforts. This will give you even more data about the effects of your farming techniques to allow you to improve your utilization, productivity, performance, and harvest.