Transportation & Logistics Fleet

TrackOlap Connect drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers with real time insight and empower your team to optimise performance. Our solution gets key information to the point of action fast, through its intuitive dashboards, automated alerts and interactive mapping. TrackOlap fleet management solutions give you complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs for greater insight and informed decision-making. We have the tools you need to maximize uptime, maintain compliance,dispatch and route efficiently, reduce fuel, and control costs. A few reasons Transportation/Delivery companies chose TrackOlap..

Dynamic tracking of cargo and productivity

With TrackOlap, businesses can access a real-time view into their vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. TrackOlap also provides live traffic updates to ensure drivers are sent the most efficient routes possible.
We also provides a Find Nearest feature, which locates the drivers closest to a provided address or geofence. Smart route planning allows fleets to complete jobs quickly and with a minimum spend of resources.Managers can monitor the time spent within these boundaries to determine if drivers are giving attention to the right jobs.

Unmatched efficiency

Boost productivity and raise profit per mile by maximizing routes and minimizing miles driven with a GPS tracking system for trucks. We improve inefficiencies through vehicle-based routing and built-in communication tools that connect dispatchers to drivers through advanced messaging and forms. We optimize workflow by closing the loop on deliveries, all the way from loading goods to getting proof of delivery.

Lowering Cost per mile

TrackOlap provides comprehensive reports that gauge how much fuel is burned per vehicle to help businesses save on unnecessary expenses.
The idle time report gives users an in-depth view of all idling per vehicle by location.
For a deeper view, DIRECTOR collects travel distance, average speed and fuel used within a selected date range for a drill-down approach into a specific vehicle's inefficiencies. Users can also receive alerts of unsafe driving habits per driver, including harsh acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking that indicate excessive fuel use.

Paperless automation of processes

Digitalizing an industry means most of the processes involved to manage business tasks will eliminate the need for papers .
GPS systems will help your drivers, dispatchers and managers do away with all the paperwork as the system can automatically track and store the minute details and present it in a user-friendly form when needed. No paperwork for both managers and drivers needed, hence you have more time to focus on other business duties and saves business time and Money.

interactive user interface

All of a company's assets are ready to be managed in a single window in TrackOlap. With the interactive user interface, users can perform quick search and filtering capabilities to quickly identify current statuses, available hours, and location of assets to ensure resources are being allocated in the field efficiently.
Your fleet managers will be able to access the data from anywhere on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Increased Customer satisfaction

Due to enhanced utilization of available manpower; deliveries and services offered to customers will gradually improve. This will result in streamline operations and payments resulting in longer relationship with customers, repeat orders and increased Return-on-Investment (ROI).